Michael J. Fox Returning To Television


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This Thursday night Michael J. Fox will appear back on television as he is the star of his new television show, 'The Michael J. Fox Show'.

According to Today, "On the new 'Michael J. Fox Show,' Fox plays family man and TV anchor Mike Henry, who returns to the air five years after Parkinson's put his career on hold. Fox himself was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson's in 1991, when he was 30 years old and flying high after starring on the hit sitcom "Family Ties" and in three "Back to the Future" movies. "

"(The diagnosis) came ... with a prognosis that ... I'd have ... maybe 10 years left to work," Fox told Geist, whose own father has Parkinson's and who sits on the board of The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. "I was just married and my son was just born and my father had just passed away. And it was — all kinds of stuff going on and — and it flattened me.""

The new show will be on at 9:30 pm on Thursday's. This is the same time that 'Two And A Half Men', 'Glee', and 'Grey's Anatomy' are all on as well. That could decrease the amount of views the show gets.

According to the L.A. Times, "A scheduling sweet spot? Um, no. It's the same spot "Parks and Recreation" was in last fall -- and it struggled there, too. NBC may get an initial burst of curiosity and nostalgic affection for Fox, then. But over the long haul, "The Michael J. Fox" is going to walk a very tough road. In the late 1990's, Fox was a popular actor on "Spin City", a TV sitcom. The show was about a local government in New York City. "

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