Meredith Vieira Can’t Quit With The Potty Mouth

    January 3, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Meredith Vieira seems like a pretty refined person; she always looks perfectly put-together with rarely a hair out of place or overly done makeup. So when she starts cursing on live television, it’s that much more awesome.

Vieira and the gals of the “Today” show’s fourth hour were coming back from a commercial break this morning when she dropped her note cards and a resounding “Oh, shit” came flying from her mouth just as the cameras panned to her. Hoda immediately began apologizing and trying to smooth over the incident, but Al Roker simply cheered and threw his arms up in the air like he’d just won a bet.

This isn’t Vieira’s first time around the foul-word block; a quick check of YouTube shows at least two other instances where she let the expletives fly. She’s in good company, though; Tom Hanks dropped an F-bomb on live t.v. last year and was so adorable about it that no one cared.

  • steve martin

    I think Meredith is a beautiful, intelligent, sexy woman. I’d pounce on her in a second, and hang on for as long as I could.

  • http://meredithviera rosemary

    you go girl……you only live once!!!!

  • http://meredithviera rosemary

    you go girl!!!

  • http://merdith carrie

    no big deal

  • Julie

    Meredith is disgusting. The 4th hour encourages alcohol, and that hour should be omitted. Such a waste of time. I stopped watching long ago. Matt should be thrilled that Meredith is there – they are ga-ga over each other. They aren’t even half the person that Ann Curry is.

    • jim

      Oh Please! Ann Curry is a prejudiced egomaniacal snob. She thinks “hillbillies” are fair game for slander.

  • Lee

    Meredith is a fun lady to watch. I don’t care about the occasional slip…it is comical. Who can watch their ‘oopsies’ 24/7? How much fun can that be? I will continue to be a Meredith Viera fan.

  • http://WebPronews.com Terry

    please, who really thinks these people are pure as the driven snow…

  • http://www.autoandtrack.com Roger De Guimera

    Meredith, is a lefty, communist, with not followers. She is a dead end. She is old too. Very old.

  • Weiner

    It was a simple mistake. Yes, she is a politically correct left leaning personality but she is also a good TV person who doesn’t try to ram her beliefs down your throat.

  • http://yahoo richard

    meredth is not very old,anyone that thinks tat she is very old is a retard.people that are in the public spotlight keep their outward apperence in top shape.we all make mistakes,we are all sinners,so fess up we are all humans,and we will continually screw up at one time or another

  • Rick

    Isn’t about time our culture grew up? Taking offense at the “s” word is absurd and amounts to essentially looking for something to complain about. We have a lot more problems in this country (for example assault weapons in the hands of private citizens, elected officials who are afraid to do their jobs, and constantly escalating health care costs) that are worthy of greater attention than some inelegant language.



  • Terry

    Just proves Meredith is a real person. I like her very much. Go girl!

  • james

    They are just getting you primed to accept foul language on TV by accidently letting some words ‘slip’ then giggle about them. Just another way of turning people into barbarians capable of killing each other. When everything is acceptable because you know it’s just a little swearing or just a little shooting then the problems begin.

  • jay

    get over it folks, who doesn’t say sh_t or other such words, not just now a days, but for the past 30 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mike

      I agree. Somebody needs to b-slap James.

  • JacksonDeLand

    Come on folks, this is just a continuation of the “dumbing down” of our society! Wake up, when the problem gets to big, we can just throw up our hand and declare that it’s just “to big” to do anything about! Thus, indirect acceptance of SH!TTY behavior!

  • Hawaii bob

    Aloha! MEREDITH is SEXUAL CATNIP! LOOOVE 2 remove & smell her pumps then sniff, massage, lick, kiss & SUCK ON her tan stockng feet till sheez happy hb aloha