Melanie Griffith Wants Half; Antonio Banderas May Have Had ‘Sex Parties’

    July 8, 2014
    Val Powell
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Melanie Griffith will be fighting for £40 million during her divorce battle against Antonio Banderas. The ex-couple will be fighting over their properties, as well as custody of their 17-year-old daughter Stella, and their three dogs. Griffith is also seeking spousal support for life.

Griffith and Banderas have homes, commercial buildings, and restaurants located across Europe and America. A source said that Griffith wants half of all the properties.

Amidst all the divorce talk, a Brazilian woman is claiming that she was seduced by Banderas even before Griffith filed for divorce.

The woman said that Banderas was very welcoming, friendly, and charming during their encounter. She said that the conversation she had with Banderas was intimate and that the actor was obviously flirting with her. “The conversation got hot when he started telling me how he hosts sex parties at his house!” the woman said.

The woman, who has requested not to be named, said that the incident happened during a party at Griffith and Banderas’ villa in Los Angeles.

“He told me ‘When the sun comes up I would see naked women around the pool and the empty Cristal Champagne bottles around the pool,’” she said. The woman also said that she feels sorry for Griffith.

A source also said that Griffith’s friends think that Banderas has been with more than a dozen women.

Griffith filed for divorce on June 6, just a few days after photos of Banderas with another woman were released by The Enquirer. The couple had been together for 18 years.

According to the woman, Banderas’ advances did not result in anything. However, she said that since Banderas has an image of being a “bad boy,” she doubts that she was the first woman he invited to his sex parties. “To do that in his house under Melanie’s nose is just so, so wrong,” she said.

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  • Snidely Whiplash

    It appears she’s one greedy bitch. Spousal support for life? What if SHE got more acting roles than him? I think he should reciprocate and ask for spousal support for life. It’s hollyweird, so anything can happen.

    • Eleanor Jacobs

      greedy for a woman married to a man 18 years to ask for spousal support for life? no, not really. most do. and they get it.

      • Elaine M

        no, not for life – in most states it’s a certain amount of time or until they marry someone else – in CA if you have been married over 10 years – they pay for life – even if you get remarried

        • Eleanor Jacobs

          as long as you don’t get remarried, yes in California you can get spousal support for life. be married 20 years and get divorced and yes you can. the spouse can challenge it once a year, but yes it can be given by the court. keeps the gal living at the MSOL aka marital standard of living when she doesn’t have the same earning and saving power as he does after she stays home with their kids.

  • Fozziedabear

    Apparently he was tired of looking at that face every morning. Some faces even a husband can’t love. I always thought he could do better.

    • Eleanor Jacobs

      what a cruel person you are. i hope when your marriage goes sour people are as mean and judgmental

      • Elaine M

        I unfortunately agree with Fozziedabear – if she would have just aged gracefully and not been such an insecure whack job – he might have been a faithful husband – but everyone knows shes a nut – her mom let her move in with don johnson when he was 22 and she was 14

        • Eleanor Jacobs

          she was an odd ball when he married her. if he didn’t like the additional weird turns she took – then leave. have some integrity and just walk away. find the person you want to be with.

  • Celtic

    Hmm .. About the article above I highly doubt that Antonio had ‘Sex Parties’ at the home he, Melanie and daughter shared, as if Melanie wouldn’t notice all these strange young beautiful women? I read years ago when Melanie had her lips enhanced that Antonio openly told her that when he looked at her all he saw was ‘LIPS’ …. I believe he truly did love Melanie but the years of her Alcohol and Drug Abuse was an on going battle with him trying to get her Clean and Sober. If anyone failed in this marriage it was ‘Melanie’ not Antonio.

    • Andi

      I’m guessing he didn’t have these parties when his wife and daughter were in residence. They have multiple homes, I’m sure there were many times that Melanie and Stella weren’t around. I agree that years of drug and alcohol abuse would put a strain on their marriage, but that doesn’t give him the right to have sex parties (or even discrete affairs). If you’re not happy in your marriage, get out of it!

  • em@beach

    I don’t mean to offend anyone, but why are you all so judgmental? You don’t personally know either of these people, and you have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. Until you’ve walked in their shoes, it might be best to keep “your ugly opinions” to yourselves and stop trying to make things worse than they already are. I only hope that they both, and their daughter, can move on with love and dignity. And, by the way, after being together for 18 years, it’s very common to ask for “half” of everything and support for life.

  • Very Veggie

    If the woman invited to a sex party by Banderas under “Melanie’s nose” thought it was so wrong why did she go??

    • Jan Hunsinger

      She didn’t.

  • Christine Schears McWilliams

    take a look at yourselves in the mirror! up close! I posted earlier but think it didn’t post! They are in the public eye! She is still a human being! with feelings! Ii am quite sure each of us has inner ‘demons’.. or struggles or a ‘vice” – a coping mechanism! not fair to cut someone down – esp their looks!

  • anita

    Come on VAL Powell, the writer of this article: If you can manage the complexities to be a published content writer, surely you realize that whatever was going on in the home was shared by both husband and wife and no surprise at all in the lives of “swingers”, no victims and no real story here?

  • Aaron Manderscheid

    18 yrs and all the sudden this woman pops up and hes having Orgies yeah ok smells Fishy doesnt it ??? Dont give that crone anything you dont have to Antonio , men always get the shaft and its bullshit !!!

  • Michael

    Half and support for life..NO WAY.I am a woman and feel thats very very unfair….she is looking for a hand out.I am also a sober person,21 years,and I can tell you all the #@((* he has put up with she should be more flexible…we alcoholics are monster to deal with when not sober.

  • Marsi

    How ridiculous. Clearly, she had to be open to anything to hold on to him for as long as she did. She’s one neurotic mess of a woman and doesn’t deserve spousal support.

  • Gidgetgirl1234

    She is disgusting and I certainly couldn’t blame him for having twister orgies every day, all day, with everything he has had to go through with this addict! He can do so much better than being with a sick, self absorbed, sorry sack like her. Pay her whatever she wants and keep it moving!

  • Carmen Park

    i’m pretty surprised at these replies. hello, dark ages. so she wasn’t pretty enough and that’s why he cheated. she was a drunk and a druggie and that’s why he cheated. how about- BANDERAS is a pussyhound, and that’s why he cheated? I bet all of you women on this board would probably blame it on the mistress if your hubby did the dirty deed with another woman. HE CHEATED BECAUSE HE CHEATS. he’s probably done it for years, and with other women. some men cheat. not all, but some. and its not because their wives aren’t pretty enough. their just little boys with no self control and no accountability. even if he were married to the most gorgeous woman in the world, it wouldn’t change that. stop living in the trailer park of your antiquated gender myths.