Mellow Yellow

    June 19, 2003

For those of you youngsters out there, you might not remember the ultra groovy song of the sixties whose toe tapping refrain stated “they call me mellow yellow”

Well as it turns out, yellow doesn’t associate with mellow-ness after all. In fact, research shows that the color yellow has not only a positive effect on the mind but an energizing effect on the body. So next time you’re stressed or tired, look at some pretty yellow flowers. Or buy yourself a bright yellow tie. Or just visualize a bright yellow smiley face. What an easy way to enhance your state of mind!!

Molly Luffy, MBA, owner of Work Ethic Wizard, dedicated to helping managers regain their sanity and employees survive and thrive in todays corporation. Author of Super-Charge Your Promotion Quotient: 225 Success Strategies for the New Professional.