Michael Muhney Fired After Groping Soap Actress

    January 5, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Soap operas have always been notorious for re-casting characters seemingly out of nowhere. But since the television niche is filled with a sea of actors who wish to stay in the genre, actors from tend to leap from show to show and character to character. Later, the actor might to the show to step back into the role or as a different character altogether.

Whenever there was a change, there was always some belated explanation. In the case of Michael Muhney’s departure, it was so sudden fans were left without one. It turns out the reason for that was because it was more or less spur of the moment and allegedly due entirely to 38-year-old actor’s behavior on set.

Fans of “The Young & The Restless” may recognize the actor in the role of Adam Newman, the devious son of Victor Newman, longtime patriarch of the drama. According to TMZ, Muhney was fired from the show after 20-year-old Hunter King complained to the higher ups that he had groped her breasts on two different occasions. As it turns out, this accusation alone did not lead to the firing. Someone close to the situation called the complaint the final straw. Apparently Muhney was hell to work with, known for his bullying and harassment of other actors.

In an interview with Canada’s Huffington Post, Michael Muhney gave his opinion on the situation. “Part of me feels this is because I’ve always been outspoken, and sometimes I’ve been too outspoken. Sometimes I’ve walked around with a big backpack full of hubris. That is entirely on me.” He also added that part of the character might have bled into his real life interactions with his co-stars.

As for fans of the show, some of them are upset to the point of boycotting. Given that soap operas aren’t as popular as they once were, some might consider this a valid concern. However, re-castings are practically inevitable. Soap actors and actresses have been fired and rehired so many times, the controversy has lost all meaning. Odds are, if fans of the actor wait long enough, he’ll reappear on a show in the near future.

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  • cheryl

    I am just shocked to hear why Micheal has been let go and for a former writer to make the comment that he should have been let go along time before this incident? I was Micheal who took on the gay scene that Y/R put in because the former actor refused to have to kiss another man to make ratings for the show!! Micheal has done a great job as Adam he is Adam ever each of his talent. I wish he and his family well as for the fake not good writers on Y/R now that allows the same sorry story line letting Victor keep being the dirty low down dog as he!!! But when the end comes to the actor Billy and Adam it ends my years of Y/R your writers SUCK!!!

    • Statler

      Bitches like cheryl be crazy. Bwahaha.

  • Funny

    A woman will screw like hell behind the scenes to get a role and then when a guy grabs her breast, she will complain. I hate to tell people but that is how things happen in Hollywood. Every go to a casting call? There are hundreds of good looking women. You better have loads of talent.

    • Statler

      Your mama is so fat and she has no talent either. Bwahaha.

      • Susan

        Statler, you are a simpleton!

  • cyndy

    if this is true, i am really shocked!! why on earth would someone risk there whole career on something so wrong and so stupid?! up to this point i really liked him as adam newman. thought he was doing a great job! it seems to me he really needs some counseling to get his head on straight. thisis really awful and so disappointing for his family and fans!

    • http://twitter.com/d4m_d33zy d33zy

      She put it out there? They had friendly flirting. Was a slight affair going on and she had a lover on the side and had to pin the tail on someone to save face? Or mayb he’s been hitting on her and this is her 1st time not turning a blind eye to it. Or mayb its just for rating. Who knows… wouldnt be the 1st time passions werent shared. #Gigidy

  • Susan

    You people need to stop believing everything you read on all these sleaze rags! MM is innocent until proven guilty, just like everyone else.

  • G. Gadsden

    I have watched the young and restless since it started and must say that a lot of the old stories are being recycled with new actors. As for the rumors regarding MM and Hunter, I must say that if it is true then charges should have been laid so that he can defend himself and the young lady apparently hasn’t said anything, she needs to step up and either confirm or deny these rumors. I have found that the Y and R is getting very stale, and the storyline regarding Dee Dee should be over quickly, I lost a child and it is hard to watch this. So please change the head of the Y and R and bring in some new talent there, the actors that are leaving are too valuable to lose. Thank you.

  • Mad L

    I will really miss Michael Muhney!!!!!!!

  • sharon

    Like you I too have been caught up on this Y&R Drama. I don’t think the writers couldn’t have written better. Starting from someone saying there groped, someone being fired–but wait — they get used by the company to get what they need and then later finding out that the Y&R cast members disliked MM for his egoistical ways. And yet there are few people standing up for him; most of the cast members taking their knives out twisting it into someone back in order to protect their brand–not looking at the 3 children who are part of this, and wife who may be devastated. A man lost his job for something we don’t know if he did. It is all alleged. Hunter to you–if this is true file a lawsuit against him; but if you don’t we have our answer–you mis understood and it caused a young family whole lot of pain and suffering. Yes MM, you are right you were probably fired because of your ego-=-but in your defence–it is not a good enough reason to be fired! You do good work, just rough around the edges. Perhaps some veteran actors on Y&R could have mentored you –feel sad for your family.