Michelle Duggar: Most Fascinating Person In Arkansas

    January 12, 2014
    Lindsay McCane
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Michelle Duggar is one of the most kind and soft spoken women that you would ever meet. How she maintains her composure is beyond me, considering she has 19 children running through her home.

However, she, somehow, always makes it seem easy…being a wife, mother, and grandmother. “The fact that there’s 19 children that God has blessed us with is unique, very unique,” Michelle said.

Recently, Michelle was given an award that she says she was honored to receive. Michelle was named the number five most fascinating person in Arkansas. When asked how she felt to be nominated for the award, she responded: “I would say very humbled and honored. I feel very grateful that anyone would say that or think that. I’m honored, very honored.”

Michelle, her husband Jim Bob, and their 19 kids have starred in their own reality show for several years now. In each episode of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, we, as viewers, get to witness the trials and tribulations that come with having such a large family. “We have enjoyed getting to open up our home and our life to share with those around the world,” Michelle said about their show.

The Duggars choose not to hide their hardships from their viewers, but instead let them in to every aspect of their life. “To be real, would not be covering the pain and the hurt that we walked through in that regard,” Michelle explained. Their most recent tragedy involved the loss of their daughter, Jubilee. During a 19-week ultrasound, doctors made the discovery that the Duggar’s twentieth child had passed away.

“With our sweet little Jubilee we know she is with The Lord and we will see her again someday,” she said. “As we share those experiences, our prayers is that others will be encouraged to turn their life to God.”

Jubilee Shalom Duggar from WMtek Inc on Vimeo.

Image via Duggarfamily.com

  • Casey

    Wow, she’s the most “fascinating” person because she chose to help over populate the world 19 times over?

    What talent that must take.

  • Becky

    Michelle Duggar is an amazing woman–she is a Blessing in this world!! She has a wonderful heart and her family is a true example of what our world could be like if we all followed God’s plan for us.

  • janet

    What has she done that is so remarkable? She got married, then she had sex, got pregnant, over nineteen times, happens to be a christian, and is a stay at home mom. What is fascinating about giving birth? Most women around the world have given birth. Isn’t that how we all got here? I still don’t get what makes her so fascinating? And the Duggars only let the outside world see, what they want them to see, as most people do. It does not say much for that town if she is the most fascinating. After all it is Arkansas.

  • K

    Why wouldn’t bee easy for her, she makes the kids watch over each other (like if they’re the ones that had them) n they do everything around the house ….. Can’t stand that crazy woman n her fake sweetness