Melissa Rivers Held "Amazing" Funeral For Joan

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Melissa Rivers sent her mother off in style, according to some who attended Joan Rivers' funeral.

The Sunday memorial was just what Joan would have loved.

There were tears, memories, and plenty of laughs.

Joan Rivers shocked the nation when she passed away at a spry 81 years old on September 4th.

She stopped breathing during a routine surgery just a few days prior and was placed in a medically induced coma to bring her vital signs back to normal.

Friends of the seemingly inseparable Joan and Melissa Rivers have lauded Melissa's dignity in the days before and after her mother's surprising death.

"Melissa is amazing," Margie Stern, one of the late comedian's closest friends, tells People. "I told Melissa, 'Your mother would be so proud of you.' She handled everything. She did everything exactly as her mother would have wanted."

A long time friend of Joan and Melissa Rivers, Deborah Norville admitted, "It started with Howard Stern saying things I don't think you're supposed to say in a sanctuary."

She continued, "Joan was brash, Joan was out there. And a lot of the comments went that way, and it was a happy time. Yet it's really sad."

It wasn't all cynical. After all, continued Norville, "Hugh Jackman had us on our feet, we were clapping, we were fired up. It all started with the gay men's chorus singing 'Beautiful Sunday' and 'A Wonderful World'. And that's where I took my cue to begin my remarks."

She added, "It is a beautiful Sunday, and it is a wonderful world, but it's a little less beautiful and wonderful because our dear friend isn't here."

Melissa Rivers seems to have held together with much dignity and strength through this whole ordeal. Hopefully, she will be able to move on and live a great life like her mother would have wanted her to.

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