Melissa Rauch To Star in Sony Pictures’ “The Bronze”

    July 9, 2014
    Galen Velonis
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The Bronze is the latest movie to be picked up by Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions, and it just so happens to star Melissa Rauch from The Big Bang Theory.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie is an indie flick, and currently being shot in Ohio. The director, Bryan Buckley, is mostly know for his Super Bowl commercials. As for Rauch, she plays an Olympic bronze medal winning gymnast named Hope Gregory who deals with celebrity status in a small town.

It’s a comedy.

What drew Sony to the property? “We fell instantly for the vulgar yet lovable Hope Greggory,” a Sony Vice President explained. In other words, Melissa Rauch is to blame.

The location of the movie shoot is sunny Amherst and Elyria, Ohio. The Chronicle-Telegram of Lorian County reported that the activity of the cast and crew had made an impact on the small town. The Pikewood Manor Mobile Home Park received special treatment as an important filming location.

“I was told it had to do with the scene itself, and that they liked our community as a whole,” owner and operator Kent Sommer said. “They liked what they saw.”

It certainly appears that Rauch will be entertaining as usual. With the added boost from Sony pictures, the indie film will most likely pick up traction as a hot new item. So far no release date or trailer is available, just small town reports and speculation. But in the meantime, indulge yourself in some classic Melissa Rauch antics, courtesy of YouTube:

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • DonC

    LOVE her!!

  • Manus Bear Piggus

    funniest part of this comedy already is casting Melissa Rauch as a gymnast. No way could any woman with a gargantuan rack like hers successfully compete in gymnastics.

  • Marc

    I hope she doesn’t do that idiotic voice or make that idiotic face like on the Big Bang Theory. Incredibly annoying.

  • Paul Behr

    Please don’t let her real voice sound like she does on Big Bang!!!

  • http://www.scifihistory.net/ E. Lee Zimmerman

    Please oh please let this be a full frontal nudity picture!