Michael Phelps Just Needs To Channel Walter White, Says Bryan Cranston

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Who really knows what happened to Michael Phelps over the weekend at the London Olympics? Could his disappointing fourth place finish in the 400m Individual Medley signal that the once-unstoppable medal machine has lost a step stroke? Is there something more sinister going on - perhaps something a little more mental? Or did he just have a crappy race - because, you know, people sometimes just have crappy races?

Either way, his falter made way for teammate Ryan Lochte to take home the Gold in the event. And Phelps was congratulatory, tweeting "Way to keep that title in the country where it belongs!!"

But Phelps isn't done, as he has a few more chances to get on the podium (as an individual) in 2012. And if he knows what's good for him, he'll probably take the advice of Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston.

Cranston just wants Phelps to "be the danger":

Sound advice: Break the plane just like Walter White breaks up a tray of Blue Sky.

Hopefully, when Phelps wakes up, he'll see this tweet and channel his inner Mr. White. The Olympics, meth dealing - it's all just a game, right?

Josh Wolford
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