Michael Brown Verdict: No Charges Against Wilson

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The Michael Brown verdict has been announced. There will be no charges brought against Officer Darren Wilson for the August shooting of unarmed teen, Michael Brown.

The grand jury is a secret process, and therefore, it isn't known whether the decision was unanimous. However, after pouring over evidence and interviewing witnesses time and again, there were enough votes to at least reach the required 9 of twelve.

Prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch, who made the announcement to the media, stated that many witnesses on both sides of the story were thoroughly interviewed, but after the autopsy showed that Michael Brown had not been shot from the back, many of the witnesses in that camp changed their stories.

A couple of them disappeared before they were supposed to testify before the grand jury.

McCulloch also stated that he doesn't know if there will be federal charges, but the information that the jury saw is now an "open file" under the sunshine law since the investigation is now closed.

The Michael Brown verdict on whether or not to indict Darren Wilson has been, to say the least, long awaited. Since Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown back in August, protests in Ferguson, Missouri and the surrounding areas have been held. Some of them peaceful, some of them voilent and destructive.


Many people across the nation are holding their breath and are waiting to see what the reaction to an unpopular verdict will be in the town and the areas around. Hopefully the protests will remain, at the behest of everyone from the president to the family of Michael Brown, peaceful and purposeful.

The looting and violent destruction that came after the Michael Brown shooting left Ferguson marred and its citizens and business owners fearful. Many of those same business owners closed their shops and boarded them up in anticipation of what might come.

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They are not the only ones who should be worried. Last week, a militant group called RbG Black Rebels made violent threats against everyone from police to shop owners and even offered $5,000 for the location of Officer Darren Wilson. Those tweets have since been removed.

It seems that just moments after the announcement, however, looting and violence was already being reported.

A nation's thoughts are with the citizens of Ferguson and the surrounding areas tonight, and we remain hopeful that the right to protest will be carried out as peacefully as possible without any more tragedy.

What do you think of the violence and looting that is reportedly already going on in and around Ferguson after the Michael Brown announcement? Is it justified?

Lacy Langley
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