Merry Christmas from the Wide World of Sports

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No, I'm not talking about Christmas greetings from ABC's now-defunct Wide World of Sports, but that would be pretty cool, as well. Unfortunately, there aren't any fitting such a category on YouTube, although, there are quite a few WWoS intro videos. What I'm referring to are the yearly collaborations from various sports entities, teams, and franchises, that wish fans the happiest of holidays. Normally, these video greetings are done in an awkward manner, but I don't think I'd want it any other way.

This year's versions of various Christmas greetings do not disappoint, either. We have some offerings from the world of college basketball, the EPL, and some students/fans of college basketball as well. If these don't get you in the Christmas spirit, check your heart for coal deposits.

First off, we have the lovely ladies from the Gonzaga basketball team. I hope you guys shoot better than you sing (we kid because we care):

Next up we have fans from Abilene Christian University taking the basketball floor to bring us some wobbling Christmas joy:

I'm just glad they didn't "Dougie."

Next up, is an amazing video from the Arsenal soccer club. If only all Christmas videos could be this awesomely awkward:

This next video features the head basketball coach of the Providence Friars, Ed Cooley, playing the role of Father Christmas. It's sweet, innocent and does a great job of relaying the appropriate cheer:

Here's some more college basketball Christmas cheer, featuring the Illinois Fighting Illini and the Cal Bears:

And that, folks, is how we roll when it comes to Christmas. Keep in mind that this is festive holiday, and making such fantastic content like the above videos is a fantastic way to embrace the season.

Hat-tips to the official LSU athletics site for the lead image, to With Leather for the Arsenal find, and The Dagger for the college basketball videos.