Michael Brown Verdict: Darren Wilson Turning in Badge?

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The Michael Brown verdict has everyone on edge, but probably no one more than Darren Wilson. Now the Washington Times reports that the officer at the heart of the stand-off is in talks to turn in his badge.

Sources said that the resignation discussions are dependent upon the outcome of the grand jury’s investigation and determination of whether he should be charged with a crime for shooting Michael Brown.

Darren Wilson still maintains his innocence, however sources say he has spoken privately with friends about turning in his badge in order to 'pave peace for the community.'

The grand jury is due to meet Friday, and the public could know the Michael Brown verdict as early as Sunday. Why the delay? Sources claim that is due to the prosecutor’s plan to give law enforcement a 48-hour notice of the verdict, in order to prepare for what are expected to be violent protests.

If the Michael Brown verdict isn't in Darren Wilson's favor--meaning the grand jury find there is enough evidence to prosecute him for a crime related to his shooting of Michael Brown on August 9th--he might not resign.

Wilson has six years on the force, and has no disciplinary issues in his background. He is currently on paid administrative leave. If the Michael Brown verdict finds him eligible for prosecution, he will likely remain on administrative leave until the trial reaches a verdict. That means he'd likely be paid while preparing for trial.

Regardless of the Michael Brown verdict, it sounds like there will be trouble in Ferguson, Missouri. Schools will be the first to know, so that students are protected. Officials have prepared as best they can for these protests. Hopefully no one else gets hurt in what will no doubt go down in history as either a devastating blow or incredible boost for civil rights in this country.

What do you expect the Michael Brown verdict will be?

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