Melanie Griffith Wants Half; Antonio Banderas May Have Had 'Sex Parties'

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Melanie Griffith will be fighting for £40 million during her divorce battle against Antonio Banderas. The ex-couple will be fighting over their properties, as well as custody of their 17-year-old daughter Stella, and their three dogs. Griffith is also seeking spousal support for life.

Griffith and Banderas have homes, commercial buildings, and restaurants located across Europe and America. A source said that Griffith wants half of all the properties.

Amidst all the divorce talk, a Brazilian woman is claiming that she was seduced by Banderas even before Griffith filed for divorce.

The woman said that Banderas was very welcoming, friendly, and charming during their encounter. She said that the conversation she had with Banderas was intimate and that the actor was obviously flirting with her. “The conversation got hot when he started telling me how he hosts sex parties at his house!” the woman said.

The woman, who has requested not to be named, said that the incident happened during a party at Griffith and Banderas’ villa in Los Angeles.

“He told me ‘When the sun comes up I would see naked women around the pool and the empty Cristal Champagne bottles around the pool,’” she said. The woman also said that she feels sorry for Griffith.

A source also said that Griffith’s friends think that Banderas has been with more than a dozen women.

Griffith filed for divorce on June 6, just a few days after photos of Banderas with another woman were released by The Enquirer. The couple had been together for 18 years.

According to the woman, Banderas’ advances did not result in anything. However, she said that since Banderas has an image of being a “bad boy,” she doubts that she was the first woman he invited to his sex parties. “To do that in his house under Melanie’s nose is just so, so wrong,” she said.

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