Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto Expecting Baby

    November 30, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto honeymooned in Greece just seven months ago, and now the two are expecting their first baby together. The couple wed in Palm Beach, Florida on April 27th in front of 300 friends and family members. Famous names like Robin Thicke, Spike Lee, Tiger Woods, Usher and Patrick Ewing graced the exclusive guest list.

Since the honeymoon ended, Jordan–who is 50, and Prieto, who is 34–have very clearly been getting down to business. A rep for Michael Jordan confirmed the pregnancy to Us Weekly.

It certainly didn’t take long for Twitter fans to start spreading the exciting news. Of course it sort of runs the gamut between genuine congratulations and a bit of sarcasm–but they’re spreading it just the same.

Michael Jordan has three children from his marriage to Juanita Venoy, which ended in 2006. They were married for 17 years and have two sons–Jeffrey Michael, 24, and Marcus James, 22, as well as a daughter, Jasmine, who is 19.

How do you suppose it will be for Michael Jordan to once again embrace parenthood at the age of 50–and more than 19 years after his most recent child was born? A lot has changed in 19 years–including the dad himself.

Congrats to Both Michael and wife Yvette Prieto on the their impending blessed event. Do you predict a 2014 line of Michael Jordan baby wear to hit stores in the very near future?

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  • Bravo

    Hope he has a good pre-nup.

    In 2013, a baby equals money for women. Pop out a kid and get millions.

    Men, if you have money, never tell a woman. It isn’t worth it.

    • Spikepine

      He didn’t have to tell her he had money; she was probably waiting in the wings for years for a change to grab an old man with money.

  • @Bravo

    Don’t talk about women so badly — they are so honest and trustworthy! I mean we never see the following in America:

    — They never get drunk off their ass, have sex, and claim rape. We never see this in America. Nah… never. I mean we never see cases where women press rape charges and then eventually admit that they really don’t know what happened because they were drunk. I mean they were sure they were raped but yet they can’t remember because they are drunk.

    — Yeah, we never see cases of false rape allegations, even though 8% are completely false and 45% of cases are not provable. It is just a figment of our imaginations and people are making up statistics.

    — Women would never claim a rape culture even though statistics continually show that rape is actually declining. Nah. Statistic after statistic is coming out showing the rape culture is a myth, but no, you would never see a woman ignore this fact. I mean they are all about facts!

    — They can marry a guy, take his money in a divorce, then ask for alimony and child support. Meanwhile, they have careers of their own and boyfriends.

    — Women choosing to get naked on twitter, instagram and at music awards while claiming that they are exploited. That never happens. Women after all never make their own choices. Men always force them to do things. Evil men are behind the women making millions off of their bodies.

    — Women never do porn or anything. All those millions of porn pictures with women in it are just made up. Heck, there is not such thing as amatuer porn or homemade porn. Yep, men forced those millions of women into doing porn. Every day millions of women are forced to do porn. Yep …. millions …. I mean there are hundreds of millions of pictures….

    — Women never want an expensive ring just to marry them. Nah, it is the love that counts. They don’t ever show off the ring and brag about it. It is the love that matters. They give the ring back if things go wrong too. I mean it isn’t about the money.

    — You never see a woman complain about equal rights but at the same time, they want subsidies from the government, quotas, laws that favor them, Title 9 type legislation. They want it all just equal. No other things put in place to benefit them. Just equal.

    Why on earth would you think women have ulterior motives….. I mean there is no evidence of this in American society.

  • @@Bravo

    I know you are going over the top to prove a point ….. it is funny …. and true. I work in a courtroom. I see these types of things every day. We had a case once where a woman claimed she was raped. A violent rape with injuries, yet should could not remember if she was raped standing up or laying down. It reminded me of the Ben Roethlisberger case. That woman couldn’t remember what position she had sex in either. In Ben’s case, apparently the woman had oral sex with him in the hallway and then sex in a small room, but could not recall what type of underwear he had on. Two separate incidents and she could not remember details about either. I am sorry but a woman is going to at least remember if she was laying or standing. I mean that is basic. It turned out the woman was lying. The guys life was ruined but nothing happened to her. It isn’t right.

    Personally, I believe we should prosecute rape to the fullest extent of the law, but if a false accusation is made, the woman gets the full sentence the accused rapist would have gotten. If the rapist would get 10 years minimum — she gets ten years minimum. That would cut out a lot of false allegations and believe me — there are lots of them.

    Surprisingly, in divorce cases, a lot of false molestation cases happen too. A woman wants more money or revenge and she claims the husband molests the children. That happens a lot. More than you would think. Molestation is very easy to accuse people of and really there doesn’t have to be a lot of evidence. I have even seen rape and molestation coaches. I myself have literally heard a therapist say to a “victim” — “come on honey, you know you were molested”. It is crazy. The therapist was so crazy she actually said that 5 out of 6 kids are molested in America. She actually believe it to. She said people are molested and don’t even know it. So, I asked her if I was molested, and she literally tried to convince me that I was. That is how batty this woman was. Some people are like that though. They see abuse everywhere.

    Strange people in this world.

  • unknown

    Michael jordan is dumb his new wife is just out for his money . Thats all she is after his money michael jordan need to wake up and see this I feel sorry for jordan other kids

  • Spikepine

    Michael Jordan is giving his money back to the man. What an old idiot. This woman made sure she got pregnant and will take him to the bank real soon.