Megyn Kelly Set For A Fox News Primetime Slot

    August 9, 2013
    Courtney Wills
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Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is reportedly taking over one of the network’s primetime slots when she returns from maternity leave, sources say.

The daytime anchor seems to have long been set for a promotion, as her popularity has increased exponentially in recent years; now, that promotion just may knock either of two colleagues, Sean Hannity or Greta Van Susteren, out of their respective seats at the news desk.

However, all of Fox News primetime anchors reportedly have contracts with the network, leaving no room for a new face in the evening segments. Greta Van Susteren has the lowest ratings with Fox’s primetime viewers; it has been wondered by many if Kelly will be directly taking over Van Susteren’s 10:00 position, or forcing the news veteran out by way of taking over Sean Hannity’s 9 p.m. spot, bumping him to the 10 p.m. area. It has been speculated that Kelly’s move will force either Hannity or Van Susteren out entirely; although with Van Susteren’s diminishing ratings, it would seem more logical that her departure from primetime would be the unerring choice. Obviously, many of Fox News’ most avid viewers will be waiting on pins and needles for the official word from the network on what Megyn Kelly’s promotion will mean for the other anchors.

The flurry of speculation began when Fox News CEO Roger Ailes announced last month that the blonde anchor would be receiving a promotion at the end of her maternity leave, namely in September, which would include a spot in the network’s primetime schedule.

  • Lea Smetana

    Do not like the fact that Megan is taking over Hannity spot. She should be taking over O’Reilly’s show as he has become an Obama lover and is helping the liberals keep his image alive. I really do like Megan as she is sharp and intelligent, but Hannity is better in that spot and his programs with a live audience are great. Let Megan take over O’Reilly’s show. He has become too arrogant and into himself. An Obama lover. Save Hannity show.

  • Theresa Bambrick

    Please to not drop Greta. She really gets to the root of things. I love Fox News. Also, I very glad you have Elizabeth H. on Fox, can’t wait to see her on Fox & Friends. I think Allison C. who is on weekends should take Megan Kellys job at 1 to 3. How about instead of someone taking 3 hrs, split the time with 3 people. Allison, Shannon B. & Charles, sorry his last name slips my mind) but he fills in for Chris Cavuto on Sunday & Stewart Varney. Someone else who would be excellent is Stacy Burns,love, love her. She would give you great ratings. Thank you for reading my e-mail. Theresa Bambrick

  • nelson pena

    leave greata shes the best

  • Rosita Wraith

    Megan could replace O’Reilly.We have been long O’Reilly watchers, but he now talks over his guests. He has invited them, we would like to hear their opinions. We now watch Special Report with Bret Baier taped. Charles Krauthammer is intelligent and most scholarly. We would appreciate hearing more from him.