Mexico Prison Stormed By Gunmen, Nine Dead


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An exchange of gunfire occurred on Friday at a prison in Guerrero, Mexico.

Six men disguised as police officers commuted to the facility in a stolen pickup truck and pretended to transport an inmate.

Once inside the doors of the prison, they started confrontation with some of the guards and inmates.

Four inmates and five assailants were killed in the shootout. The sixth assailant suffers from injuries but is in stable condition. One prison guard is currently being treated for a gunshot wound.

Following the event, army troops were immediately called to the scene and surrounded the prison's vicinity.

The motive behind the raid is still unclear, however, authorities believe that a Mexican gang may have carried out the attack. It is not uncommon for gangs to invade prisons to free their members or to seek revenge by killing those from rival gangs.

As one of the worst states in Mexico, Guerrero has a high crime rate of gang activity.

In September 2012, one of the deadliest shootouts happened on the streets of a small town patrolled by Mexican soldiers(image)

A heavily armed group of gang members, nine men and one woman, attacked the troops in a case most likely related to drugs. All attackers died in the shootout including one soldier.

Furthermore, gang members are attacking leaders of the state. In July 2012, police chief of Ayutla was found shot to death.  Many deaths alike have sparked a movement of vigilantes wearing armed masks, carrying weapons and managing roadside checkpoints in an effort to protect their communities.

As the one of the most popular tourist locations, Guerrero suffers terribly from excessive violence but citizen patrol continues to fight against that which is destroying the community.

Images via Youtube, WochitGeneralNews