Michael Douglas Loves on His Family Daily

    December 1, 2013
    Pam Wright
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Michael Douglas reportedly heads to his wife’s home everyday to make pancakes for his children Dylan, 13, and Carys, ten.

The 69-year-old Douglas lives in a bachelor pad near the apartment he used to share with Catherine Zeta-Jones in New York.

“When he’s in New York, he makes the kids breakfast and comes back in the evening to watch TV with them before bedtime,” a source told UK newspaper The Mirror.

“Then he gets his marching orders from his wife and returns to sleep at his own place in Manhattan.”

The source goes on to explain that Douglas wants to keep a strong bond with his kids and be a part of their home life as much as possible.

“Michael is very bothered about spending regular downtime with Dylan and Carys rather than just seeing them for dinners and days out,” the source said.

“It’s very sweet when he turns up at the apartment to cook for them because he so desperately wants to be back as part of the family’s life. Catherine thinks it’s really touching he’s being so hands-on with the kids – and he’s praying it’s the key back into her heart.”

“Michael would give his right arm for a reconciliation but Catherine’s warned she is not ready to commit and she’s still not ruled out divorce,” the source revealed.

Zeta-Jones, 44, who is reportedly unwilling to reunite with her husband, has yet to file for divorce.

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  • Steven

    Maybe the author should stick to Dutch or Finnish.

    “Michael Douglas Loves on His Family Daily” Is NOT English! its not even BAD English its just grammatically incorrect. You can’t LOVE ON!

    I guess no one proofreads this spam before its published.

    Wow this site employs unprofessional writers! Why?

    • Haywood_Jablomi

      Ghetto speak. As in “Hey Jawon, don’t be hating on Shorty”

  • http://yahoo pat schwaller

    With what he said on Oscar night —– I wouldn’t let him in the door.

  • Haywood_Jablomi

    Douglas is nothing more than a liberal pusbag intent on helping Obama bring this country down.

    • mandarinroses

      A chicken lays eggs. Has nothing to do with the subject matter. Just like what you posted.

      • Haywood_Jablomi

        You must be a liberal pusbag to.. NOW that has something to do with my post.

  • anolesboy

    Give it up Mike……….Your age has caught up with you. For gosh sakes your 69. The parties over. You need to give up your bachelor pad and go into one of those assisted living centers. That’s what I did when I turned 69. Oh! and one more thing Mike, pancakes aren’t healthy, the kids need fruit for breakfast.

  • AHW

    What a ridiculous headline! “…loves on…”? Whatever happened to editors? As for Douglas, I have been a fan of his since he played Det. Keller on Streets of San Francisco (must see-viewing for teenage girls); however, if he had made the disgusting comments about me he made about Zeta-Jones, I would also think twice before taking him back. It’s hard to take such comments back in the age of instant communication.

  • Bill Cavico

    Best wishes for reconciliation !!!!! You guys belong together !!!!!

    Wake up !!!!!

    Bill C