Mia Love: Speech Brings In Some Serious Cash

    August 30, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Mia Love is getting some attention this week after a rousing speech at the Republican National Convention, in which she denounced President Obama’s plan for the nation and earned favor among her peers…and quite a few voters.

“President Obama’s version of America is a divided one — pitting us against each other based on our income level, gender, and social status,” she said. “His policies have failed! We are not better off than we were 4 years ago, and no rhetoric, bumper sticker, or campaign ad can change that.”

Love–an African-American Mormon who looks to be the first black Republican female elected to Congress–started making headlines back in April, as we reported on her intention to move from mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah to a seat in Congress. With her high-profile speech at this week’s convention, she’s now gained some followers who could potentially help her close the gap between herself and Democrat Jim Matheson; Love has reportedly already gained $100,000 in donations just since Tuesday.

The donations were mostly given in small amounts, which points to a number of average voters opening their wallets rather than big Republican groups, which suits Love and her camp just fine.

“It is very gratifying to see an average man or average woman who Mia’s message resonated with and see them break open their pocketbooks,” spokesman Brian Somers said.

Love, whose story of hard work and refusal of handouts to get where she is inspired the crowd, left the podium with chants and wild cheers following her.

“The first day of college my father came with me to orientation, and I remember he looked at me. He looked at me very seriously and he said, ‘Mia, your mother and I have done everything to get you to where you are right now. We have never taken a hand out. We have worked hard for everything we have through personal responsibility. You will not be a burden to society. You will give back,’” she said.

  • Herp

    ahh, mormons and their magical underpants

    • arithmancer

      Indeed. I’m sure the residents of the district she is seeking to represent would be persuaded by this oh-so-intellectual remark.

    • justme

      magical underpants? Seriously? That’s what you have to add? This woman has more integrity,purpose,direction and common sense in her little fingernail than you obviously have in your whole body. NO, I don’t know you and you don’t know her; but words matter and your words are empty and meaningless. What does magical underpants mean or have to do with ANYTHING that she said?
      Her words are motivating, uplifting, purposeful, and she’s actually DOING something to contribute to her own world, her families world and her community. What are you doing other than spewing hot air like: mormons and their magical underpants? Is your problem with her that she’s black, female, mormon or republican or Maybe it’s of the above? So impressive you are. You Must be so proud of yourself and feel so wonderful when you look in the mirror and/or when you make such intelligent comments as this. People like you that make comments about people like her are laughable. LOLOLOLOL…Someday maybe you’ll aspire to be in the same league as she is. Think I’ll go make a donation to her cause.

      • D Eugenio

        Yes. I’ll donate too. Interesting how Mormons can be subjected to such prejudice without any refute from the media or EO groups… Herp should be shamed.

        • Patty

          I cannot believe that Mormans tell lies and sell lies and go to church afterwards does the High Priest approve?
          Fact Check for Romney/Ryan Ticket is bringing the lies to the surface. I wonder how his fellow church members see him?
          I wonder if the Church is standing behind the lies?
          If that is the case then the entire time the Morman Religion has been a LIE. Imagine That!
          Romney & Ryan I will Pray that you two get your just due rewards for all your deeds.

          • Kali

            Get over youself. Republicans will be in the White House for the next 16 years. And they will make you get off your sorry ass to get a job. If it wasn’t for Abe Lincoln you still would be a slave

    • kurtg

      If you had said this about a burqa or a hajib the hate police would have you in jail by now.

      • Kali

        Wwll said

  • http://www.artworq.com Robert M

    Mia Love is our future. -Live it. Or live with it!

    • big

      She is a House Nifgger being whipped and thanking her master for it. You white folks can have that bitch

      • http://Yahoo TheWez

        Wow, you are a jerk, you disagree with a person and attempt to reduce them to a stereotype. Seems like there is only one nifgger here….

        • Hillview

          I agree she and Condi has the yes master, no master mentality.

          • fande3rls

            Its the democrats that want to keep the blacks in chains not republicans , the Progessives want everyone in chains , progressives believe you are ignorant and need to be train like circus animals .

          • grammabet

            BIG and Hillview,you got that right.The rethugs are extremely proud of their blatant racism.Why not more info on the klan minded representatives who harrassed the CNN reporter?I’d have to be strapped to go to anything rethuglican.

      • Kali

        your a whate hating racists

        • Kali

          I mean white hating racists

  • Al K

    Please. Classic repub garbage..”my father told me on the 1st day of college..no handouts” yea sure. what people believe this?

    • Patty

      I totally agree. Most blacks are going for the payout to say these things. I grew up in Florida and it was an eye opener and nothing has changed in the white community. Whites hate on blacks and the blacks hate on blacks.
      This was a Republican stunt (Mormans hate blacks); to get Blacks to vote for a Black people hater. Mia Love is just another field hand N. that has been paid to speak. Mia is an Oreo and she should not hold any Republican office because it represents going against Women and their Constitutional Rights. But wait She just might be a He in a dress, and that makes it worse. My vote goes to the 99%.

      • Kali

        Your racists potty mouth is sicking. Go back to Africa if you hate America. A Republican named Abe Lincoln saved your sorry ass

      • Frostee

        I’m mormon and I don’t hate blacks. Our religion teaches love of our fellow neighbor regardless of race, gender, or religion. I’m sorry you believe this way, but it simply not true.

      • grammabet

        Patty,,you got that right.Where was uncle Tom,999 Caine?I see Condoliza white Rice was still living in her dream world,suporting the enemy of anything that doesn’t look like them,Juan williams,Alan Keyes and the rest of the idiots that believe the white mans ice is colder than the black mans so they buy from whitey.

  • Your Change is for Piggy Banks

    As a black female it is sad that you can’t see past Republican or Democrat. Look at the truth. Obama is not your Savior !! You will be disappointed. When a articulate minority female speaks you call her names but when Obama speaks you think he is Your God.

    • Kali

      well said!!!!

    • David

      She wants to do away with government money for college students. How you feel piggy bank and kali?

  • Enoughsaid99

    If you look at the history of black people, we were Republicans, because we hold some of the same values, and then they created a two party system. Black people have been so oppressed in this country, so they wanted something to believe in,and it was the Democrats when they were for the people. We need a third party system in this race, because each party has failed in my view. What this young lady stands for is what my African American grandfather stood for, and he created businesses, was married with 16 children, bought a home, and all of this was under Jim Crow Laws. People create jobs, ideas and feed this economy, not a well paid snake oiled politician. I love to see women run for office regardless of their party-lines. Let’s not forget that Africans sold people in too slavery, because they already had slaves in Africa, and it became big business. We have been conditioned to long too work for other people in this country, and brainwashed to believe if we work hard, collect a pension, our lives will be set. News Flash! its a myth.

    • Kali

      Don’t forget who really freed the black slaves was a Republican named Abe Lincoln. Get over yourself

      • grammabet

        Not because it was the humane thing to do,it was because the enemy wouldn’t lay their weapons down.I’ve never read anything about Lincoln owning slave,but if it was the hip thing to do back then,I doubt if he was any different than the rest of the slave owners.These stories about history,depends on who’s doing the writing.

  • michael geremia

    Mia, as Sean Hannity would say, “you are a great American” Please keep speaking out for America……Save America–Defeat Obama….