Michael Vick Partners With Bow Wow For New Hair Line

    February 18, 2014
    Lindsay McCane
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Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is taking a break from football and moving on to a very different endeavor.

Vick and Bow Wow, also known as Little Bow Wow, have partnered together to release a new line of hair care products called WaveMasterz.

While their website is currently under construction, it looks as though the line will feature brushes, pomade, durags, and skull caps. So far there is only one functioning tab on the site called Celebrity Launch Tour. When you click on the tab, there is a message from Vick and Bow Wow that says, “We’re gonna set ya city on ..FIRE.”

Vick took to his personal Twitter account to announce the launch of his newest business move. “Follow the next BIG thing, my business venture: @WaveMasterz #TeamVick,” he tweeted on Monday, February 17, 2014.

Vick and Bow Wow have also launched an Instagram account that features the logo of their new line. So far, they have 3,215 followers.

Now a free agent, Vick is hoping to be able to start for a NFL team this season. Despite his age of 33, an NFL personnel executive told NFL.com that he thinks Vick could definitely find a team to play for.

“There are too many teams that are in need of an upgrade for him not to be looked at as a starter,” the personnel executive said. “I could see a team signing him, and developing a young guy. Vick could be a very good bridge starter for two to three years.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • ProtectthePitties

    I will be boycotting this.

  • Donna Ellen Rubino

    vick should be on death row

    • Steve

      That’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

      • Veeri R Rich

        what else do you expect from a dummy?

    • shakena

      so should zimmerman

      • Francine

        I agree Shakena.

      • Veeri R Rich

        and his bald head bow leggedd mammy….

      • Adam

        The fuck is wrong with you?? This has nothing to do with Zimmerman

        • shakena

          it sad that a dog can get justice but a young black man can’t

          • love4geneva

            Vick is a thug,much like trayvon

    • BlackWarriorPrincess

      he paid his debt to society Donna, do you believe former offenders can be educated and rehabilitated, going on to be amazing pet guardians? I do

      • KK Green Bay

        More serial killers start out killing and torturing animals. To watch any living creature suffer for enjoyment or profit can only be done by a very sick individual.

        • Adam

          Vick never killed a dog,just told others to,learn something, moron..

          • ILoveDogs

            So what you’re saying is that you defend the SOB? And it’s okay to TELL someone else to kill dogs. What the hell is wrong with this picture? You learn something moron!

          • love4geneva

            He also joined his buddy in swinging the petrified pits till THEY broke its neck.
            Also had special garb he wore to prevent getting blood splatter on his clothes.He is a murdering vicious cretin; who hopefully will end up like his vicktims

          • KK Green Bay

            Adam don’t call me a moron unless you know what you are taking about. Vick first said he didn’t kill animals but big surprise didn’t pass lie detector so then he admitted to hanging dogs who were not good fighters. Look it up and learn something.

        • Veeri R Rich

          you mean like that devil that killed those kids at sandy hook?

          • KK Green Bay

            Yes like that devil.

      • ladboy

        Sociopaths cannot be rehabilitated. Look it up. They just mellow out in jail & become pathetic, old men. And, by the way, he has not paid his debt to those beautiful dogs that he personally hung & electrocuted. Anyone that can do that cannot be rehabilitated & does not deserve to go on with their lives as if nothing has happened!

        • Veeri R Rich

          do you feel the same way about the KKK…..

          • love4geneva

            Another genius like vick.where did you get ur education? Vick school of ebonics? Get a job,take responsibility for ur life. Your boy is soooo done!

      • love4geneva

        ookie vick can barely speak or write. Strangling and mutilating animals takes a cowardly sociopath. Anyone capable of his evil deserves the same punishment he doled out for “shitty performance!”

    • chronicxx

      U racist hillbilly shut the fuck up . Vick did his time . Its people like u that make black people wanna fuck white people up. Go take a bath and get an education . U piece of trash

  • http://dogs-4life.com Dogs-4Life

    Vick remains one of the world’s most despicable human beings. I have seen the results of his sporting activities and am nauseated by his self righteous crap that he should be allowed to ever have a dog again. No decent person would ever buy any product endorsed by this canine torturer

    • ImBout2StealYoHoes

      u know very little facts. he took the blame for something that he wasnt really around for. i have family who has been to the house where the dogs were and 99 times out of 100, Vick wasnt there.

      • Joe Hoaginton

        Uh…check again dummy. HE WAS THERE. HE ADMITTED TO KILLING DOGS PERSONALLY. And he only “took the blame” after all his associates ratted him out as the main benefactor he denied this for MONTHS until the police nailed him to the wall. Vick fans are the most uninformed doofuses on the planet.

        • Veeri R Rich

          nooooooooooo your mother deserves that title….

        • ImBout2StealYoHoes

          its not about being a Vick fan, its because I’m from the area where the house with the dogs were at. Vick who was playing half the year and the house with the dogs wasn’t even in a city Vick lived in. Like i said I have family who has done business at that house. Vick took the blame because he could afford a decent lawyer. he admitted to cover up for friends who had smaller bank accounts than he had. he is guilty of letting them party, breed dogs and fight dogs at a property that he owned. thats about it. Like I said, its not about being uninformed, its about knowing what actually went down there.

    • shakena

      I would because everybody deserve a second chance

      • ILoveDogs

        Hey Shakena, did you hear about those two a _ _ holes in DC that shot that 8 year old girl in the chest, supposedly inadvertently – she just got in the way. Should they get a second chance too? What abut the serial killer that killed those school children and teachers at Sandy Hook elementary. If that SOB would have lived, do you think he would have deserved a second chance, too?

    • http://dogs-4life.com Dogs-4Life

      Ok ..for all of you geniuses who think Vick is blameless…he not only put pets into rings but ” thought it was funny to watch the pit bull dogs belonging to Bad Newz Kennels injure or kill the other dogs.”read the article and open your eyes to the sadness he wrought on dogs and people…..http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=3718304

    • Veeri R Rich

      or you talking about vick, zimmerman or that other devil dunn?

  • Kara7964

    Ironic partnership – Bow Wow better watch out – he may be forced to fight- This guy needs to go away

    • shakena

      so does zimmerman

  • Geezy

    Donna Ellen Rubio you mean like the people who actually killed people are on Death Row in Fla.? SMH

  • shakena

    it so sad that a dog get more respect than a young black man in American. you kill a dog you get set to prison you kill a young black man you get set free

    • Sharon Meade

      because all the dogs are innocent! haven’t seen many “young black man” who isn’t looking for something for nothing! i suppose you think the knock out games are fun!

      • Francine

        Sharon, what an ignorant statement. “Knock out” game is being committed by many different people besides the “young black man”.

      • ImBout2StealYoHoes

        its a sad day in America when we have people with this kind of thinking still alive.

  • hbtb

    i agree with others, vick is a very cruel jerk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will NEVER be profitable for anyone because of the same.

  • Rich Drabeck

    Michael Vick and someone named Bow Wow……you cant make this stuff up.

  • Stacia Spearbeck

    HOW DISGUSTING!!!! He should have never been allowed back in the NFL and I agree with Donna, he should be on death row!! He is a disgrace of a human being

    • ImBout2StealYoHoes

      we have NFL players who have killed people and who have raped women, but we want to put Michael Vick on death row? seriously? lol…

  • Jole

    how long will Michael Vick have to pay for this dog fighting scandal? Dog fighting was going on long before Michael Vick was born. Everyone wants to crucify him over dog fighting but no one speaks out on boxing,two humans beating each other senseless. Give the man a second chance..Funny how no one kicked up a fuss about Ben Roethlisberger raping those women and many other cover ups in the NFL.

    • JustMyOpinion

      @Jole, #1: Boxers are not forced to fight. It is their decision. #2: He should pay for it as long as the dogs did. Until death! #3: Roethlisberger is a lowlife too.

    • Sharon Meade

      i agree about roethlisberger, but boxing is a “sport” in which the boxers are paid big bucks! they opt to do this for a living, the poor animals didn’t choose to be ripped to shreds, and starved, and everything else that is done to them. so what if everyone is “doing it”, it isn’t right in Gods eyes…they will pay for it.

  • willoughby

    Disgusting human being. Trash. Scum of humanity. *spits on Vic

  • JustMyOpinion

    Still hanging out with dogs I see. Any team that signs him will lose fans.

    • aa

      u right…GO VICK

  • phillip galavis

    I was raised to know that God is the Judge . Not Donna Rubino or ANYONE else .. Mike PAID his Debt to SOCIETY ….

    • KK Green Bay

      And because we live in a country where there is freedom I can continue to hate him and hate what he did. I see his face and smug smile and it sends shivers down my back. That is one bad man!!!! EVIL,

      • ImBout2StealYoHoes

        lol. he’s actually a nice guy.

  • david hume

    Vick, champion for dogs, a real dog himself

  • MisterCadet

    I hear the hair products were tested on animals, but Vick paid his BFF, Crazy Wayne, CEO of that fake national “Humane Society” $50,000 to keep Crazy Wayne’s “charity” from noticing.

  • lololula

    With Little Bow Wow. Hope the products aren’t for dogs!

  • Dona Hodge Hildebrand

    Who the hell are these people defending this despicable evil animal??

    • ImBout2StealYoHoes

      he’s a nice guy. lol. a very charitable, generous man, always been, before and after the dog fighting scandal.

  • hey

    Humans are idiots. Some people are calling him an “animal,” but are crying over dogs aka “animals”, and a typical American teenager (smokes..etc) going to get skittles and a drink is worth less then dogs. Last time I checked humans were given authority over all things on Earth. Not to mention people are told to get over the past (i.e slavery, segregation), but this is still on rotation…can we say hypocrites…I love dogs, but shhesh it is the past and something called forgiveness…as the good Lord says the first without sin cast the first stone….I see a lot of stone throwers that forgot to aim at themselves.

  • Frank Harris

    It Ironic how you idiots can say “kill Vick” but applaud Zimmerman, a bunch of sick twisted sociopathic animal rights activists, get your priorities strait you idiots

  • Frank Harris

    I bet a million buck some of the biggots acting “rightous” now talking about “animal cruelty” were apart of the internet Nazi brigade supporting the zimmerman verdict. Twisted Fks

  • Janet

    I will be boycotting this for sure

  • ImBout2StealYoHoes

    i doubt this partnership will work out for either one of them. but people give Mike a hard time. He is honestly a nice, generous guy. too nice, that’s how he ended up in all that trouble to begin with. out of all the famous people i’ve met, he was probably the most down to earth. he isn’t evil, or cruel or all these other names people give him. he is a human. who makes mistakes. just like you and I. nobody boycotts the Steelers games when the rapist gets behind the center, they cheer for him. Most people that dislike him, its based off more than the dog issue. and i’m a dog lover. I love pit bulls, never wanted to fight one, because I love dogs. the life of dogs are clearly more important the lives of humans when it pertains to Michael Vick. we have soldiers who rape children and their fellow soldiers while in Iraq because they are bored, we pat them on the back and say thanks for your service… we have registered sex offenders all over the place, they live among us all over the country, and i didnt hear anyone say send them to the electric chair. the ignorant things people say to hide their true feelings just show how ignorant they really are. i’m not saying he is 100% percent innocent but damn, that was 7 or 8 years ago.