Melissa Gorga Tattles On Housewives Castmate Amber Marchese


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Not-so-good news travels fast on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. A lesson castmate Amber Marchese has learned the hard way.

Marchese thought she was safe in passing along gossip about Nicole Napolitano. Napolitano, according to Marchese, was instrumental in the breaking up of a marriage. Marchese allegedly had an affair with another woman’s husband.

It’s a scandalous thing to reveal, especially behind Napolitano’s back. Perhaps that’s why Gorga made sure to inform Napolitano herself of what she’d heard and exactly where she’d heard it from.

Amber Marchese has tried to defend her actions since the episode aired, saying on her Bravo blog that she only told Gorga what had happened when she asked her why Napolitano was getting a divorce.

Amber claims that she got her inside information from a member of the wronged wife’s family.

She also hit back at Gorga for tattling on her.

The angry RHONJ star tweeted, "Seeing how Melissa treated her sister-in-law, not shocked she did this to me.”

What Marchese is of course referring to is the family drama involving the Giudices and Gorgas, which included Teresa’s husband and her very own brother coming to blows.

It seems that this particular conflict has simmered down since the Giudices were busted for fraud. Teresa Giudice and her husband made a plea agreement to avoid the heavier consequences, but are very likely to go to jail.

As Giudice prepares for the worst, Gorga has been a highly visible ally for her embattled sister-in-law.

This makes Marchese’s comment very interesting. Does she think Gorga is faking nice with Giudice like she did with herself?

The sentiment is heavily implied.

“Melissa knew exactly what she was doing,” said Marchese about Gorga’s actions on the show, “and that’s causing trouble.”

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