Michelle Duggar Aims to Save '19 Kids and Counting'

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Michelle Duggar and hubby Jim Bob have made news lately by issuing a 'kissing photo challenge' on Facebook. They issued a rule about their challenge, saying it must feature married couples kissing. When a gay married couples posted their photos, the 19 Kids and Counting matriarch and patriarch took them down. Some people were outraged by that move and have petitioned for TLC to remove their show from the network--calling them anti-gay. Michelle Duggar is countering their petition, however, in her effort to save 19 Kids and Counting.

A Change.org petition asks TLC to cancel the show because of anti-LGBT activism and statements made by Michelle Duggar. It has already surpassed the intended goal of 100,000 signatures. A new petition, created by fans of 19 Kids and Counting, has since surpassed 180,000 signatures and was said to be 'growing fast.'

Michelle Duggar reportedly has her own petition--separate from the one started by fans--to counter those in favor of canceling the show. Hers is said to have only about 6000 signatures thus far.

Do you think TLC will really consider canceling 19 Kids and Counting? They let Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame off the hook pretty easily and never canceled that show. What Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar said via their Facebook post wasn't nearly as volatile as Phil Robertson's anti-gay comment.

Will Michelle Duggar's counter-petition and that of the many 19 Kids and Counting fans who want to save the show, be enough to prevent TLC from considering drastic actions against the Duggar family?

Kimberly Ripley
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