Men Are From Google, Women Are From Yahoo

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On the Internet, as in life, men and women have different motivations for doing what they do. According to a recent report from Pew Internet and American Life, women view the Internet as a place to extend, support, and nurture relationships and communities.

Men Are From Google, Women Are From Yahoo
Do Different Genders Use The Web Differently

Men tend to see it as an office, a library, or a playground–screw the community, this is about function not family.

The report found that women are more enthusiastic communicators, using email in a more robust way. Not only sending and receiving more email than men, women are more likely to write to family and friends about a variety of topics, sharing news, joys and worries, planning events, and forwarding jokes and stories.

While both sexes equally appreciate the efficiency and convenience of email, women are more likely than men to value the medium for its positive effects on improving relationships, expanding networks, and encouraging teamwork at the office.

“Women also value email for a kind of positive, water-cooler effect, which lightens the atmosphere of office life,” reads the 54-page report.

The report found that women are more likely to use the Internet for emailing, getting maps and directions (after all, we men always know where we’re going), looking for health and medical information, seeking support for health and personal problems, and getting religious information.

Men tend to be more intense Internet users than women, being more likely to go online daily (61% of men and 57% of women) and more likely to go online several times a day (44% of men and 39% of women).

Men also tend to go online in greater numbers than women but for a much broader variety of reasons. Men are more likely to use the Internet to check the weather, get news, find do-it-yourself information, acquire sports scores and information, look for political information, do job-related research, download software, listen to music, rate a product/person/service through an online reputation system, download music, use a webcam, and take a class.

Note there was nothing about “nurturing relationships.”

Here are some stats for the number crunchers:

67% of the adult American population goes online, including 68% of men and 66% of women

86% of women ages 18-29 are online, compared with 80% of men that age.

34% of men 65 and older use the Internet, compared with 21% of women that age.

62% of unmarried men compared with 56% of unmarried women go online

75% of married women and 72% of married men go online

61% of childless men compared with 57% of childless women go online

81% of men with children and 80% of women with children go online.

52% of men and 48% of women have high-speed connections at home

94% of online women and 88% of online men use email

Men Are From Google, Women Are From Yahoo
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  • rob

    Not a very slamming point made. There is only a 7% difference in
    ANY of your stats. Not a very compelling workup of the numbers.
    -sorry, a male brain

    • asfd

      Don’t apologize for your male brain.
      You did a pretty good job!

  • http://www.freeopenmoko.com Steve

    this could make a very good topic of discussion in general

  • steinkirch


  • Matt

    Bateman’s principle in the social domain. Come on people, read something.

  • http://pascal.le-rudulier.eu Pascal Rauma, Finland

    I don’t see in any of these facts and stats what make(s) men from Google and Women from Yahoo. Both offer roughly same kind of services. Did I miss a point here?

  • g

    Studies of internet usage, and not one mention of porn?

  • sg

    In a robust way? That sure sounds odd. Check your dictionary.

  • http://easyctutorials.com Adam

    A very interesting look at the topic. I like the statistics :P

    • http://www.kingipod.com/ipod-parts.html ipod parts

      I agree. This is quite interesting :D

  • a. adelai

    There doesn’t seem to be much difference (according to the percentages in the poll) in how men and women use the internet. I could be missing something, though. I’m not exactly an expert at interpreting poll results. That being said, if the intro paragraphs are correct, then I, as a woman, am pretty disgusted with, and ashamed of, the way women use the internet as opposed to the way men use it.

    So, women use the internet to “nurture” relationships and seek support (which all too often means “gossip”, yuck), and women are the ones responsible for forwarding that crap that clogs up inboxes (jokes and stories). And men use the net to look up sports info, news, and politics. That, in fact, tends to support my own observations of men and women’s usage (at least most of the men and women I know). Personally, I use the internet like the article says a man uses it. I would like to think that people of my gender are interested in politics and news, and don’t need to waste their time on useless pursuits like gossip, stupid jokes, and sending “hugs” to their whiny friends. This article just provides more ammo to anyone who is convinced that women in general are airheads who are clueless about current events and whose only interests are chatting with “the girls” about what to wear tonight. Women can be pretty stupid sometimes. And people blame MEN for “degrading” women by looking at porn? If women are looking for someone to blame for the degradation of our gender, we need look no further than our collective mirrors. Ditzy women who don’t give a crap about what’s in the news but who only care about what their friends are chatting about degrade me more than any porn star or the men who objectify them.

    Yep, I’m coming from a very angry place right now. I keep getting pre-judged based on the “typical” stereotype of women, and I’m sick of it. Sigh.

    • b

      get a life please…

  • Karen

    I am curious as to how the author can make such strong generalizations based upon these unconvincing statistics?


    A woman who uses the internet “intensely”

    • Jason Lee Miller

      I am curious to know how an article I wrote a year and half ago gets a flurry of comments…a mystery.

      However, this article was fairly popular then, and drew some of the same comments at Digg.com and the blogosphere. It is important to note that the "strong generalizations" are not mine, but what the Pew study found. I just reported it.

      I took some liberty here and there and (gasp) cracked a joke or two. But they were only jokes.

      The title proved to be memetic and spread like crazy, and is, in part, also the result of research done in other studies not mentioned, where Google users skewed male and Yahoo users skewed female.

      Again, just trends, not to say that all do or that it is right to judge if most do.

      Have a nice day.

  • http://www.findyourcoach.com Bill Dueease

    I agree with the many comments. The study results do not show any significant differences in gender use. However it appears the writer produced a flashy title to attract readers, and tried to force preconceived conclusions to justify the flashy title.

  • Blandina

    and Jason is on one of Jupiter’s moons. Great work, Jas.

  • http://www.seosubmitter.com SEOSubmitter

    This post is pretty funny but makes total sense. Men just want to get to the point when they search so what is more better than Google.

    • manny

      the diiferences eem narrow when doing simple subtraction of one to another..but muliply that by the number of peopke as a whole.300,000,000 ..thats a nice place to make a niche on either side if you are a marketer.. a couple of degrees off on a railroad track..not much until you find yourself riding into the atmosphere miles ‘down’ the line. lets not even get global. :)

  • Joe

    I found a more accurate google for men: www.goo-man.com It searches from a man point of view. Quite curious!

  • http://www.lightingsupply.com lighting

    I can totally relate with this.  My wife would use yahoo much befroe she would use google.

  • http://www.lightingsupply.com/closeouts/lamps/philips_halogena_bc60bt15halcl_120v.aspx Philips Halogena

    I agree thats wierd but makes sense

  • http://www.thepoddrop.com ipod Repair

    My wife is always using yahoo!

  • Guest

    I can see that this article is very old, but as i just located it, i wanted to say a few things. ..

    The article, is well written, and i don’t have anything bad to say about the author of it, i can see the tongue in cheek he was attempting, but the data from the company that compiled it is way off from what i know.

    First off, i am female, i run a website, so i am online a lot, i am also a role player, which is an amature writer for those that don’t know what it is. I am also a hardcore google user.

    I come online to work on the site, study code, rp, download, listen to music, watch podcasts, work on my art, surf in general when i am bored. I use all of googles products and avoid yahoo as much as possible. I find it cheesy, and not as user friendly as google. Basically more then half of the things listed in the men’s list, is what i use the net for. This also is true for most of the woman i know online.. i would say only 20% of my online time is used towards community type activities, and those communities are usualy geared towards learning things, or downloading things.

    The people who compiled the stats in this article are very obviously bias, and not taking into account the thousands of "tomboys" in the world. Woman actually do more these days then cook and cuddle. That, and i agree with one of the other comments posted here. -laughs- There is no mention of porn. I happen to know a lot of woman and men who google for that, and google does a much better job of finding it then yahoo. … as the subject title says, yahoo sucks..


    Just my 20 cents from another female internet user

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    Great article Jason, I could not agree more.

  • http://www.lightingsupply.com/incandescent_bulbs/decorative_bulbs/novelty_bulbs/edison_bulbs.aspx Edison Bulbs

    This rings true on sooo many levels

  • http://palmprereviews.net Palm Pre Reviews

    this couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that google has taken the market share for online searches could it?

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