Meghan Trainor Talks Ariana Grande's Thigh Gap

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Meghan Trainor is 'All About That Bass,' and when recently playing a game called 'Bass or Treble,' talk turned to Ariana Grande and the 'Problem' singer's thigh gap. Trainor played the game during an interview with Cosmopolitan. She was asked to determine whether she felt something was 'bass' or 'treble,' with bass being good--because she's 'all about it,' and 'treble' being not so cool. She was then asked to label Ariana Grande's thigh gap.

"If you rock it, bass, I don't know," she said. "I like Ariana Grande's nice thigh-gap. She's got good legs."

What is a thigh gap, you might be asking? It is the space between one's thighs--and this has been a really hot topic recently. Some people are criticizing the trend, however, as an unhealthy image for girls to aspire to. Beyonce has come under fire for reportedly altering her bikini pics to include a thigh gap.

Meghan Trainor doesn't spend much time worrying about whether or not she has a thigh gap.

"I ate pizza yesterday and I am eating Chinese food later today," she said in her interview with Cosmopolitan. "It's gonna be great. But so far people have actually told me I look like I've lost weight. I think it's because I've been standing all day or dancing."

"I grew up a chubby girl. I had two brothers," she said in a previous interview about her body image. "My parents loved us, they just fed us whatever we wanted."

Meghan Trainor doesn't seem like she suffered much because of the way she was raised. As a matter of fact--as evidenced in 'All About That Bass,' it seems like her mother taught her to feel good about herself for reasons far beyond her body shape or size--something mothers everywhere should work on with their own daughters.

Good health and the fact that people come in a variety of shapes and sizes are topics worth focusing time on--and are much more important than Ariana Grande's thigh gap. Even though Meghan Trainor calls it 'bass,' she isn't killing herself trying to attain one of her own.

Kimberly Ripley
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