Michelle Duggar: Hair Makeover Is Good, She Swears

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After receiving a surprise makeover from her kids and good friend on her birthday this year, Michelle Duggar said she wasn’t sure how she felt about the big change. Now, she insists, it was a good thing.

Duggar–who is mom to 19 children–has had the same style for all of her adult life, prompting her savvy daughters to set up a friendly ambush in order to chop off the long, curly mullet she’d been growing for years. When she turned around in the salon chair, she was obviously shocked at the transformation.

“I thought, “This is what I look like when I get out of the shower!” Michelle said of the sleek cut, which her daughters said made her look “amazing”.

Though it appeared to have grown on her a bit as the day went on, Michelle said she wasn’t sure she would hold onto the style after husband Jim Bob expressed that he favored her hair on the long side.

“I enjoyed the fact that my whole family and my girls came up with this amazing way of showing how much they loved me with a 24-hour birthday surprise…“I know Jim Bob likes it long and I am trying to impress him — what he likes is what I want,” she says. “I think he was a little shocked at first, it was so straight and so different. But he does like it. I think I shocked everyone at the [birthday] party. They were very surprised.”

Michelle insists she does like the new look now that the shock has worn off, but her 2-year old still isn’t sure about it.

“Little Josie kept touching my hand and saying, ‘Mommy? Mommy? Mommy?’ She wanted to make sure I was still me.”

Michelle before her makeover


Image: Peter Kramer

Michelle Duggar: Hair Makeover Is Good, She Swears
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  • Norma

    You look FAB-U-LOUS, dah-ling!

  • Susan Ronson

    I LOVE Michelle’s new look !.No longer a ‘regular housewife’look, but,a ‘fresh’,’stylish’, ‘sexy’ look. My compliments to her daughters !!.

    • lin

      oh no!! we don’t want sexy. She will be pregnant again!! LOL

  • qt8625

    Makes her look younger-all that hair actually aged her.

  • Rev. Val Taylor

    Such a vain woman, trully good Christian women do not use their children for financial gain. The fact that have posted photos of her last miscarriage for the whole world, just turns my stomach!! It just proves the fact they want MORE psuedo celebrity. There are somethings that should remain private. She and Jim Bob are more concerned about money than they are their kids. I saw the program when the Doctor told her that her uterus was horrible scarred and that she shouldn’t attempt to get pregnant again, it wasn’t safe. Was it baby 17 or 18? Yet she got pregnant again, twice!! Baby 19 was premature. She lost baby 20. Any NORMAL person would have heeded the doctors advice. Oh no, they had a show to make!! I raise my child. Not his older brother, like Michelle makes the older kids do. I could care less about her hair cut. Promote other Christian ladies who are bald from chemo and still raising there kids without the glare of camera lights!! Good Christian ladies who are fighting to save their childs life at St. Judes. They are the real heros, not someone well versed in self promotion and the sin of vanity. Have a blessed day,

    • amy

      Good christian women huh? Sounds like you could learn a thing or two from good christian women. Its preachers like yourself that are emptying the church pews.

      • http://Www.imperfectpeople.net Katie Bulmer

        Well said

      • gayle

        First of all, WHO are you to past judgement??? Your attitude is very Un-Loving for a Christian… if you are.
        Pity the congregation….IF YOU REALLY HAVE ONE.

        Also, it’s nice to know that you “Care Less”…That means that you Still Care… It’s COULDN’T CARE LESS IF YOU NO LONGER CARE!!!!!!!!!!!! FIY

      • Lori

        Rev… hmmmm
        Somewhere in your theological training you must have missed the part in Ephesians:
        8 For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, 9 not a result of works, so that no one may boast.
        yeah, so good luck getting to heaven based on your “being a good Christian woman” thing.
        And why all the “blame” on her for getting pregnant? Did she do that to herself? Is it at all possible that her husband may have decided that he is not finished growing the family? Some husbands are like that.
        I don’t even watch the show= I clicked on the article only because I was so happy for her that she got rid of that 25 year old mullet she’s been rockin’, God bless her!
        Her children seem happy, healthy, and they care about each other. I’m certainly seen worse situations with smaller families. My prayer for you is this: the next time you find yourself about to go off on somebody about how they aren’t being a “good Christian”, that you will be reminded that a “good Christian” is just somebody who is thankful for the forgiveness of sins that we receive because of what Christ did for us, not by what we do to show God and the world how holy we can live. We all fail- we daily sin and fall short, but Jesus loves us and forgives us and died for all those sins- even the sin of having too many kids for your personal taste. Have a lovely day and God bless. :)

    • Kathy

      Really? Your name says REV on the front? I guess “really good Christian women” like you read about those who are, in your opinion are not as good, just so they can point out their lack of spiritual discernment? If you feel this way, why do you waste your time reading about them? Or watching the show? Are you the spiritual judge? Or do you simply like to put others down? Does it make you feel more spiritual? I think if you could talk with the Duggar”s older children you would find that they love caring for their siblings. They have been taught real Christian values like taking responsibility for family which our world does not teach now.Christians pray for each other even if they don’t agree with all their decisions. I pray that God will soften your heart and help you to be less judgemental of the other members of our “Christian Family”.

    • Vickie Nicely

      Sir, it is really refreshing to see a family on television with high standards and morals and integrity and have my doublts that any of it was done for self, but rather to glorify God. When our televisions are so full of “The New Normal” and other acts of sin that are now taken as “o.k.” to do, watching a family that is so obviously for one another is really encouraging. I am the oldest of five and helped raise the last two, which helped to develop leadership skills in me. In days long gone by, it was not unusual at all for families to have many children and all the children pitched it in one manner or another to help out the family. Though it is not done today, can we not also so that having less children is done for the same reason in many cases? Money? Let us not be so quick to judge this family and their reproductive rights and pray for and encourage them and allow them to make changes in their appearance if they so desire.

    • wanda

      how many times have you watched this show? once, twice, maybe three times? if you watched it as much as i do, you would know that the sin of vanity is the last thing michelle duggar is guilty of. they believe that if God wants to bless them with a child, she will become pregnant. they aren’t doing anything to keep their show going. if she never had another child, the show is one of the best on tv for family watching due to how jim and michelle raise their children, teaching love, caring for others, and working for others for the glory of God. i can’t believe YOU have Rev. in front of your name, as you are judging them and making assumptions you shouldn’t make. kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, if you know what i mean. this hairdo is the first thing that michelle has ever had. i say she deserved it! what do you get for YOUR birthday? perhaps you go to a beautician every week or two… she doesn’t. and do you shop for all of your clothes at the waterfront mission or consignment shops? i think not, but she does. no one ever said michelle duggar was a hero (except you saying she wasn’t). you need to look in the mirror for a long while and consider who you are, what you believe, and how many sins you committed just writing your nasty, hateful post. the duggars have well-behaved, modest children who have been taught to be frugal, to work for God by helping those who are in need, and to love everyone. too bad more children aren’t taught to live like the duggar children are.

  • http://Www.imperfectpeople.net Katie Bulmer

    I think she is a beautiful woman with a wonderful family. They are a responsible family with well raised children not getting any help from the government why all the hateful comments?

  • maryann

    Michelle, you looked like you were stuck in the 50’s, please don’t go back to that awful hairdo you wore. Your husband sounds like some men that don’t want their wives to go on a diet, your husband sounds like he doesn’t like your new hairdo because he wants to keep you pregnant and dumpy. DONT’T DO IT.

  • http://webpronews/life patty

    I think Michelle’s hair style is gorgeous. After 19 kids she still looks great and has an amazing life attitude.

  • shannon

    Thank GOD. she was sooooo overdue. Now to update her wardrobe. I am a christian women and believe you can take car of yourself without being vain.I think it’s important to look good for your husband and not let yourself go.

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