Michelle Duggar: Hair Makeover Is Good, She Swears

    November 8, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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After receiving a surprise makeover from her kids and good friend on her birthday this year, Michelle Duggar said she wasn’t sure how she felt about the big change. Now, she insists, it was a good thing.

Duggar–who is mom to 19 children–has had the same style for all of her adult life, prompting her savvy daughters to set up a friendly ambush in order to chop off the long, curly mullet she’d been growing for years. When she turned around in the salon chair, she was obviously shocked at the transformation.

“I thought, “This is what I look like when I get out of the shower!” Michelle said of the sleek cut, which her daughters said made her look “amazing”.

Though it appeared to have grown on her a bit as the day went on, Michelle said she wasn’t sure she would hold onto the style after husband Jim Bob expressed that he favored her hair on the long side.

“I enjoyed the fact that my whole family and my girls came up with this amazing way of showing how much they loved me with a 24-hour birthday surprise…“I know Jim Bob likes it long and I am trying to impress him — what he likes is what I want,” she says. “I think he was a little shocked at first, it was so straight and so different. But he does like it. I think I shocked everyone at the [birthday] party. They were very surprised.”

Michelle insists she does like the new look now that the shock has worn off, but her 2-year old still isn’t sure about it.

“Little Josie kept touching my hand and saying, ‘Mommy? Mommy? Mommy?’ She wanted to make sure I was still me.”

Michelle before her makeover


Image: Peter Kramer

  • Kristi Ryans

    I thought Michelle’s hair makeover looked great! I was sad that it appeared in later episodes that she has gone back to her former ‘do”. All us girls need a little change up every once in awhile : )

  • Jakes Mom

    I really liked the new “do”. It took years off her appearance. Very modern and still she had length.

  • Reno Conner

    The new “do” was sooooooooooooooooooooo much better. I don’t know why women get so caught up on hair. It still had lenght, and she looked much younger. She should listen to her daughters and friend more often. The old “do” is TIRED!

  • Dee

    It’s a shame she can’t make her own decisions, her husband is a psycho & totally controls her. I knew she would go back to her other hairdo because she does what her husband wants, and HE likes her other hairdo. Read carefully what she says above “I know Jim Bob likes it long and I am trying to impress him — what he likes is what I want.” JIM BOB wants a matronly, homely baby factory.

    • Wisconsin Mom

      I agree!

      • Angela

        I agree too!

        • PA Girl

          I like the new look also but she and Jim Bob are good with the old style, so… She did make a decision…to keep it like her husband likes it. There is nothing wrong with that if she is happiest that way. I think she also wants it the old way but had to be gentle about it as she is so sweet and wants to make sure she doesn’t hurt her children as they were so excited for the new look. It’s all good folks.

          • Amanda

            That’s ridiculous. Painting him as controlling is taking what she said and twisting it into something bad. They like to make sure that their spouse is happy; maybe if more couples tried to do that, there wouldn’t be so many divorces.

          • wandangel

            PA girl, you are so right! And as for the stupid “baby machine” remark 3M’s Mom made…some women want a lot of children and some don’t. Jim Bob is NOT “using her”. They are a loving couple and believe that their children are true blessings. And from what I’ve seen of the family, their kids ARE true blessings! May God continue to bless and keep them safe.

    • rachel

      Be careful about passing judgement. I personally commend michelle on being sensitive to her spouse. Obviously, Jim Bob was not unaware of this makeover; if he were so controlling, why would he and the children have planned this big surprise exactly? While I am not sure how suited I would be to that kind of a lifestyle, I am respectful of their choice to live the way that they do. I also commend the obvious affection and overall harmony that the family seems to have.

    • 3 M’s mom

      I sooo agree!!

    • Tracy

      I don’t agree at all. I think it is nice that they both do things for the other that makes them happy. If she wants to please him, then so be it. It is what is on the inside that matters any way. Women SHOULD be more willing to do things that make their husbands happy. We live in a world today that says, “screw him! If he likes it, I will do the opposite!” I personally love to test out new things that my man likes, if he didn’t like long hair I would cut it, if he liked a pleasing perfume I would wear it, if he liked a pair of jeans I had, I would wear them often. What is wrong with making each other happy?

    • Jacque

      She just wants her husband to think she is beautiful. I’m sure he has always and will always think she is beautiful. When you go on a date don’t you want your date to think you are beautiful? Does that mean that you are being controlled? No! It means that you have made your own decision to look good for your date. We all get dressed to impress for the ones from who we want attention. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good for your date, boyfriend, or husband. They are still together because they haven’t lost their spark for each other.

    • Lisa

      If all men and women treated their spouses like Jim Bob and Michelle treat each other divorce would be non-existent.

    • deedee

      So true, she is an idiot for being a baby factory. Maybe
      her uterus will fall out and then we won’t have to listen to the next pregnancy being announced thru the media.

  • Sharon

    Michelle looks fabulous!! She’s a beautiful woman to begin with but that perm was sooooooooo needing to go.


  • 3 M’s mom

    I’m overwhelmed to begin with….. how this couple ‘allows’ her body to be a baby machine to the tune of ’19’ children. Hair-dos pale in comparison to the ‘real’ issue here…in my opinion. Just sayin’…..

  • Lori

    Cool. She looks less like a sister-wife now.

  • dlane

    Oh dear God. She’ll probably get pregnant again after Jim Bob gets a look at her now…

    • Lisa

      and what a blessing from God that would be.

      • http://yahoo Denise


    • wandangel

      And if she does? How is that any of YOUR business? The Duggars are using their show in order to minister to others. They are showing that with God’s love you can accomplish miracles. I, too, would not want to have so many kids…partly because of finances, but also because I do not have the temperament to deal with so many children. I have raised my 4 children and am now raising 3 of my grandchildren. I love all my kids, but I only wish I had put more faith in God while raising them and showing them how much God cares for us. Then maybe I wouldn’t have to raise my oldest daughter’s children. I truly envy the Duggars. They are truly blessed and also serve as a blessing and an inspiration to others. If God does grant them more children, He will see to it that all is well with them. And as to all the negativity people are putting out there about Jim Bob preferring Michelle’s hair long, that, too is their business. There are references in the Bible referring to a woman’s hair as her crowning glory. And don’t forget that God had told Samson to never cut his hair. When he told Delilah the revelation that God told him he should keep it long to keep his great strength, Delilah sold him out to the Philistines who cut his hair and blinded him. My Dad never wanted my Mom to cut her hair, and in the South it is much more prevalent for women to choose to keep their hair long. It is partly a culture thing. The Duggar women are not vain, therefore it really is not the be-all, end-all what other people think of their looks.

      • deedee

        Shut the hell up!

        • sue

          I’m sure that the Duggard’s want to minister to others as part of their television show, but I’m also sure they are making money off of it, unless they are giving this money back to the church ……..?

      • nancy bullins

        AMEN , wonderful Christian family

    • jan ertzberger

      If she does, it sure is no business of yours. God choses those that are fit to raise kids with good morals. Thank GOD for them.

  • Amanda

    I love how peole say that they have issues because they have so many children. I know people that have 1 child and are a pathetic excuse for parents. These people have raised happy, healthy children. They have a strong marriage that they are both happy in. Why does the world insist upon degrading them just because they don’t do things the way society says they should? I would never have 19 children. I am quite happy with my three but that doesn’t make me more superior, it just makes us different.

    • Diva M.

      Amanda, THANK YOU!

  • http://hotmail Verlie Mae Smith

    There are things that we as women must do to enhance our beauty. And our hair is our glory in which we must keep it cleaned, keep it trimmed to prevent breakage, we must keep it washed and conditioned, etc. Michelle, I just love your new do,therefore, I want you to keep yourself looking good for you. Every once in a while you have to something nice for you as a woman. The next step is to work on your warobe, exercise because it gives you a lot of energy, get involved with women groups of interest (something that interest you). We women can use each other support and share ideas, etc.


    Ms. Verlie M. Smith

  • Michael

    I would fuck her properly, then shoot the load on her face, in her mouth or on her tits so that she wouldn’t get pregnant again…

    • jan ertzberger

      YOU are a sick individual. Your Mom must have raised a stupid kid. Shame on her .

    • http://yahoo Denise

      must be there is no one on this site editing comments-Michael sounds frustrated-poor bum,

  • Vi

    I thought this “all-American, decent, Christian,family” was staying OUT of the limelight via television, and avoiding public opinion at all costs???!!! What’s with the hypocrisy ???

    • Lisa

      no, they never said that. What they did say was that they would only go public if their faith was not edited out.

    • nathan

      Your retarded. Its called a new hairdo that was a present from her kids. Judge yourself

  • Ana

    I do not understand why her hair has to stay long, JIm bob can you explain how that is soooo important?

    • nathan

      In any successful relationship you have to listen to each others preferences. If you wanted to always have everything your own way then stay single. That way you only make yourself miserable.

  • gail stout

    I think she looks great in the new style. Very pretty lady.

  • Arline T.

    Welcome to the 21st Century, Michelle!

  • Chad

    She is trying to look hot for Jim Bob. Should have the pregnancy announcement in time for Christmas.

  • http://yahoo ThePoster

    I loved the new do, she tried to like it, but, by the end of the show, the old do reappeared. I’m thinking Jim Bob realized how pretty she was, didn’t like it. He needs to get rid of his helmet head.

  • http://none diane nichols

    michelle looks much younger and the color is really nice, she is a very lovely lady.i love their program on tlc

  • Bambambullies1

    This bitch should be hanged for having lots of kids

    • Ashlee Luve

      Yeah you’re right..way too many kids.

    • red

      The only person that needs to be hanged is your mother for giving birth to you, who is a stupid worthless person. Since when did you become god and telling people what they can or can not do with their lives.

    • jan ertzberger

      Who do you think you are?. You could definitely learn some lessons from a beautiful family. Sounds like you might be a LITTLE jealous of a happy family. Yours must SUCKS

      • http://yahoo Denise

        Jan-I bet That if bambam is a guy he doesnt know any girls who should wear white on their wedding day

  • Amelia

    I think it took years off of her and she looks adorable! I’m not exactly on board with their lifestyle but good for her. Every mom deserves this!

  • Petty

    What is wrong with you people? She is living her life the way she wants. In a successful marriage you take into consideration the opinions of your spouse. Her family loves and respects her. She is beautiful and very lucky to have found a life that that makes her happy.

  • http://webpronnews Bunny

    I love the new hair it makes her look so young and modern

  • Margaret

    New hair looks great. Takes 10 years off of you. Sometimes as a wife you need to force a little of attitude adjustment on husbands so you can keep up with current styles.

  • casandra

    I think the new style was beautiful! True beauty is found inward and radiates out so she still is a beauty.

    • http://Yahoo.com sandra kendall

      As the world is going down the tube,this wonderful family live a good holsom christian life.I think we all going learn a good lesson from them.

  • red

    I agree the way her and her family live their lifes. I believe if everyone should have parents like them,because there won’t be idoits like people on here posts dumb shit and comments on here and the crimes rate would go down

  • http://yahoo Maryellen

    I think she looks better in the before pictures. I also think anyone who has nineteen children should be shot. She is nothing more than a breeder.

    • Kyle


      Who are you to make such rude and uncalled for comments towards people you should pray to be as good as. Your obvious negative attitude makes me think the gun barrel would pointed in the wrong direction if you are the one with the weapon……

      • colleen

        i’m with kyle! some people have a lotta nerve to place judgement! it’s pure ignorance. shame on you maryellen.

    • http://yahoo Denise

      maryellen-are you mentally challenged,uneducated,immoral,and narcissistic-at least 3 of these probably apply to you.God help the rest of us if there is too many of you around.

  • Tim

    Evolution will eventually weed these people out of the gene pool.

    • Kyle

      So much for that thought….You’re still around to disprove that theory…..You ,however, reinforce one concept…..Tigers eat there young for a reason….

      • carol

        Klyn – if you are going to post a negative statement, at least learn correct grammar/spelling. It should be “their young” not “there young” The word their shows possesion, there denotes a place. just saying…….

        • carol

          spelled name wrong – the previous post was for kyle – not klyn

  • surfcitysocal

    Very nice. Keeping the same style for so many years is aging on everyone. Good for her for taking the plunge.

  • Julie

    LOVE the new hair. It looks so much better and flattering. I am old fashioned myself, but I know Moms tend to do for others and not really care as much for self. She does a good job, but having a new hair look is good as well! She looks great with it and hope she keeps it!!!

  • Annamandabella

    She is living the life she wants on MY dime. They can’t even afford health insurance for their litter, who do you think pays for this?

    • zeusyboy

      They live debt-free & own various commercial/rental properties. Fairly certain they provide for their own medical expenses as well. Be careful when assuming.

    • http://yahoo Denise

      Are you for real Annamandabella?you think the Duggars live on your dime?They are self supporting,get good health care ,and are happy God loving people.They dont need your dime.

    • Diva M.

      Anna, how do you know that?? They apparently have a huge income as they are not on gov’t assistance, etc. Wierd how that is the first thing you think of and you might want to think BEFORE you speak. I personally do not know why any woman would want to put her body thru that more than 3 times. But, your comment does not apply to this family as he makes a lot of money plus what they make from their reality show.

  • Nykemp

    Her hair makes her look many years young. But look at her and her daughters. They have a lot of natural beauty so they had a lot to work with. I seen she wants to wear whatever makes jim bob happy. Time she wears it what every she likes it. It should be something easy to do beause she has her handsful

  • Kathleen

    What a fun gift from her children!
    As far as how many children the have, hmm, if one of them saves your
    life, you will be happy he or she was born. If one of them reaches out
    to a future child or grandchild of yours, in a classroom, and keeps him or
    her interested in learning, you be wish there were more people like
    that. I could go on but intelligent people will have already gotten my
    message. Also, I don’t think these parents need to worry about who will
    take care of them as they age as I’m sure they won’t have to rely on the
    Government or other groups run by stangers just working for a wage but
    not really caring.

  • caroline

    We can only hope her hot new ‘do isn’t sexually appealing to her husband so maybe she’ll stop popping out babies.

    • Amber

      As long as they are taking care of them and not depending on society to, then who are we to tell them how many to have.

    • Teresa

      I see well managed, trained, and educated children. I have no problem with her having more- its their choice and they are not dependent up society to support them. They are acutally role models for good parenting whether you have 1 child or 20. Her hair her business- but I do like it! and those of us with mates tend to be influenced by our mates likes and dislikes- she just admits it openly.

  • http://yahoo.com Lalka

    I always thought she was a beautiful woman and then I would look at her outdated hair and think “when is she going to update it?” but her new style takes years off of her and shows the true beauty in her face. I hope she doesn’t go back to the old style. It was awful!

    • http://yahoo valerie scott

      she looks younger keep that look


    WOW. She looks amazing. Looks like a totally different person. Her smile is so beautiful and so is she. Good job kids.

  • http://webpronews.com robin

    Beautiful hair, beautiful lady.

  • Marcia

    I have followed this family since they were first on TV. If there is a family out there that deserves and can manage 19 children – it’s them. I also think she looks great with the new style, but also understand her wish to please her husband. Here’s hoping that she can find a happy medium – perhaps letting this new style grow a bit longer, but keep the curls to a minimum. What a sweetheart! It seems impossible in this modern world, but Michelle Duggar has never wavered from being exactly what she appears to be – a truly wonderful person.

  • http://yahoo Debbie


    • Jennifer

      Wow, that is harsh. Just because the headline read that way, does not mean that Michelle, herself used the term I swear. A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. It is written. There is nothing wrong with her wanting to be pleasing to her husband, my goodness, The song of Solomon is a clear picture of that remarkable gift. I pray for you to have peace.

    • karen

      Throwing stones are we?

    • Kathy

      Many people read this blog it appears, just so they can be vulgar and critical of Christians. Hasn’t that always been satan’s way? What other reason would there be for people like that to follow the story of a family dedicated to God and their family. It’s a shame we have to have those kind of comments on here, but I think we need to pray for God to open their eyes to the truth, to accept Him as their Savior . That is the only way to change people like that.

  • Anne Childress

    She’s just a pretty lady – but I liked the curly style. This is going to take some getting use too, but I like it straight too. Personally, I’d go shorter. It would be so much easier!

  • Kathy

    Beautiful either way! But I hope Jim Bob realizes he’d be a moron to question her on anything. LOL

  • Peggy Coleman

    How can they afford building that beautiful new home,gas,water light,food,a car, let alone a bus…what about these trips every where, Dr.s,dentists,etc.and now I hear there’s to be a trip overseas?!!? Don’t get me wrong…I love watching them on televison..but, putting 40 dollars of gas in the car to drive 400 miles to go see my daughter is a major move with the price of gasoline these days OK to get to the subject at hand..Michelles hair…she wants Jim Bobs approval of the new “do”. What does good ‘ol Jim Bob do for Michelle? We all know that with 19 children he’s taking care of his rights as a husband…what is he doing to take care of Michelle… 19 children actually 20 on any womans body is
    way too much. If any man needs to feel what a woman goes thru that he does.

    • Jennifer

      I can answer that, as a woman who has six children with the man I love! I know that 6 does not compare to Michelle’s quiver, however, it is the same principal. The beautiful gift shared between a husband and wife is not only serving the needs of our husbands, but it is an incredibly intimate and unparalleled experience to be had by both. As I have watched on the Duggar’s show; Jim Bob and Michelle serve equally and have different rolls. With a large family everyone does their part and if you get caught up with who does more, the serving loses its value and meaning. I doubt if Michelle feels like a baby machine, I would imagine she thinks the way her Faith has inspired her to think…the same way I think…Children are a blessing and it is up to God to decide when He is going to give us such gifts and when to stop. After all, His ways are higher and wiser than our ways, so that makes it pretty easy to submit to His plan.
      As for the pains of childbirth; I cannot speak for Michelle, but in my heart; that is my share in Eve’s sin and in my own. I pray for the least amount of pain each time, but that pain is quickly over and completely shadowed by the miracle of the baby laid close to my chest directly afterwards! In my opinion, it is the ultimate gift to be able to have a life that was created out of love, growing inside my womb, wondering and waiting and then when that baby arrives…pure amazement. It reminds me of the love of Jesus growing in my heart, mind and soul and when Jesus comes back or when I get to meet my Heavenly Father…pure amazement!
      So, please don’t feel sorry for a woman who is doing what she knows to be right in her heart for herself, her family and in the eyes of her Creator! Michelle; you are a true inspiration, I wish you the best of God’s plan for you and your family.

      • t

        Im sure they get money from TLC but before that they own a lot of rental properties, car lots, but specifically I heard an interview fro JIm Bob that said that they own a piece of land that a cell phone company rents from them to put a cell tower on. Apparently, that is where they get the majority of their income from. They also do not have CC and live within their means on cash.

  • angie

    michelle, love your hair. i know u want to please your husband and understandbly so but u also have to be happy with yourself so you can be happy with others. the hair style has taken years off of u and personally, i think u should keep it. you r a beautiful lady inside and out

  • angie

    michelle, your hair looks amazing and the new style has taken years off. i understand wanting to please your husband but i really think when you feel good about how you look that is transmitted to all those around you. whatever you decide to do, just know you are a beautiful lady inside and out and you have raised wonderful children who benefit from the wonderful legacy you will leave each one of them.

  • Maria Swieciki

    I love her new hairstyle. What a wonderfully thoughtful gift from her children. Wish my kids would do something like that for me (HINT HINT)!

  • marilyn patterson

    Michelle, you look amazing@! so beautiful-and know your husband will love it too-just something different/you could have had straight hair and gone curly and that would have been a little shock.
    You look almost as young as our girls with your new hairstyle – wear it well!

  • whatthef

    How can she get a makeover when her husband won’t let her get off her back and bring her legs down . He’s been porking her constantly for 20 years . As soon as she squeezes out another one they are at it again. Bet they listen to a lot of Barry White

    • lin


  • whatthef

    Keep popping that coochie Jim Bob . And hit it once for me

    • poverello

      Profane idiot.

  • Dana

    Michelle looks stunning! They have done an amazing job of raising a Christian family with good values, whether they choose to have one child or 20 that is their business. They are not welfare or goverment help of any kind, they own commercial properties and lease them out and invest their money. Love the new look Michelle! Maybe now she can take Kelly Bates for a spa and makeover day as well she certainly deserves it… as all of us hard working moms do :)

  • Cy

    I think Michelle looks terrific.

  • Suzanne Rosenorn

    Her hair is really not so different. Yeah she got some inches whacked and flat ironed it. So what?

  • Norma

    You look FAB-U-LOUS, dah-ling!

  • Susan Ronson

    I LOVE Michelle’s new look !.No longer a ‘regular housewife’look, but,a ‘fresh’,’stylish’, ‘sexy’ look. My compliments to her daughters !!.

    • lin

      oh no!! we don’t want sexy. She will be pregnant again!! LOL

  • qt8625

    Makes her look younger-all that hair actually aged her.

  • Rev. Val Taylor

    Such a vain woman, trully good Christian women do not use their children for financial gain. The fact that have posted photos of her last miscarriage for the whole world, just turns my stomach!! It just proves the fact they want MORE psuedo celebrity. There are somethings that should remain private. She and Jim Bob are more concerned about money than they are their kids. I saw the program when the Doctor told her that her uterus was horrible scarred and that she shouldn’t attempt to get pregnant again, it wasn’t safe. Was it baby 17 or 18? Yet she got pregnant again, twice!! Baby 19 was premature. She lost baby 20. Any NORMAL person would have heeded the doctors advice. Oh no, they had a show to make!! I raise my child. Not his older brother, like Michelle makes the older kids do. I could care less about her hair cut. Promote other Christian ladies who are bald from chemo and still raising there kids without the glare of camera lights!! Good Christian ladies who are fighting to save their childs life at St. Judes. They are the real heros, not someone well versed in self promotion and the sin of vanity. Have a blessed day,

    • amy

      Good christian women huh? Sounds like you could learn a thing or two from good christian women. Its preachers like yourself that are emptying the church pews.

      • http://Www.imperfectpeople.net Katie Bulmer

        Well said

      • gayle

        First of all, WHO are you to past judgement??? Your attitude is very Un-Loving for a Christian… if you are.
        Pity the congregation….IF YOU REALLY HAVE ONE.

        Also, it’s nice to know that you “Care Less”…That means that you Still Care… It’s COULDN’T CARE LESS IF YOU NO LONGER CARE!!!!!!!!!!!! FIY

      • Lori

        Rev… hmmmm
        Somewhere in your theological training you must have missed the part in Ephesians:
        8 For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, 9 not a result of works, so that no one may boast.
        yeah, so good luck getting to heaven based on your “being a good Christian woman” thing.
        And why all the “blame” on her for getting pregnant? Did she do that to herself? Is it at all possible that her husband may have decided that he is not finished growing the family? Some husbands are like that.
        I don’t even watch the show= I clicked on the article only because I was so happy for her that she got rid of that 25 year old mullet she’s been rockin’, God bless her!
        Her children seem happy, healthy, and they care about each other. I’m certainly seen worse situations with smaller families. My prayer for you is this: the next time you find yourself about to go off on somebody about how they aren’t being a “good Christian”, that you will be reminded that a “good Christian” is just somebody who is thankful for the forgiveness of sins that we receive because of what Christ did for us, not by what we do to show God and the world how holy we can live. We all fail- we daily sin and fall short, but Jesus loves us and forgives us and died for all those sins- even the sin of having too many kids for your personal taste. Have a lovely day and God bless. :)

    • Kathy

      Really? Your name says REV on the front? I guess “really good Christian women” like you read about those who are, in your opinion are not as good, just so they can point out their lack of spiritual discernment? If you feel this way, why do you waste your time reading about them? Or watching the show? Are you the spiritual judge? Or do you simply like to put others down? Does it make you feel more spiritual? I think if you could talk with the Duggar”s older children you would find that they love caring for their siblings. They have been taught real Christian values like taking responsibility for family which our world does not teach now.Christians pray for each other even if they don’t agree with all their decisions. I pray that God will soften your heart and help you to be less judgemental of the other members of our “Christian Family”.

    • Vickie Nicely

      Sir, it is really refreshing to see a family on television with high standards and morals and integrity and have my doublts that any of it was done for self, but rather to glorify God. When our televisions are so full of “The New Normal” and other acts of sin that are now taken as “o.k.” to do, watching a family that is so obviously for one another is really encouraging. I am the oldest of five and helped raise the last two, which helped to develop leadership skills in me. In days long gone by, it was not unusual at all for families to have many children and all the children pitched it in one manner or another to help out the family. Though it is not done today, can we not also so that having less children is done for the same reason in many cases? Money? Let us not be so quick to judge this family and their reproductive rights and pray for and encourage them and allow them to make changes in their appearance if they so desire.

    • wanda

      how many times have you watched this show? once, twice, maybe three times? if you watched it as much as i do, you would know that the sin of vanity is the last thing michelle duggar is guilty of. they believe that if God wants to bless them with a child, she will become pregnant. they aren’t doing anything to keep their show going. if she never had another child, the show is one of the best on tv for family watching due to how jim and michelle raise their children, teaching love, caring for others, and working for others for the glory of God. i can’t believe YOU have Rev. in front of your name, as you are judging them and making assumptions you shouldn’t make. kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, if you know what i mean. this hairdo is the first thing that michelle has ever had. i say she deserved it! what do you get for YOUR birthday? perhaps you go to a beautician every week or two… she doesn’t. and do you shop for all of your clothes at the waterfront mission or consignment shops? i think not, but she does. no one ever said michelle duggar was a hero (except you saying she wasn’t). you need to look in the mirror for a long while and consider who you are, what you believe, and how many sins you committed just writing your nasty, hateful post. the duggars have well-behaved, modest children who have been taught to be frugal, to work for God by helping those who are in need, and to love everyone. too bad more children aren’t taught to live like the duggar children are.

  • http://Www.imperfectpeople.net Katie Bulmer

    I think she is a beautiful woman with a wonderful family. They are a responsible family with well raised children not getting any help from the government why all the hateful comments?

  • maryann

    Michelle, you looked like you were stuck in the 50’s, please don’t go back to that awful hairdo you wore. Your husband sounds like some men that don’t want their wives to go on a diet, your husband sounds like he doesn’t like your new hairdo because he wants to keep you pregnant and dumpy. DONT’T DO IT.

  • http://webpronews/life patty

    I think Michelle’s hair style is gorgeous. After 19 kids she still looks great and has an amazing life attitude.

  • shannon

    Thank GOD. she was sooooo overdue. Now to update her wardrobe. I am a christian women and believe you can take car of yourself without being vain.I think it’s important to look good for your husband and not let yourself go.