Meta-Search Engine Strokes Your Ego

    January 20, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Who’s got a bigger ego, me or David Utter? According to, David does. He wins by 124 ego points. Yes! I am THE KING of non-egotism. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Utter!

Review of
“This is mildly amusing I had 3223 points. Which means… I have no idea what it means”
Phil Bradley advises each visitor to “know your place,” using a meta-search approach to bring back results of website or blog link love and then calculating an ego score for that query.

Enter a name and URL(s) for egoSurf to search Google, Yahoo!, MSN,, and Technorati, find links to the site, and then decide how big your ego is. The results are shown speedometer-style side by side.

For example, a simple search on these five sources for myself (ahem, straightening my tie) as correlated with 2 websites yields an average ego score of 689. David Utter (raising up on my tiptoes), also correlated with two sites and searched across five sources, yields an ego score of 813.

So there. We can see who’s more humble, now can’t we? God, what an egomaniac.

The creators of the site wax about an existential connectivity, or something, when answering why someone would need to egoSurf on the FAQ page.

“egoSurf helps massage the web publishers ego, and thereby maintain the cool equilibrium of the net itself.”

Wow, who would have thought the Net’s equilibrium balanced on David Utter’s ego? (Well, he might’ve.)

The proprietors of egoSurf say the calculations are provided by “a highly secretive and complex algorithm.” But what’s really neat is the deep search part of the experience, provided by the “patent pending deepthroat search technology that appears to go pretty darn deep into the Web and that search histories are deliverable through RSS.

There is a confusing part to it, however. The score does seem to change, even if you enter the same query twice. Either there’s some reason for that my humble brain is missing (and that’s likely, especially since I’m so non-egotistical) or this site is just for funning. Maybe the score grows to reflect how many times you’ve searched for yourself.

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