Melissa Gilbert Slams "Little House" Co-Stars

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Melissa Gilbert shared some juicy gossip about her former "Little House On The Prairie" co-stars on Wednesday's episode of "Watch What Happens Live", saying she would punch one of them right in the nose if she ran into her today.

According to Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson, who played sweet, blind older sister Mary on the show, wasn't anything like her character.

"[Anderson was] "hateful, horrid, mean, terrible, mean, difficult," Gilbert said. "She hated me. She knocked me off the wagon when I was nine."

Wow! Looks like there was some drama going on behind the scenes of the family-oriented show. But Gilbert didn't just have an issue with Anderson; she says Shannen Doherty, who played Jenny Wilder from 1982-1983, went on to have a one-night stand with Gilbert's first husband, Bo Brinkman. Doherty better hope she never sees Gilbert on the streets, because things could get violent.

"[I] would just punch her in the nose," Gilbert said.

The 49-year old actress also got candid about a celebrity boyfriend from her past, dropping the bombshell that she used to date Tom Cruise.

"When I dated him, he was Tom Mapother still," Gilbert said. "He had just moved to Los Angeles. I did not have sex with him. We made out, but honestly, there was no sex.He was a struggling actor and I was working, I actually bought him his first set of dishes."

Gilbert and new husband Timothy Busfield have just moved to Michigan, and she spoke recently about their goal to bring the film industry to the state.

“Our objective was to come to Michigan and create a film and television and theater industry here as well,” she said. “The state needs it. They have a great tax-incentive package for films and television. There’s an amazing talent pool here. We just bought our own camera and we’re going to start shooting stuff and create our own stuff. We’re shooting a short film with my son Michael in February. A Michigan-based story that Tim’s writing and directing that we’re starring in.”

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