Michelle Duggar Visits Fertility Doctor Hoping To Have 20th Child At 47

    May 21, 2014
    Val Powell
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Michelle Duggar and her husband Bob seem to think that having 19 children is not enough. In a preview of an upcoming episode of their reality show 19 Kids and Counting, the couple is seen visiting a fertility doctor and asking if it is safe and possible for Michelle, 47, to still bear a child.

In the preview, Michelle said, “We are just going to check and see that I’m physically in good condition.” She said that they would love to have more children, but she just wants to make sure that she is still capable of bearing a child.

Michelle is consulting an expert, since their youngest child, Josie, was born 3 months premature. Josie, now 4 years old, is happy and healthy. 3 years ago, the Duggars were expecting their 20th child, but Michelle had a miscarriage that was discovered when she had an ultrasound.

The couple went to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit Dr. Paul Wendel whose specialty is in high-risk pregnancies. Since Michelle is already 47 years old, there is a higher risk of her child having complications or birth defects, Dr. Wendel said. However, he also stated that there are rare cases of women bearing children in their late 40’s up to 50 years old. The doctor also said that their chance of conceiving is less than 5%.

The Duggars do not believe in birth control and they said that the number of children they have is “up to God.” They have 19 children, and they also have grandchildren.

When Michelle and Bob got married, they thought that they would only have two or three children. They now have 10 boys, and 9 girls, and all their children have names starting with the letter “J.”

19 Kids and Counting is now on its eighth season. The episode airs Tuesday on TLC.

The Duggar’s Story

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  • Lisa Lustik

    If they find a docctor that is willing to give her fertility drugs, then I am calling the State Medical Board for that state & ask them to revoke his/her license.

    • mr

      ill see if you need a shrink

      • Guest

        What do you care? Can’t find enough places to stick your unwelcome nose these days?

        • ekayr

          Everyone has an opinion asshole

    • Peri Peri

      Seriously?! Shame on you! At least they aren’t living off the government and each child is well loved and cared for. I can’t say the same for much of America. It’s amazing how a loving family gets blasted because they don’t live how you want them to live. I could NEVER have that many kids, nor do I have the desire to, but as long as the kids are raised right and they family isn’t mooching off of the government, what do I care? I say, more power to them!

      • Toomanytocount

        They might not be living off of welfare but they depend on having their show for most of their income and traveling expenses. If they can seek help to conceive, they should seek a doctor to tie her tubes. Those 19 children cannot say they have gotten enough love and attention from their parents. It’s gross.

        • Guest

          They actually do not depend on the show for most of their income. Check your facts. And regardless of your opinion, it’s just that, an opinion, which means nothing except to you.

          • ldean50

            You’re wrong. “toomanytocount”‘s opinion means something to me. I think it’s disgusting. These people are running a scam. Do you know how much realtor’s make? The Discovery channel built their house. If every one in the U.S. chose to have 20 children – we would look like China. We don’t have the natural resources to support selfish people like this. Also what kind of parenting system is the “buddy system?” … where the parents spit ’em out like bullets in an AK-47, and the children are left to raise each other. What kind of a childhood is that? Selfish. Selfish parents. What really irks me is the fact that they practiced birth-control in the early part of their marriage, so it has nothing to do with their belief system – they are running a scam.

          • notinittowinit

            I am glad they are doing their part in increasing the “caucasian” population in this country. A lot of caucasians have become selfish, or afraid of the changing face of America, and chosen not to have kids. It’s truly sad, because they are the ones who built this great nation (And no, I am not a caucasian – I’m black if that matters)

          • LB

            You are also a liar.

          • ten sixty

            i was wondering where you were…uncle… tom

          • vickyhastings

            i agree,but they are hiding behind religion to do it,has anyone ever read about the doctrine of their church?if not you should,and if you do,read carefully,it say’s a lot.

          • Tiera

            Some, most, etc doesn’t matter they use it for their family! Stay off TV and make their own living 100%

          • notinittowinit

            Well then.. stop watching their show. Why would anyone say no to money thrown at them? The Kardashians make a very wealthy living off TV! Atleast this family has class and values the rest of us can learn from!

          • me

            fact….. they get govt assistence for healthcare now and always have….. check your facts….. OH wait! If it is on the internet or tv it must be true lol

          • notinittowinit

            Well, with Obamacare, you get assistance for healthcare! Where have you been?

          • ekayr

            as your opinion does-asshole

        • mamabear1966

          Actually, they don’t need the show. They have no debt, because Jim Boob is a Real Estate Agent and he buys up distressed properties and fixes them up and rents them out. He also owns many commercial buildings and rents them out. He also rents out a place on his land for a cell phone tower. They pay cash for everything, and they write books. I don’t know if they get paid for when they are speakers somewhere, but that could factor in as well. They are self sufficient when it comes to money and don’t rely on the show at all for income.
          That being said, I only watch the show to see which repressed girl is finally going to break out and be their own person without the creepy dad watching them their whole lives. This whole weird thing with the dad having to approve of the boyfriend and then not holding hands and having a chaperon EVERYWHERE is archaic and downright disturbing. Having been brainwashed from birth, though, all of the girls may just stay fine with all the repression and continued brainwashing. Sad, but true.

          • Traci

            Haha…you said Boob!

          • balletlady

            I call him Jim BOOB

          • mamabear1966

            I did that on purpose, because that’s what I refer him as. He’s a big boob!

          • ldean50

            That “financial independence” song is propaganda… it makes people smile at them and think they are wonderful. Just think.. if no one watched the show, there wouldn’t be one and those poor girls, forced to raise the younger ones, might actually have a chance for a real life – no longer exploited to satisfy their parents’ narcissism.

          • notinittowinit

            Older kids help raise younger kids in several countries around the world. Even this country, it was common practice until very recently. Now we expect the government to pay for childcare!

          • Cranky Crab

            Uh, where does the government pay for childcare, idiot? Not in America.

          • Debbie

            Someone needs to ask who paid for their last child’s medical bills, the child that was born premature and spent 4 months in the Arkansas hospital, it certainly wasn’t them. How about the tax payers that footed the bill. They do not need anymore children. If they want more there are plenty out there needing to be fostered or adopted. Please no more premature babies for them

          • notinittowinit

            Can you tell us who did Debbie? You seem to know exactly who paid their bills. Please link to your sources so that we can be enlightened as well. As for footing the bill, you might want to check out Octomom.

          • mamabear1966

            They have health insurance. So, I’m sure that the health insurance paid for everything. They also have dental and vision insurance. Real Estate Agents can buy plans through their companies.

          • tbhidc

            Are you kidding?! The only reason why those houses are bought and those books are sold and why people listen to them speak is because they are on TV! You really think people would give a damn about them if they didn’t have a show??
            Without that show I’m sure they would either be high in debt (and probably have their kids help pay their bills) or they would have stopped having kids a long time ago because then they wouldn’t have the encouragement of people like you who watch to see how many more kids she can pop out (if she even can). And at her age, the risks of having another safely are too big so that’s just complete selfishness… and it’s what will keep the show going.

      • housewifewatcher

        It is dangerous on every level, health should be the number one priority. She lost a baby,and she was very ill from the delivery. Have they thought about the fact that Michelle Duggar could not survive an delivery. How’s that for some good old reality.

      • ldean50

        Just because THEY say they don’t live off the government, why should we believe it? Did you know that the Discovery Channel built/paid for their house? Why?… could it be because they CAN’T AFFORD TO BUILD A HOUSE FOR 20 FREAKING KIDS?

        • notinittowinit

          If someone were to build me a house, you can bet I wouldn’t refuse! Jealous are we?

        • pfuehring

          well so what discovery channel paid for there house they work for discovery channel so why do you say that? did you use your money that you had from your job to get your house? And the last time i checked this is America people do all sorts of things to make a living, if he was a doctor would you look at it differently. the kids look well taken care of and seem to be responsible so they must be doing something right. i see a lot of kids these days that have no respect or are just expecting to live off there parents, because they never had responsibility I give them props for doing what they see fit and it comes down to if you don’t like them don’t

        • Penny Brown

          They could afford it. They won’t spend more money than they have too on the kids. They are worth 3.something million. Now if someone wants to come build me a house for my 5 kids for free, who btw I take care of without government help, or a tv show, I will take it.

      • Marie5656

        What I have heard in the past is that they have the older kids being the primary caretakers of the younger ones, while they are working or on the road promoting the show.

      • Colleen Edgington

        @Peri Peri….I agree with you that they do seem to be a loving, commited, and caring family that is doing something very unorthodox but certainly not placing any burden on the rest of society HOWEVER, when is enough enough? When do you see that your last offspring had some health issues? When do you recognize that perhaps God is telling you something when you had that miscarriage at 45? I am not blasting this family because I see them much like you but…let’s be practical here….isn’t 19 enough? God may have to yell at you that indeed it is when you get a special needs child. A child that will be loved and cared for but nevertheless may have some defects or special needs related to the advanced age of the mother.

      • Neilfan1957

        And WHO is raising the kids? Not them. The older ones are raising the younger ones. That’s NOT the kids’ job it’s THEIR job. How selfish can you be?

    • irazzmatazz

      I agree with you Lisa. Enough already. No matter how “nice” and well behaved their progeny are, they are contributing to the overpoplulation of this plantet. Perhaps they can just enjoy their grandchildren instead of risking another pregnancy.

      • ldean50

        I agree. I think this woman has lost her identity… I wonder if there is some psychological dysfunction going on here – that she can only exist as a pregnant woman. It has nothing to do with love, or being a mother – those children raise each other.

        • CCRN

          I have long suspected the same thing. My mom was like Michelle, but with less children. As soon as one got to school age, she got knocked up again, regardless of the fact that the marriage was in shambles and we were forced to raise ourselves. She’s completely off the deep end now that we are all grown.

          • Christina G.

            From an article about women addicted to pregnancy:

            “”Women who are obsessed with being pregnant are literally filling an emptiness inside of them, just as alcoholics and drug addicts use substances to fill a psychological void,” says Beverly Hills psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, M. D. Every one of us at some point encounters this void, adds New York family therapist Bonnie Eaker Weil, Ph. D., author of Financial Infidelity. “You want to have a purpose in this world. You want to feel less lonely.”

            For some women, babies fill that gap perfectly. Infants are dependent creatures. They can give their mothers a clear identity; they can also become handy social buffers.”

          • notinittowinit

            Wow! Just Wow! Someone who uses the term “knocked up” for their MOTHER is truly something! Guess you have no respect for her, huh? Must have been a rough house growing up. If/when you become a parent, I guarantee your views on her will change.

          • CCRN

            You are correct; I have little to no respect for her. She was horribly abusive and it was h3ll growing up in that house. It’s amazing we survived. BTW, I am a parent and having a child made me realize how truly awful she was. You have no idea what I’ve been through, so please reserve your judgment for something more pertinent to your own life.

        • notinittowinit

          I dont care who you think raises whom. The end product is something wonderful, and I am all for loving families like theirs, where the siblings care for each other, as opposed to the violent kids/spoiled brats I see in the public schools these days!

      • notinittowinit

        It is this mentality that has caused the drop in numbers of certain races. I would suggest you get some stats from public schools in your area. There is a certain group that is contributing to the overpopulation, and it isn’t their.

        • Bird

          Having children should not be about populating certain races or having older children raise the younger children. I grew up in a Christian household with 12 children and the older ones helped with the younger children. My Father was a minister and my Mother was a homemaker. It was a blessing to have so many siblings and my Mother never used birth control. After the 12th child, Mom was no longer able to get pregnant and she was CONTENT with having a dozen children. I feel that Michelle and Jim Bob she also be content with their 19 children and not force another birth at her age. Children are a blessing, but shouldn’t be used to complete our self worth.

          • CCRN

            Beautifully said!

    • I love my THREE sons!!


    • Kathy

      I agree Lisa.

    • Daniela

      These People are nuts. If they need an Army let them adopt 20 more.

    • Lynn

      Perhaps if someone had stepped in before hand, we wouldn’t have Octomom living on public assistance. I have no problems with the amount of children the Duggar family have. They seem to provide for them without the help of food stamps or welfare and the kids seem, on the show anyway, to be happy and well adjusted. I would be concerned for her strictly because of her age and the complications from her last 2 pregnancies. Otherwise, more power to them.l

    • Rebel_Lady

      They aren’t seeking fertility drugs. They are seeing if it is safe for her to have more children.

  • http://batman-news.com Dyvour Again

    I thought this family got started by letting GOD decide how many children they were going to have. Now Duggars are wanting to take it out of HIS hands and do their own thing?! That kind of selfish thinking got the 2nd wisest person on earth, King Solomon, into trouble. What makes Duggars think they would fare any better?

    • mr

      read article again dyvour

    • Peri Peri

      She’s not getting fertility drugs, she went ONLY to see if it’s even possible for them to naturally conceive. Did you even read the article? Or did you just ASS U ME you knew what you were talking about?

      • ldean50

        Then, why did she go to a “fertility” doc? She need only go to an OB/GYN or her own primary care doc. OR, she could have asked me, or anyone who has ever read a book – there are risks to the child if you conceive at age 47… oh. that’s right. they don’t care about the child.

        • Kathie Eddleman

          The article labeled him a fertility doctor. What he is is a specialist in high-risk pregnancies.

          • Penny Brown

            I had a high-risk pregnancy doctor, she didn’t do fertility treatments. I only stopped using her as a ob/gyn because I moved states. I am sure there is a reason they labelled the doctor the way they did. I am guessing they do those kind of treatments in this office. The two don’t go hand in hand you know. However, I guess if you have fertility treatments you might want to be seen by a high-risk doctor.

    • ldean50

      good point

    • cg

      What appears to be missing in their “it’s up to God” philosophy is that God does not decide when they are intimate, they do.
      Since they appear to financially supporting their family I don’t really have an issue with how many kids they create, but they need to be honest. God is not just placing these kids on their door step, they are engaging in actions to create them. Do they hear voices from God telling them when it is time to be intimate?

      • Sarah

        God may not decide when they have sex, but He decides if a child is created during that time. You don’t get pregnant every time you engage in sex, nor is every pregnancy assured. So while taking fertility drugs would go against their philosophy, your statement is wrong.

      • Christina G.

        Her husband gets a funny feeling inside when God says it’s time to be intimate.

  • Leigh

    They’re not dumb, the Duggars. Baby No. 20 would ensure at least several more seasons of their ridiculous TV show, and the many more millions of bucks that this will generate for them.

  • loretta

    for god’s sake – stop – let the children continue to family – loreta

    • jen

      Exactly! It’s time to be grandparents. that is the cycle of life!

  • Tansy

    They are just checking on Michelle’s health. They didn’t ask for or get fertility drugs. They are checking on her health, to see if she can get pregnant again, and to see if it would be healthy for her to do so.

    • snick

      regardless,you think she needs another one ??

    • ldean50

      That’s NOT why you go to a “fertility” doctor. These people are running a scam, and we’re watching it on tv.. if they want us to continue to ‘love’ them and hold them up as some kind of icons, do you think they can tell us the truth? that they are selfish, money grubbers? wanting to have a TWENTIETH child to up the ratings and continue to feed their narcissism? What about the health of the child???? If that was their concern, they wouldn’t even think about it.

      • NoMoNeNe

        Like I said above, what about the health of the kids they already have, who spend a good portion of their lives being babysitters and housekeepers.

    • cg

      Yes, but I watched the show and the doctor warned her that their was a significantly higher risk of a down syndrome baby at her age. Besides her own health she needs to consider the health of any future children she has. With the risk statistics I think it is a bit selfish to not practice some sort of birth control, even it its the old fashioned rhythm method.

    • NoMoNeNe

      I wonder if they ever consider how “healthy” it would be for the kids they already have. Who on this board would have wanted a childhood filled with taking care of your little sisters and brothers? How much “housework” would you have wanted to be doing, at the age of 11? That many people need a lot of laundry washed and folded. You think the parents do that? I don’t. I think this is an unnatural way to grow up. And I think it needs to stop.

    • Penny Brown

      Tansy were you in the room when the camera wasn’t rolling? You don’t know what they wouldn’t show?

    • Christina G.

      And if it’s not healthy for her to do so? She’s going to get her tubes tied or what? That doesn’t sound like God’s planning to me.

  • bara

    My grandmother had my father when she was 52. She was too old to produce milk so his sister had to nurse him since she had a 10 day old baby. This was in 1924 in Italy.

    • Jasmine

      && you think that right? having children so the siblings can raised them, sound selfish to me.

      • bara

        I seriously doubt this was a planned pregnancy. In addition, she raised my father, his sister didn’t. But I agree the Duggars are doing exactly what you said.

  • Brenda M Cook

    Those people need to be steralized……

  • mr

    700 club bible people not supporting birth control are you?

  • rainnnaturelover

    apparently people aren’t reading the entire article. the duggars’ aren’t seeking fertility treatment, they are seeking advice on if michelle is capable of being pregnant. learn to read people.

    • Jasmine

      Still ENOUGH is ENOUGH…. God is sending them signs telling them to stop it and they want to keep going, they need to start enjoying their grandchildren and get out of the bedroom.

      • cottonwood

        “they need to start enjoying their grandchildren and get out of the bedroom”. Who are you to tell them what God is telling them?

        • ldean50

          You’re being sarcastic, right? My God tells me they are wrong to have 20 children. Of course, my God is Methodist. lol
          They practiced birth control at one point, so it has nothing to do with religious beliefs.

        • Jasmine

          they said it themselves. Im nobody. They have said that God will not send them more than they can handle. NOT MY WORDS BUT THEIRS. So again I believe with a premie baby and a miscarriage I belive God is saying that they’ve had enough.

    • ldean50

      That’s what the Duggars are saying, and you actually believe it? If they want to check her health they don’t need a fertility specialist…

  • christine

    Either way she is in peri-menopausal, trying to have another child mostly likely wont happen no matter how many sperm Big Bob has! , she should feel blessed she has what she has, PERIOD !! If they push the issue they could be asking for disappointment !

    • mr

      not for you to decide

      • ldean50

        I don’t think Christine is “decid[ing]…This is a “COMMENT” section, and hey what was that, Christine? oh. I see. A comment. 😉

  • snick

    Good lord people,will you please STOP ALREADY !!!

  • Blah29

    The most selfish people on earth. It’s not fair that all these kids have to parent their brothers and sisters.

    • mr

      blah 29 seems you might be the selfish one

    • Jim Lee

      Who ever said these children are force to do that.

      • disqus_XX5ZBW2ZYs

        One of the children did

      • Why72

        Do they have a choice in the matter? They do have to help with the younger kids.

        • Jim Lee

          What’s wrong being told to help in the home.I see no problem with that.

          • Why72

            No, I agree with you. They need to help out. I just feel she should not have any more to put more on the older kids. Enjoy the ones she is blessed with and give her daughters a chance to give her grandkids. I come from a large family so I relate to them.

      • ldean50

        The parents call it the “buddy system” so it is the parents that brag that their children raise each other. And yes. They are actually forced to do it – just like eating with utensils. They are not given a choice.

  • Jim Lee

    I would rather hear of children born into a loving family (Man & Woman,Husband & Wife) Than a same gender marriage.

    • ldean50

      You’re on the wrong comment board.

  • Grace Thorne

    poor thing simply doesn’t know how to do anything else….

  • Cheryl

    I think they have done a WONDEFUL job with the children they have and if they are blessed with another healthy child and she is up to it…GOD bless them! We need more people in this Country who are willing to first HAVE children and second RAISE them with some values and education…oh, and about their TV show I love it!! And I am glad they are able to better their children and their lives with the money they are making! That money could be going out of the Country, into a dirty politicians hands or to pay people NOT to work! Great job Duggars!!!

    • Cindy M

      Maybe you should get your own life?

      • guest

        Maybe you should.

    • via

      I agree with you Cheryl. They teach good values on how to raise a family, role models of what an American family should be like..people watch their show and it is a great show..

    • ldean50

      Don’t fool yourself. The Duggars are playing to the camera for money.

  • disqus_XX5ZBW2ZYs

    I think visiting a fertility doctor negates their belief system. They want all the children God gives them +1

    • guest


  • Natacha

    Someone should send them to a psychiatrist rather than an infertility doctor. They are obsessed with childbearing and need help. They can’t cope with the inevitable effects of aging on fertility, and since having children is their only claim to fame, they’re desperate.

  • debbie

    they are just sickening I cant believe people watch that show they know the only way to keep the money rolling in isfor jim bob to keep her pregnant now we have to follow all of their kids down the aisle and into the labor room why don’t tlc rename it the brood mares

  • debbie

    and this is to peri peri lets hope they don’t have to live off the government they rake in at least 23.000 an episode plus they own rental properties

  • Guest

    Okay, enough is enough already. She’s just “checking” with a fertility specialist to see if she’s in good condition to still conceive naturally?! Duh..it should’ve been a hint for her after she had Josie at damn 24 weeks. She had preeclampisa with that baby which caused for an emergency C-section. That baby almost didn’t make it. That’s a sign alone! Then she gets pregnant AGAIN with Jubiliee which she miscarried at 18 weeks! C’mon…God has given you hints already. It’s really time to STOP! I think this woman is addicted to being pregnant and all of the older kids are growing up and starting lives of their own, and she’s probably afraid she won’t have no more little babies to take care of, or just the feeling of being pregnant has got her going crazy. I don’t condone a lot of kids, a big family. But you have to know when to say okay..our family is big enough! My husband and I have six, but I got my tubes tied after the sixth one. We’ve been married for 16 years. I knew when to stop it because i’ve had a few high risk pregnancies and delivered 2 premies out of the six and that is hard. My last child was a premie…and I knew I was done. She’s 10 years younger than me. I wouldn’t have another one if someone paid me to go through everything to make it happen..

    • Penny Brown

      Yeah, I had one that came earlier and died because of an IUD broke my water. I got pregnant a few weeks before I was suppose to have my tubes tied, and spend 6 months on bed rest. When I had my c-section with him they tied them. I have 5 kids. I would have had 6 if the one lived, she was born at 21 weeks in 2004 before they would try to save them. I couldn’t image trying to have more after all that. I think the ones I have would rather me spend time with them than having loads of brothers and sisters.

  • Crystal

    I started off applauding this family for allowing nature and God to dictate their family, but I think they have lost sight of what God has given them, 19 kids and a way to provide a healthy happy home for those children, and now grandchildren. In my opinion, the last two pregnancies she has had have been trouble, resulting in one miscarriage and one premature baby. That to me is a sign telling them time to stop, with their daughter now engaged, surely more grandchildren will bring them more opportunties to love on babies but at this point, it seems she is addicted to being pregnant. She surely has enough mommy duties to do with her 18 that are home.

    • CCRN

      well said

  • Seriously,

    This women NEEDS a psych evaluation ASAP, do they not recall what took place in the last 2 pregnancies. This is irresponsible and dangerous.


    • Penny Brown

      I still say she is addicted to be pregnant.

  • Cindy

    Ridiculous. You have enough kids. This is beyond codependent.

  • Guest

    Okay, enough is enough already. She’s just “checking” with a fertility specialist to see if she’s in good condition to still conceive naturally?! Duh..it should’ve been a hint for her after she had Josie at damn 24 weeks. She had preeclampisa with that baby which caused for an emergency C-section. That baby almost didn’t make it. That’s a sign alone! Then she gets pregnant AGAIN with Jubiliee which she miscarried at 18 weeks! C’mon…God has given you hints already. It’s really time to STOP! I think this woman is addicted to being pregnant and all of the older kids are growing up and starting lives of their own, and she’s probably afraid she won’t have no more little babies to take care of, or just the feeling of being pregnant has got her going crazy. I don’t condone a lot of kids, a big family. But you have to know when to say okay..our family is big enough! My husband and I have six, but I got my tubes tied after the sixth one. We’ve been married for 16 years. I knew when to stop it because I’ve had a few high risk pregnancies and delivered 3 premies out of the six and that is hard. No C-sections though. My last child was one of the 3 premies…and I knew I was done. She’s 10 years younger than me. I wouldn’t have another one if someone tried to pay me to go through everything to make it happen..Nope!

  • Guest.

    If it’s up to God, why are they consulting with a fertility specialist? Why would they need to know if it was safe to get pregnant? If they don’t believe in birth control wouldn’t they just continue to do what they normally do and let nature take its course? Asking if it’s safe to get pregnant implies they can control the situation…

  • Marie A.

    Okay, enough is enough already. She’s just “checking” with a fertility specialist to see if she’s in good condition to still conceive naturally?! Duh..it should’ve been a hint for her after she had Josie at damn 24 weeks. She had preeclampisa with that baby which caused for an emergency C-section. That baby almost didn’t make it. That’s a sign alone! Then she gets pregnant AGAIN with Jubiliee which she miscarried at 18 weeks! C’mon…God has given you hints already. It’s really time to STOP! I think this woman is addicted to being pregnant and all of the older kids are growing up and starting lives of their own, and she’s probably afraid she won’t have no more little babies to take care of, or just the feeling of being pregnant has got her going crazy. I don’t condone a lot of kids, a big family. But 19 kids!! That’s more than enough! At some point, you have to know when to say okay..our family is big enough! My husband and I have six, but I got my tubes tied after the sixth one. We’ve been married for 16 years. I knew when to stop it because I’ve had a few high risk pregnancies and delivered 3 premies out of the six and that is hard. No C-sections though. My last child was one of the 3 premies…and I knew I was done. I’m 10 years younger than Michelle, and I wouldn’t have another one if someone tried to pay me to go through everything to make it happen..Nope!

  • NAN752

    To me, it’s just disgusting and attention getting. If the doctor is willing to give her fertility drugs, then he’s in for attention too. If anything he should advise them NOT to go that way but I highly doubt it if there’s a buck to be made for him.

  • Yvette

    I watched the show last night and their main purpose of the visit was to see if she could have more children and what to expect of her body in the next few years.. They made NO mention of artificial means. What is the problem anyway? Their children are beautiful members of society. They are happy, healthy, caring individuals. As far as overpopulation is concerned, well we NEED more people like the Duggar children who are compassionate to one another and truly are examples of a healthy and productive American family.

    • Penny Brown

      Do you think this show, shows you everything that goes on in the doctor office? I am just wondering. If you had your own show would you be willing to show everything that happened in your own life?

  • L. Lorelei Laine

    I’d rather there be more respectful and intelligent children in this World rather than more Kardashian clones; moronic and self involved, vapid and barely able to read. Kids today who believe hard work is screwing your way to the top, or having it recorded. If she wants to have more children and raise them to be constructive members of society, then so be it.

  • What

    This is ridiculous!!! You’ve got 19 children for crying out loud!!! Let them start having kids!!!!

  • Why72

    I think they are good parents, but now is the time to allow their adult children to enjoy their lives, marry, and give them more grandchildren. They should not EVEN consider having another child. It sounds selfish of her to not just focus and love the ones she already have!

  • 98198

    A fertility doctor?!!? Watch, she’ll have a multiple birth. DISGUSTING!!!!! Just like a breeding bitch!

  • Liz

    So much for their claim of leaving it in “God’s” hands….hypocrites, using religion when it suits them, and you don’t go to a fertility expert if you are leaving it in God’s hands….

  • http://outskirtspress.com/thywillbedone/da Darshel Alexander

    If their motivation to having another child is because they’re blessings from God, then adopt or take in foster children. Lord knows there are enough kids in the system. These are not the biblical times and having 20 children is more ego than religion…in my opinion.

  • Dianna smith

    michelle has 20 children. the 20th passed before the pregnancy could continue

  • Doc

    They are seeking to see if she’s healthy to have another not for fertility drugs. However, it has turned into a spectacle and I’m beginning to believe the fame and fortune has gotten to them.
    Wrap it up Duggan and enjoy grandkids, if they’re anything like you, you should have about 361!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nia


  • alioops

    What does she care, she’s not raising those new babies anyway, the older daughters are, per their “buddy system.”

  • Nia

    Woman PLEASE!!! it is a UTERUS, not a Greyhound Bus!! I bet you already have ZERO muscle tone!!!

  • lynn

    They really don’t make sense. I mean she wants to let her god decide on how many children she can have and that is the reason she went off of birth control. Well now she wants to consult a fertility doctor for the 20th child. What happen to her god deciding?

  • Kim Hard

    I watched this episode and couldn’t believe that they wouldn’t take birth control because being given a child is gods will but they go see a fertility Dr. I love this family but I think she’s done having babies and needs to enjoy the ones she does have and enjoy where their lives go.

  • Traci


  • Tiera


  • David

    “up to God” Up to God….going to a fertility doctor is not up to God

  • I love my THREE sons!!

    Michelle knows nothing but pregnancy and “motherhood.” I put it in quotes because there is NO way she meets the emotional needs of her children. Past the first four or five, they are ALL cared for by the older children. This is child abuse. What happened to “not using any unnatural means and letting God decide?”

  • housewifewatcher

    When asked in the past if she would have more children her answer was always”That’s up to what God decides to give us” Well God is not a fertility doctor. Any doctor that would assist her in getting pregnant again is only in it for the money. They already buried a premature baby a few years ago. This is dangerous on every level. The only doctor Michelle Duggar should see is a Psychiatrist.

  • ldean50

    What a scam. They are Baptists, and they lie when they say they don’t “believe in birth control,” – truth is they don’t believe in losing ratings. They practiced birth control when they got married and only decided against it because she had a miscarriage and they were ignorant to think that caused it. Their smiles and talk of “love” scares me, because behind it all is greed, and selfishness. They don’t raise their children – their children are expected to raise each other. The Discovery channel built their house – free house? spit out a child? yeah. I can do that. He claims to be a realtor. How many realtors do you know that can afford to have 20 kids?
    P.S. you don’t need a “fertility” doctor to determine if you are physically able to have kids. In fact, 47 years old? just off the top of my head? I’d say NO – like the article states, you risk harm to the child… what do they care? a deformed or mentally challenged child would only make their ratings go through the roof!
    It is called EXPLOITATION and those other 19 children are paying the price.

  • AAA

    47 years old is when I went thru menopause. Between 45-55 is the average age. They are grandparents and want more babies. Let your children have them, don’t steal their thunder, (your grandkids). You have more than enough “blessings”. Let your next blessings be your children’s children.
    It seems to me they just want that show to go on and on. Making money having babies…way to prostitute your kids! Religious people, aren’t they?

  • Mayra

    I thought they were deeply religious and that’s why they didn’t use birth control? I thought these same religions were also against “unnatural pregnancies” such as those as a result of fertility treatments?? I guess people can now pick and choose what they believe in.

    • Joe Pike

      You did not read ……they only went to the doctor to find out if it was safe for them to get pregnant

      • ldean50

        no Joe, YOU did not read… they went to a “fertility specialist.” If they just wanted to know about her health, they would have gone to their primary care or an OB/GYN… THAT was our first clue. You gotta be smart. People will try tah trick ya.

  • Joe Pike

    People posting about too many children…….well the country does not produce enough children to replace those older folks that are dying ……The world and yes even 3rd world counties birth rate is going down…It has been studied that places like Mexico by the year 2030 will have a shortage of young people to support their aging society……..If Americans would have more children we wouldn’t have to import so many foreigners, especially those without western culture upbringing

    • ldean50

      you’re being sarcastic, right? Are you familiar with the word, “exponential”? The world population is growing exponentially. google it.
      Aren’t you glad you woke up today? and learned something new? xoxox

  • jokelly

    I’m sure the Duggars are good people…and they take care of their own with a little help from money earned from a reality TV show because somehow people seem to be fascinated with how you can provide for your own private army. My thing is this. The world is so over-populated now that we haven’t the resources to last. There are adoptable children that need this kind of loving home.
    The risks of having children later in life can be disastrous for the CHILD…by way of many types of disabilities. Is it responsible to keep procreating in today’s world? After child two..they could have given a loving home to 17 adoptable kids who need it. If they adopted one now..I’m sure it would up their ratings enormously and actually give something to someone else. Tell me they have not benefited by this TV show…a home…a living…Well I suppose it’s better than another cooking show or something kardashian.

  • Valley Girl

    Yes indeed

  • Gort

    So unfair to the other children!

  • Ann Heath

    If they do not use birth control and think the number of children they have is up to God why see a fertility doctor? Her own GP or OBGYN can tell her if she is healthy. If they use drugs to get pregnant this is totally anti everything else they have said.

    • CCRN

      Agreed, Ann. I am a nurse practitioner. There is no need for her to see a fertility specialist to tell her the risks. I suspect it was just for the show. We are all giving them attention again…

  • Tracy Parker

    “{they} do not believe in birth control and they said that the number of children they have is “up to God.” Okay, how about if God wants you to stop at 19. Isn’t it taking matters into your own hands by going to a fertility doctor. What if “God” doesn’t desire that?? Look at poor Josie. Why would that want to go through that again?

    • ldean50

      That is the hypocrisy of these people. They claim to be Baptists, and Baptists DO believe in birth control. The other, more important thing, they did practice birth control at one point – she suffered a miscarriage and they decided (on their own) that it was the birth control that caused the miscarriage. This “God’s will” song that they pretend to believe in is a scam – for ratings.

  • justmythoughts

    Maybe they should listen to their “God” and take the hint that 19 is ENOUGH. That these people have their own show is disgusting and that the American public keeps them on TV by watching this circus of insanity and call it “entertainment” makes me absolutely ill! Perhaps mankind doesn’t deserve to continue. They didn’t/aren’t raising 19 kids – their kids raised their siblings. With 7 billion – billion with a B – people on this planet, Michelle “doesn’t believe in overpopulation”. How very convenient for them and how very sad for the rest of humanity.

  • edward

    SO,if it is up to GOD,then he apparently thinks that 19 is enough,or she would be preggers already,the fertility doctor is just a way for them to stay on tv…in my opinion.

  • Mr. X

    Dear Michelle Duggar,
    Please Stop.
    Your Uterus

  • Kim File

    I thought their whole concept was God’s will so why actively look for an increased chance to get pregnant?

  • CCRN

    So how many children they have is up to God? If that’s the case, then why are they seeing a fertility specialist? Wouldn’t that be interference in God’s wishes? These people make no sense.

  • Regina Ray

    Please stop having children. Enough is enough.

  • ldean50

    Our current population in the U.S. is about 330 million. Take just half of that, and multiply it by 20 children. If all couples elected to have 20 children, our population would be over 3 BILLION! We do not have the natural resources to support such selfish, exploitative acts. Don’t fool yourself. The Duggars are playing to the camera for money.

    • balletlady

      Nineteen children who feel the same way their parents’ do…have as many children as God will give them??? A little multiplication please….19 kids times 19 kids…are you getting the picture? BTW…let’s NOT forget these 19 children’s children will ALSO have children…I’ve got a headache thinking about it .

  • Rosie

    Perhaps God is telling them no more kids? Can’t they just be happy with what they have?

  • Amanda Reckenwithe

    Any doctor who assists these morons should have their license to practice medicine, REVOKED!

  • Carlie

    They say they’ll get pregnant if its in God’s will. I’m not against fertility treatments by all means, but this method is dealing with science, not gods will. She changing her story here.

  • Freddie

    They are jut in it for the financial benifits … after 8 kids you pay ZERO taxes as you are at the max number of dependents deductions . They also collect the maximum amount of food stamps no matter what their income is along with WIC for the young ones . they collect just about every government giveaway program out there and no telling what elese

  • balletlady

    I agree 100 % with Mama Bear’s post. Seems like the parental control is way out of whack in this household. The parents listen to all the Skype conversations & sit between them or has a chaperone with the couple at ALL times, there is NO privacy. They seemingly don’t trust their OWN children to set boundaries.

    Daddy Duggar I am sure makes sure the potential life partner guy KNOWS his Bible scripture by heart & is more than likely also a virgin. Jim Bob would not approve anyone else.

    I recall Jim Bob saying that when he & Michelle were dating “we made some mistakes/errors during courtship”….oh my Heaven, maybe they held hands or kissed or hugged frontally..saying “HE didn’t want his children to make that mistake”, i.e. no kissing or frontal hugs…I believe hand holding was optional but only AFTER the engagement.

    So far all the older children have NEVER left home have never been living on their own, running their OWN life, that is until they marry. None of them has attend college AWAY from home or even locally. The girls are taught housewife skills cooking, cleaning, laundry & sewing bland clothing. Most importantly they are used as surrogate mothers while Michelle is once again pregnant or she is walking around home schooling with a covering over her chest while nursing the newborn.

    At almost 48 she wants another baby…as many as God will give them: God already GAVE them a message…Michelle was at risk of death with extremely high blood pressure during her pregnancy with Josie AND Josie was born prematurely at under 2 lbs. It’s a miracle Josie survived. The 20th baby, Jubilee was miscarried at 4 1/2 months of pregnancy. What happens IF Michelle does NOT make it through another pregnancy?

    Michelle HAS received messages from God, but neither she nor horn dog Jim Bob are listening. HE looked so disappointed when the Dr advised Michelle of the DANGERS of another pregnancy. After all…NO pregnancy probably means Jim Bob WON’T be getting ALL that sex he’s been getting trying to get her pregnant.

  • ldean50

    Good for the Duggars who claim to be religious. How bout all of us pray that the woman will hit menopause before she manages to get pregnant. Jeeze Louise!

  • ewrtewt


  • NJ

    I have not seen bigger BS people than these two. How are they not charged with child labor? They are making their other children parent their new children. This is one big BULL SHIT.

  • Minne Man

    I thought their belief was that God would give them as many children as came “naturally” to them. Perhaps her infertility is God’s way of saying STOP YOU HAVE ENOUGH CHILDREN!

  • Jameson425

    Sew that woman shut, so sick of woman doing whatever they want not realizing the affects on others. This lady is one of the most selfish people I have ever read about. Why do you need 20 kids? Why?

  • Pipeline Chick

    They always say they will accept whatever God gives them in the way of children. Well, it seems to me that God is speaking…no more

  • CoolChick

    they can’t use birth control because it is against God’s plan, but they can take fertility drugs. Isn’t it time to admit that your child birthing years are over and be happy with the 19 kids that you have already and enjoy your grandchildren??

  • Marie5656

    If the number of kids they have is “up to God”, then isn’t it going against God to rely on science to have more children??

    • Sara Service

      They’re not relying on science. She’s visiting the Doctor to make sure it would be safe or even possible for her to have another child. She’s not going there for fertility treatments or anything like that.

  • Denise Egan

    No offense to them – but if they are at the point of needing a fertility doctor, maybe someone is trying to tell them something. enough is enough.

  • J Thomas

    She needs psychological help.



  • Donna

    She needs to start thinking about what if something happen to her. The older she gets, the more of a risk it is to have a child. She could die while giving birth. And her kids would have no mom. That would be very sad.

  • Yaya Sorensen

    What a bunch of nosy bitty hens you all are!

    • JJS

      Nosy??? they woman is on a REALITY show. She WANTS us to know about her private life. If you put it all out there, people are going to make observations.

      • Yaya Sorensen

        That doesn’t change the fact that You all look like a bunch of nosy bitty hens!

        • JJS

          Just so we’re clear here…you are reading the article, you are replying to other people’s comments… pot, meet kettle. You have a serious problem if you think you’re not the nosiest one here.

  • Mike Boling

    She needs to hold an aspirin between her knees and keep it there!

  • robin

    Michelle, take a step back and give this some real thought. You lost one child, and have another now with medical issues. This is no longer in Gods hands, its your body telling you it’s done, that it cannot take another baby. Enjoy the children, you have and grandchildren that are coming along now and stop the baby factory. It’s time for you to let your body recover from being pregnant for to many years.

  • sherphair

    Wait a minute—As I recall, the Duggar parents have repeatedly said words to the effect–we would love more children, however many GOD will send us. Since when did the fertility industry become God??? My interpretation is God will do the sending unassisted by outside sources.

    • BamCat

      That’s just like the mother of the McCaughey septuplets. She got pregnant after visiting a fertility doctor. The doctor then wanted to do a selective reduction to avoid the complications of carrying seven fetuses. She refused saying this was God’s will. No, if it had been solely up to God, she wouldn’t have had any more children at all.

  • ekayr

    They need another topic for an upcoming season. That lady needs to keep her legs shut.

  • DLG

    Wait a minute. If it’s “up to God,” what are they doing consulting a fertility doctor? Did God instruct them to do so? Maybe God has decided that they already have enough kids!!

  • Tracy

    This article does not say that they are going to undergo fertility treatments, just to see if she is able to carry another baby and if it would be safe to do so. I would have a hard time with them doing fertility treatments since it seems to go against their mantra that the number of children they have is “up to God.”

  • Tonya Webb

    This woman almost died the last time she tried to have a child. It would be very upsetting for ALL of these many many KIDS to lose their ignorant mama because she didn’t have the common sense, or discipline to be content with the kids she already have!!

  • Ame

    Visiting a doctor o specializes in high-risk pregnancies is not the same as visiting a “fertility doctor”. Sensational and deceiving headline

  • ashley

    Not trying to be mean, I am just really curious about what having so many children can do to a woman’s insides?

    • Di

      It ruins them. I’m positive that medical professionals have advised them to stop years and years ago.

  • Jackie-Lee Israel

    so much for their faith in God to control how many children they will have…

  • MizGal

    I watched the show last night. They weren’t going to get fertility drugs. They were going to see if she is in menopause or if it was still possible to get pregnant. Just a check-up for her health. The previews were sensationalizing it.

    • Di

      That should be enough of a sign that she needs to stop.

  • Snooze

    If it is “up to God” on the number of children Michelle Duggar will bear, why does she need a fertility specialist and/or consult?

  • El

    Dugger needs to see a “psychiatrist” not a fertility expert and her husband needs to
    go right away for a vasectomy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kristen38

    They want to leave it up to God, but her last two pregnancies went terribly…one was born super premature but miraculously lived, and the next one was a miscarriage. Why aren’t they realizing that is God’s way of tell them, stop freaking getting pregnant! You’re too old!

  • Nylrone Tynarf

    I am surprised with the venom coming against this family. There used to be a time when it was not unusual to see families with 10, 12, 15 children. IT WAS NOT THE NORM but it was not unusual. I have 10 aunts, 3 uncles on my mom’s side and 10 aunts and 2 uncles on my dad’s side. My maternal grandmother also had 4 more children that passed as infants bringing her total to 18.

    They seem to be very happy. They had 17 children prior to the start of this show. They owned businesses (and continue to do so) prior to this show. They seem like good people. I’ve met the oldest son and he was very pleasant and sure of his goals in life. They personally built their home with a lot of their own sweat and hard work.
    Josh Duggar (the oldest) told us how they did many things together as a family but also how their parents were very deliberate in making time for each of them individually.

    Finally, many people see them as an inspiration. If this people can take care of 19 kids, surely, I can care for 1 or 2 or 3. I may not agree with all of their rules but so what. How often do we agree with all of anyone’s rules? There need to be more people with morals and values.

  • wbmm

    she is nuts and he is an animal who cant keep his hands off her? this woman almost died taking the youngest with her and we were supposed to have sympathy with them? its just sickening, I don’t care what they do with the money! but the stupid rules and regulations they tell people they live by! rubbish its well documented that they had a TV and were shown in a picture kissing before they were married! now the kids they have bring up the little ones while they bang out another. and have to obey the stupid rules they made up which they did not live by until they had 3 kids.
    he need’s counseling if he continues on this path I thought god was supposed to tell them when enough was enough? he should step in now and make him sterile perhaps she will see that as a sign? number 20 is for the program and anyone that thinks its god’s will need’s the same head doctor she does.

  • Alice911

    The number of children they do or do not have is a strictly personal decision….as is the decision to watch their show or not. I have to respect them for being debt-free and self-sufficient hard working people. Their home was built BEFORE their show became “popular,” and was built primarily BY the family–it is 2 “kit” homes combined to increase the size. I have no doubt they have benefitted hugely from the show, it has enabled them to travel and be much less frugal than originally. I DO have an issue with the fact that late in life childbearing is risky for both baby and mother—they are OBVIOUSLY aware of this, following a micro-premie and a miscarriage.

    The bottom line is, they are going to do what they are going to do…..If “the lord grants them another child” then that’s what is going to happen. If you disagree with their lifestyle—-quit watching the show and reading the articles. This is still America, good decisions or bad, they have their rights as well.

    • Di

      They have taken it out of God’s hands by seeking help from a fertility clinic. They are hypocrites.

      • Alice911

        They have consulted a specialist regarding the safety of another child….not pursuing help in conceiving—they have figured that part out just fine.

  • Guest

    Her 19th child was born 4 months premature due to a pregnancy induced medical condition of the mother, what would have been the 20th child was miscarried at 19 weeks. How else can God tell these idiots to stop having children? God has been trying to tell them enough is enough for years. I agree that a fertility doctor who would give fertility drugs to a 47 year old woman who already has 19 children should have his/her license revoked.

  • Kiki

    Okay, what they’re doing is completely hypocritical. They had 19 children because they believe that’s what “God” allowed them to birth. Now she’s going to fertility drugs to purposely get pregnant? That’s not putting the fate of getting pregnant up to God! I don’t have anything against this family. Yeah, I personally think they had too many kids but at least they’re well behaved kids so I can’t judge them for that but seeking fertility treatment to get pregnant just goes against everything they have said about their beliefs.

    Now this just seems plain greedy and irresponsible. If complications arise and something were to happen to her, 19 kids would live on without a mother. They really need a reality check.

  • cee

    I agree with Christina F. Anyone who already has 19 children and has lost one, should not be trying to have another. If so, she has a psychological problem. She is trying to fill some void and is unsatisfied with something in her life.
    I love this family and they are great parents, with good kids but when will it stop?

  • sally

    she must have a lot of hemorrhoids.

  • 12know

    This is a joke, right? Please, tell me it’s a joke. Under NO circumstances should she have any more children. 19 is enough!

  • Ingrid Hodges

    Any physician that assists these looney tunes in any way to become pregnant should be charged with malpractice!!!!!!!

  • guest loving mama

    Doesn’t anyone know how to discern truth anymore? This article is bogus. Just because she’s gone to her annual OB/GYN check-up to see if she’s healthy, doesn’t mean she’s looking for fertility drugs. Any OB/GYN could be called a “fertility doctor.” They’re just sucking you in with a twist of words. She would be considered irresponsible if she DIDN’T go for her annual check-up. They have always said that they have opened their hearts to as many children as God will give them. NOWHERE does it say she’s looking for fertility drugs in order to have more. YOU’VE ALL BEEN DUPED into thinking just what the media wants you to think. And I’m sorry that you all have missed the whole point of having a life — to learn God’s will and follow it, and then teach your children to do the same, or better. If we are at all “ranked” in heaven, the Duggars will be higher than most everyone for doing their best to follow what they understand to be God’s will. They are honest, hard working, loving people, who are raising responsible, loving, happy children, and productive members of society. Can you say the same? Shame on anyone for passing judgment on anyone else’s life choices.

  • DC325ix

    Although I am very happy for them that they have 19 children – but now it almost sounds now like an addiction or obsession, Isnt 19 enough? Care and love the ones you have and look forward to your grandchildren and for god sake stop being the creepy dad with your daughters and left them live their lives.

  • vickyhastings

    where are the state ‘s cps at? remember all the uproar over octo mom? regardless of octo’s finances,the issue was to many children,so befor all you haters pounce on me,it is time the duggar’s quit having children,they have enough.and besides,they have alway’s said,if it be god’s will, this is the duggars will,by going to a clinic,evidently because she cannot produce any more the old fashioned way.she needs to submit her body to retirement now.

  • mannasage

    Tsk, Tsk, such publicity seekers, & what if the child is born in bad health or the mother dies in the process of delivering this child? Selfishness to the nth degree, such extremes are just not healthy. What about the 19 kids they now have & the many grandkids? Neither of these parents have a brain!!!

  • Sheryl Jones

    the article is wrong on the number of children. She miscarried thier first pregnancy and the last one making it a grand total of 21 kids with 19 living.

    • Alexis

      yeah but they still want 20

  • Enoughalready

    The chance of something going wrong with a woman conceiving so late in life is very high—also the risk that the baby could be abnormal is very very high. Stop before another tragic moment happens.

  • Diane M

    I don’t really care how many kids they have.But I do remember them saying that its up to god how many they will have.I look at this as NOT leaving it in gods hands.They are having outside help.

  • Babs Phillips

    Enough is enough! If she has to get pregnant through a fertility specialist instead of naturally with her husband, then maybe her god is telling her to stop. They’re so big on following god’s direction–then why are they turning to what their bible never speaks about?

  • dvdcnl

    Is she freaking crazy???

  • A

    She had a 20th child and she didn’t survive. She almost died having Josie. ENOUGH already. I think God has sent her a clear message. She just doesn’t want to move on and accept her age. It’s time for her to leave the childbearing to her adult children so they don’t have to compete with grandma!

  • dvdcnl

    I only had 4 children but it was hard to give each child the attention , support and affection while working and supporting them. I don’t understand these people who risk the health mentally and emotionally and physically of every member of the family by having extraordinarily large families. I’m sure that the older girls do much of the parenting, cleaning, cooking. Personalty I think it is a form of child abuse. Do the girls have a life, do they get a collage education…is that an option for them? Sad!

  • Sherena

    Leave it up to God, either he will bless you with another child or He will not. Don’t go after fertility treatments in order to have baby #20.

    • Di

      Seeking assistance from a fertility clinic is certainly NOT leaving it up to God. They need to pay attention to medical professionals, whom I am sure, have advised her to STOP.

    • Rebel_Lady

      The title is a lie. They went to see an OB-GYN who specializes in high risk pregnancies, not a reproductive endocrinologist. They were just seeing if it safe for her to have more kids.

  • Alexis

    They wont be happy until they get a dead baby! They already brought 19 kids into this messed up world. Dont they teach their kids to not live beyond their limits? Sorry Michelle no Guiness record for you! I dont think having 20 kids is in Gods plan!!!

  • palmerz6

    A lease she is marriage and not on government assistances.

  • Alexis

    Yeah Gods sign of NO MORE BABIES!!!!

  • Lynn

    I wonder if she has or her family ever entertained the idea that there is some psychological reason or hormonal imbalance that is making this poor woman crave the idea of being pregnant again and again and again.

  • Alexis

    I wonder if they teach the Dugger family that GREED is a sin!?

  • Neilfan1957

    There is something seriously wrong with that woman. Addicted to pregnancy perhaps? She would risk the health of a potential baby for her own selfishness? If it is ‘up to God’ perhaps she should re-read the commandment that says ‘thou shalt not covet’ . Be thankful for what you DO have. It’s just sick.

  • Emma

    They say they are leaving it up to God, but what if God is saying this is it?
    I worry that this could really hurt her now. I hope she focuses on her other children, and now grandkids.

    • Di

      They are NOT leaving it up to God if they are going to a fertility clinic.

      • Rebel_Lady

        The title of the article is a lie. The doctor is an OB-GYN who specializes in high risk pregnancies, not a reproductive endocrinologist. They are seeing if it is safe for her to have more kids.

  • Luv

    Their mental illness needs to be addressed.

  • momof3teacherofmany

    I have always thought they were a little bit of a cool family. This totally changes my opinion. I see women all the time struggling to have one child, suffer miscarriages and it is a total heartbreak for them. They have 19 kids and how many grandchildren. I think it is time for them to hang up the maternity clothing. IVF should be a saved practice for people who REALLY want a child. This is selfish of them. I agree with the person who stated there is something she is missing that she really wants to have more children. I respect their decision and anyone who wants to have as many children as they want. I am a teacher and I see plenty of kids who the parents don’t know when to get on birth control…even though I am not a fan of it because of my religion…there is still a time and place to STOP having children. How fair is it for that child to have a parent close to 70 when you graduate from high school…really!! I know you have siblings who will raise them and be there all the time for them, but still.

    • Rebel_Lady

      The title is a lie. The doctor they went to isn’t a fertility doctor. He is an OB-GYN that specializes in high risk pregnancies. They were seeing if it is safe for her to be pregnant again.

      I agree with the age thing. I told my husband before we got married that I didn’t want to be having kids after 30 because of the reason you said. I didn’t want to be the age of a grandmother when my kids graduate high school. I was 24 when my first daughter was born. A year and half later I got a diagnosis of endometriosis and was told by two doctors that there wouldn’t be any more. They were wrong. I was actually 31 when my second daughter was born, but what can you do?

  • Pete

    If you want more kids go adopt a child in need. The Earth is already straining to support the population as it is now. I don’t care if you have enough money to support the child without help from welfare or anything. Money is not the only resource that exists in the world

  • Di

    How incredibly stupid. I hope the doctors have enough sense to decline these people as patients.

    • Rebel_Lady

      The title is a lie. The doctor is not an infertility doctor.

  • dairyking887

    The things people do to resolve their existential crises.

  • Guest

    At this point it is no longer if God is willing. This has now gotten to if medical science is will. She needs to see a therapist. I think she is addicted to be pregnant, and yes there is such people.

  • Penny Brown

    This is no longer if it is it is God’s will. This has gone pass that point and is now to the point of if it is Medical Science’s will. I do think she should see a therapist to find out why she feels the need to have more children. It is very possible that she has a condition where is only feels complete when she is pregnant. I am not being mean. It is a very real condition.

  • eric watkins

    The amount of children they have is up to God….
    If they truly believed that, then the miscarriage she just had would have been seen as the sign that God has said “ENOUGH”.

  • cloverleaf

    Disgusting individuals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eva Jacobs

    I am disgusted with this family. It’s not their job to single handedly repopulate the earth. You’re 47 Years-Old Michelle, enjoy the kids you already have.

    • Rebel_Lady

      It’s their business and as long as they are able to provide for their children, then it’s none of ours.

  • Deb

    This woman needs a hobby.

  • Lou

    Well it must be they don’t wanna stop at an uneven number……

  • ExJax

    How selfish can someone be …..

  • funnyfarmoink

    They don’t believe in birth control because of the religion but can go to the fertility doctor to help them get pregnant for their 20th child? After 19 kids, maybe it wasn’t meant to be and that’s why god stopped the natural process for them.

    • Rebel_Lady

      The title is a lie. Paul Wendel is a high-risk OB-GYN, not a fertility doctor.

  • zeke

    Bill Gothard Cult. America is being scammed by these Christian fanatics. American Taliban minus the AK’s.

  • Sally Bowles

    Why are they seeing a doctor instead of just praying? Didn’t God “bless” them with the other 19? Did he/she stop blessing them now?

  • anonymous

    if i was her uterus i would crawl out and disappear
    God gave us normal child bearing years

  • Rebel_Lady

    It looked rather fishy that someone would visit a fertility doctor to discuss the dangers of a high risk pregnancy and it only took two minutes to clarify the discrepancy. Obviously, Val Powell needs to take a course in medical terminology. If you look up Dr. Paul Wendel, you will see that he is an OB-GYN and not a reproductive endocrinologist, which is a fertility doctor. The headline is wrong and most likely used for shock value. By the reactions of the people commenting on this story, I would say that it worked.

  • Diana Bogun Roth

    Aren’t fertility treatments a contradiction of what they have always said their beliefs are? They have always stated that they will have the children God chooses to give them. And I have always respected that. Fertility is not God choosing but them actively making it happen.

    • Rebel_Lady

      The title is an outright lie. The doctor they went to is a high-risk pregnancy OB-GYN, not a fertility doctor. The idiot that came up with the title did it to inflame readers, rather than to simply inform them.

  • Noe

    It is clear that not everyone read the article or saw the show. He wasn’t a fertility doctor, he was a high-risk pregnancy doctor. Probably due to a miscarriage she suffered most recently, they were wanting to know if there was anything they could do physically to prevent that from happening again were she to become pregnant. Obviously she has been very fertile to this point, so another pregnancy wasn’t out of the realm of possibility. I really don’t get why people dislike this family so much. They seem to be a nice couple raising nice children who are polite and want to contribute to society. You may not agree with their political or moral beliefs, but you have the power to turn the channel and not read the articles. I also don’t know what is wrong with older siblings caring for younger ones. Isn’t that what you want in a family? I’ve watched quite a few episodes, and I don’t see where the older ones are forced to be the primary caregivers, but they do help take care of and teach the little ones. They actually seem to enjoy and genuinely like their siblings. They seem to have very close relationships. Again, what is the problem? They have their own lives and hobbies, but still foster a relationship with their siblings and learn responsibility at the same time. Would it be better for everyone to do their own thing and not really care about what their brothers or sisters are doing? That’s ridiculous. I have two siblings, and we have quite an age gap between us, and we certainly looked out for each other and cared for each others’ needs when we were younger, and still look out for each other as adults. Would that more families would foster that sort of relationship between siblings, instead of being so concerned with individuality. Maybe there would be less strife in family relationships and possibly happier people? I dare to dream.