Michelle Jenneke Might Be Sexy, But She’s a Damn Fine Athlete, Too

    July 20, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Michelle Jenneke dancing at the Junior World Championships in Barcelona could be looked upon in a number of different ways. The first, and probably most popular, opinion being spread around is that the video objectifies women. Seeing as how the majority of folks live with their minds permanently stuck to the proverbial gutter, that argument makes sense. Plus, it’s kind of hard to argue the point when people have taken said video and slowed it down, allowing her jiggling and gyrating to last a bit longer than it should. I totally get it.

However, what a lot of people are missing is this: 19 year-old Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke is a pretty spiffy athlete, as well. If she had lost this event in a miserable fashion, face flat on the ground with her rump stuck straight up in the air, I’d say that people are just perverts and dismiss the clip entirely. However, Jenneke kicks some serious butt, and smiles the entire time she’s doing it. So what if she’s in good shape? So what if she dances around as a way to loosen up before an event? It obviously helps her dominate her opponents. Get over it.

So take a peek at the clip embedded below. You know you want to, regardless of whether or not you’re willing to admit it. However, while you’re watching a 19 year-old bounce around before a competition, know that she’s much better at hurdling than you will ever be.

That, to me, is sexier than anything else.

  • Buck Bradley

    If anyone has a problem with Michelle’s dance they have a problem with me…..

  • Alan Brock

    If she looked like Serena Williams or an athlete from the former East Germany, no one would look twice at this. Or maybe we would, while having a good laugh at the incongruity.
    Having said that, although some of her movements are definitely sexy by any standard, they can also easily be seen to be legitimate loosening up movements. Her hippy hippy shake thing, for instance, since she is a hurdler and her hip sockets need to be loose. It appears to work. There wasn’t anybody in front of her at the finish line. She is a perfect storm of beauty, grace, and power and marketing and the media will make sure we are treated to more displays of her “athleticism”.

  • Keith Willis

    She is a 19 year old kid having fun. People will turn it in to something bad or ugly but that is not on her. She is great at what she does, loves doing it, and is having a great time, good for her.

  • Dave G.

    This young woman is a ray of sunshine in a depressed world. The fact that she’s cute as a bug helps. Nobody could watch the clip without ending up with a smile on their face. You go girl!

  • Aurotems Sandier

    She is a ray of sunshine and any woman who thinks this “objectifies women” is just a sad old hag

    • http://Yahoo Dan

      Nicely said Aurotems. Thank you!

    • http://Yahoo Dan

      Nicely said Aurotems ! Thank you.

  • Sam

    I much agree with Alan Block…and if you watched the video closely, her path down the track was laser-straight. All of her kicks over the rail were within inches of the same spot (the inner edge of the red line), meaning she did not waver in her path, and she never touched the rails…as clean a run as she is sexy…and that’s a pretty damn clean run!

    Here’s to success to her…hope to see her (and her dance) in Rio in 2016!

  • http://guymanningham.com Guy Manningham

    She makes the sport actually worth watching, aside from when they fall.

  • http://www.SeekesTemple.com Bert

    Looks like she is having the time of her life doing what she loves!
    Who can condemn that?

  • Nickp

    Michelle Jenneke is hot

  • Matt

    Objectifying women?? PLEASE….the only ones who say that are the women who are not objectified, and men who say they’re feminists, aka LOSERS!!! This women is sexy as hell and gave me a boner, deal with it.

  • G Diddy

    Too bad she wasn’t good enough to make it to London.

    • Herb S

      Moron, she didn’t try for the Olympics this year. You need to get your facts before you open your mouth. So kiss off!

      • Frank

        Don’t really care is she will compete in London or not. As of this writing, her video has earned over 7.5 millions hits (in less than 48 hours) and more coming. She’s already a star, in her own right.

  • Random Commentor

    She’s having so much fun that it looks like she’s literally about to break out into a dance. She’s so over the top that happy that you just kind of have to love her. Bet she’s quite fun to hang out with.

    Unless you’re jealous. U mad?

  • Frank

    Don’t really care is she will compete in London or not. As of this writing, her video has earned over 7.5 millions hits (in less than 48 hours) and more coming. She’s already a star, in her own right.

  • Rev. Ken Turley

    ” . . . and rejoiceth as a strong woman to run her race.”
    Psalm 19:5
    What we have here is the sheer joy of being an athlete and doing what you love. Her enthusiasm, exuberance and unselfconscious pleasure in being who she is, that is what is attractive. This is what God has put us here for: find your race and run it with joy!

  • asghar bhatti pakistan

    what a beauty i love love this girl really beautiful but in pakistan i no seen ever n i couldnot meet its my dream spent longlife dear i couldnot forget u

    • asghar bhatti pakistan

      nice dear

  • Jim78

    What struck me is how much fun and how happy she looked during the entire clip.

  • Jake A

    She’s terrific, but…people do understand this was not the final, right? She didn’t win the final.

    • Haywood Jablowme

      Who cares about the finals….we don’t need no stinking finals. I’m just glad the filmed this race.

  • joe

    I took the race as her being slightly nervous but really happy to be there.Its something very fresh and obviously has people watching.She is a very beautiful young lady also so that doesnt hurt and winning the race was icing on the cake

  • http://n/a/ Denny

    ……..I also like that little flutter thing she does with her fingers. I have watched this video at least 50 times already,I wonder what the current record is? No matter, I plan to watch at least 100 more times!!

  • Eric McDowell

    You know, the thing is, I’ve seen other track and field runners in years past also have somewhat similar “warmup rituals”, and I enjoyed watching them get ready, … but all of a sudden, one person in particular gets a lot of attention, and its as if she’s the first one to warmup up in this fashion.

    But, as you say, perhaps it’s because she’s got that innocent look on her face (not a grumpy competitive look, focusing in on the task at hand), smiling to people in the stands, etc., and then finishing the race as if she hardly broke a sweat, again waving to people in the stands, with hardly a look as if she’s just won a hurdling event, with no immediate “out of breath” look on her face at all.

    Too bad she didn’t make it to the Olympics, … but there’s always next time. I’ll certainly be waiting to see if she can make it in 4 years from now!

    • Robert

      It’s simply because she embodies beauty, grace, and a wonderful spirit de corps that makes her stand out.

  • Joseph Wynn

    I suppose I’m one of the few who enjoys her happiness, her confidence and her wonderful smile! Shes also one of the most fluid hurdlers I’ve seen in a while and she runs like the wind, I hope Michelle wins all her races.
    PS: she is a very beautiful young lady!

  • Haywood Jablowme

    I will never be able to hear that Sabrina song again without thinking of this vid…..THANKS!!!!!

  • nick

    I love her! She is what the Olympics are all about, someone who is having fun! Love her wiggle and her ponytail, Im a fan of Michelle’s for life!

    • Tammy

      Me too. I think she is just a terrific girl exemplifing what used to be considered as “The American Spirit: the commitment to excel while having fun doing it.” Great smile, Michele!
      Yeah, I know she is Australian, so what? She is a fine athlete and would recieve the same accolades from me as well as the others even if she were from Neptune!
      Oh, if you were wondering, I am straight. Where are all you guys spending your time? In woodshop? Why not come to one of the races sometime?

  • Sabrina Loves BOYS BOYS BOYS

    She only won this race because there was only ONE black girl running against this heat.

    • Rev. Jesse Jackson

      Wow…Sabrina that was a pretty racist thing to say.

      • Al Sharpton

        Yeah, I agree with Jesse Jackson.

    • Tammy

      Sabrina: It only takes one to beat her, what happened to your girl? Let her mouth overpower her legs? Oh wait, it was you that said that, huh?

  • http://samuelk3@comcast.net morris99

    Michelle Jenneke meets You-Tube = VIRAL….speed grace, beauty & star appeal…..can i be your agent, Michelle?

  • Paul Manning

    I just love her smile. She can finish last, or not finish–just show that smile & she has won me!!!

  • Ray Margarit Sr.

    She could be on to some new idea of relaxing herself before her race. She did follow this with a great race. Lets face it she’ll be nice to watch in the Olympics and so far a credit to her sport.

  • Ali

    It is very interesting after hard training and prepare for the World Games,have a happy smiling face and spirit, this mean ” the beauty beauty”

  • mrfixit

    Now THAT’s a world-class warmup!

  • bruce kent

    the size of her underwear is perfect, proving that its running or saving the world like wonder woman, the outfit doesnt mean slut, but sexy

  • http://Yahoo Robert Crider

    She should have a movie role playing wonder woman. Shes perfect for it. Hollywood are you listening?

  • http://Yahoo Robert Crider

    She should have a role playing Wonder Woman! Shes perfect for it. Hollywood are you listening?