Melissa Gilbert Wants To Bring Film Industry To Michigan

    January 23, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Melissa Gilbert is still very connected to Hollywood–she recently served as president of the Screen Actors Guild and took a turn on “Dancing With The Stars” in 2012–but she and new husband Timothy Busfield have recently made a big move that made them feel far removed from the glamorous world of film.

The newlyweds bought a home in Michigan, in a tiny town with a population of just 9,000. And while it may be a big change, Gilbert says there are positive things that come with it.

“Here’s one of the things I noticed almost right away,” she said. “When you walk into a restaurant everybody doesn’t turn around to see who just came in. That’s an amazing difference. For the first few weeks it was a bit like living in an exhibition in “Jurassic Park” because they had never seen anything like us here. People would drive by really slow looking at the house. It felt like were the T-Rexes. It’s kind of evened out now.”

The move doesn’t mean the couple have given up on their passion, however; Gilbert says they have at least one project in the works with her son Michael, and plans for more.

“Our objective was to come to Michigan and create a film and television and theater industry here as well,” she said. “The state needs it. They have a great tax-incentive package for films and television. There’s an amazing talent pool here. We just bought our own camera and we’re going to start shooting stuff and create our own stuff. We’re shooting a short film with my son Michael in February. A Michigan-based story that Tim’s writing and directing that we’re starring in.”

The former “Little House On The Prairie” actress announced her engagement to Busfield last January, and they wed in April. Gilbert went through a painful divorce in 2011 from actor Bruce Boxleitner, but said the split was hardest on their children.

“It’s been hard on the kids and that’s been hard to watch but ultimately everyone’s going to be fine,” said Gilbert. “Everything takes time.”

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  • corey

    Try filming at this part of the year and youll understand why Michigan doesnt have a film industry. Try filming during the summer time with mosquitoes as big as horse flys and biting and attacking horse flys as big as bumble bees and youll understand why Michigan doesnt have a film industry.

    Its a beautiful state. I love Michigan but who wants to resort to only making apocalyptic Winter Storm movies or Giant Insect attack movies?

    • Charlene K. Bardo

      I know the winter is bad up there and the mosquitos sound like a chainsaw. as far as the scenery goes, it is beautiful, I am from Munising in the upper part of Michigan right on Lake Superior. I still miss the life up there and I guess I always will. We were up there one fourth of July and it got so darn cold, my brother had to light his furnace. We had to wrap my mom in quilts just to watch the fireworks. One never knows. Good luck to you and your family.

    • http://webpronews mb

      @Corey, I’m sorry but your a bit of an ass!! Many movies are filmed here. I happen to quite a few people in the industry, privacy prohibits me from naming names. We do have fours season’s and it only snows for the same amount of time as in New York, Toronto, and Chicago. Three other popular shooting locations. Michigan is a lovely state with wonderful people, some very talented. Lets not forget we gave you Motown, more A list actors that I have room for. Oh and Clint Eastwood thought it was good enough for his film. Thank you Ms Gilbert We would love to have you and your colleagues here!!

      • karla

        well said. I am a Michigan native. It is a beautiful state.

  • http://usavemovingandstorage.com Jae

    As a Michigander I have happy to have her here. As a mover I wish I could have moved her here. It’s kin of cool to know that she and her husband only live down the road from me. I think Michigan benefits greatly with their residence.

  • Marcie(Martha)

    It’s a beautiful place waiting for beautiful hearted people. I settled here nearly 40 years ago and on a whole still think it a serindipity of surprises! Welcome to you and yours, Melissa!

  • Irving Gold

    Corey… please shut up. You know nothing about the film industry, and apparently nothing about the state you live in.

    Michigan has a thriving film industry, and many recent films we done here with the talented people of the IATSE. Have you ever heard of a studio? Yeah, well that’s where you film when the weather isn’t what you need. Lots of film and TV is done in Canada, which… I’m pretty sure… is north of Michigan. They have winter there too, Corey, and they seem to get lots of films (and television shows) put out just fine. Don’t be a knobhead, Corey. Welcome, Melissa, and thanks for bringing jobs to a state that needs them. Just don’t talk to our Governor… he’ll probably screw things up for everyone.

  • Penny

    I moved to Las Vegas from Michigan over 30 years ago. I have missed “home” since I moved here and will be moving back this year. I miss the green, the people and even the snow at Christmas time. You will never meet better people than from Michigan. I do understand Michigan does have a film industry, for goodness sake just watch some movies which have been filmed there.
    It is a wonderful place to live and raise families. I regret that my sons were not able to live there. They, I must say have moved out of this town and now live in towns similar to where I grew up.

    • http://usavemovingandstorage.com Jae

      If you are going to move back to Michigan consider <a href="usavemovingandstorage.com">U-Save Moving and Storage</a>

    • Lanny yeakle

      I am pleased we have her here. I know we had other actors like Tim Talor the tool man how funny was he. And Jim Reevs Back in time was a great movie with Jane Seemore on Mackinaw Island to name a few

  • Iatse guy

    Tax incentives are only to line the pockets of the production companies and producers. Before you get to worked up about it, do some research on other states and ther incentives. In the end tax payers foot the bill with NO return on your investment.Seems as though people DO need good jobs but money better spent on jobs programs instead of lining the pockets of very wealthy people. Almost all movie productions are based in California. Left Cali cause jerry brown finally put a stop to tax payers getting screwed. Movie industry made something like 13 billon dollars last year. How much was profit. Eliminate all incentives, people will always pay for quality product.

  • OhioOne

    Heck many Movie Stars. – Dumb and Dumber Star comes to mind with his Rose production there. Plus Low Winter Sun, the AMC show- while not picked up for a 2nd seasn was tapedin Detroit. Even had a few MICH Actors init. Mike McKiddy was in two episodes and Mike McKiddy made DEADHEADS a Zomedy humor movies inMich a couple of years back. OKIt was an INDY, but getting to be a classic movie. He was also in Slietn Scream back in 2003 tiems frame. Another Indy Movie.. Don’t forget the many Museums in Mich. FORD comes to mind. OK SoI am from Ohio. Bear Lake comes to mind and OH YEAH Gordan Leightfoot sings of the Lake when a ship went down, Wreck Of the Edmund Frizgerald. In a Musty Hall in Detroit the bell ran 29 times for each man on the ..

    Tim Allen based his TV show as the Shows Star was doing it from Detroit. TIM was from Detroit. Many TV-Movie Stars lived there growing up as they did in Ohio, Wont knock that. Still Michis a nice State. Hope MG and TB enjoy living there.

    • OhioOne

      oops I mean GorDan Lightfoot and Season and OK It was.. For some reason my keyboard is just getting to old to type with..:o) Still Mich better then in LA for many things..

  • Sagehopper

    She’s too late…Jeff Daniels already did…Watch “Escanaba in da moonlight” some time.Hilarious offbeat comedy.

  • andi slack

    Michigan already has a thriving film industry. Here in Northern Michigan, several movies have been made. Traverse City is the home of a great film festival in the summer and many big stars show up to participate.

  • Wendy

    Melissa, check out South Haven, MI on Lake Michigan or any of the absolutely gorgeous towns on the lakes. Michigan is number one for lakes! Some say better than California and Hawaii. God’s country!

  • http://yahoo,Iguess Roger Miller

    My wife and I finallly made it back to Michigan after raising three families in Maryland. This is the first harsh winter that we have seen in 17 years. Brrr! We are now sending our last grandchild out into the big world, and we look for some “us” time, finally. Thank you for thinking of Michigan, the land of a shy, talented people. We get a kick out of Kid Rock, and I dedicated a poem to him on allpoetry.com, “A Song of the Great Huron Mountains” by freewit. Poetry is what little I contribute to my Michigan. Thank you for being here.

  • avon/ladie

    im from wisconsin & i move to michigan almost 2 years..i miss my children & family,but i really love michigan, i live more on the country side, & michigan its a beautiful state, one of my favor shows was little house on the prairie:} i still watch it some times..welcome to michigan melissa & God bless you & family..

  • Barbara Montague-Myrick

    You will love it in Michigan Melissa but it will be the divorce that will prove to be the hardest on the children. Take it from someone who has been there. In fact my first divorce and 2nd marriage brought us to Mt.Clemens Michigan in 1973.