Men More Likely To Share Info On Social Media

Social Media

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This might be news from the Department of Duh, but when it comes to social media it appears that women are more protective of their private information than men. Honestly, I don't blame them - have you ever been to the Internet? That place is like the hungover lovechild of the Mos Eisley Cantina and a medieval case of syphilis. I don't blame anybody for hesitating to share private info with the Internets.

Anyways. The results of a study conducted by uSamp on the info-sharing habits of men and women on social media show that men are more likely than women to share personal information on social media sites like their email address, location, and physical address. Each year over 3 million adults report being stalked (hey, did you know that January is Stalking Awareness Month?), and given it's common but not limited to that women being stalked by men, it's hardly a stretch of the imagination to wonder why some women might be more reluctant to share their personal information.

Still, certain personal details about men and women appear to be less guarded, such as birthdate, education level, and occupation. Given that those are the standard give-aways on sites like Facebook and Google+, that's not really that surprising.

Take a look at the statistics below in the infographic that uSamp put together and comment below about anything you find intriguing or surprising.