Michelle Beadle Show "The Crossover" Cancelled


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Michelle Beadle, for those who might not be as sports-savvy as some, is a sport's reporter and host on the television channel, NBC Universal. She has previously co-hosted other shows on the channel, such as "SportsNation" and "Winner's Bracket." Her most recent endeavor, however, was a show all her own, called "The Crossover," which highlighted stories and news from pop culture as well as sports going-ons in a thirty-minute segment. Beadle originally co-hosted the show with David Briggs, another sports commentator, but the show was re-branded a few months later and Beadle became the sole host.

The show debuted on Super Bowl weekend of this year, on January 26th, and had been struggling along ever since. The show suffered from poor ratings from the get-go, and with the multiple curve balls thrown at audiences, such as host and name changes, the show was simply not well received. And it seems that the network is cutting off a dead limb; as Beadle tweeted out today, the show is "dunzo."

NBC Sports justified their actions by citing the upcoming NHL season. They went on to say, "With the NHL returning, we decided to focus on our core sports and have created vertical programming blocks in that time period to do that. We look forward to Michelle Beadle and the production team continuing their work on other NBC Sports Group properties.”

Beadle is far from out of the lime light, however. She will be participating in upcoming Olympic coverage, and she is still co-hosting programs on the network. There are rumors of her being given another show; here's to hoping that any future endeavors have at least a bit more luck than "The Crossover," may it rest in peace.

Image Courtesy of Michelle Beadle's official Twitter profile. (She must really like sauce.)