Meghan Trainor Releases Video For "Lips Are Movin"

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Meghan Trainor, the singer behind the hit song “All about That Bass”, has just released the video for her second single “Lips Are Movin’”. The song offers more than a few nods to “All about That Bass”, from the instrumentation, the songwriting, and even a couple of lyrical send-ups to her debut single. The video features Trainor singing and dancing in front of colorful backgrounds. The singer talked about the video with MTV News when they interviewed her during the shoot.

Trainor says, “This video is going to be awesome because it’s not just a story or a theme of ‘here’s a boy and here’s me and me yelling at him.’ It’s like, ‘Here’s me being sassy and other people dancing with me and having just a good time and trying to get through this feeling of, Ugh he’s cheating on me again.’ Like, ‘I know you’re lying, but that’s OK because I’m gonna find the next guy. I’m good.’”

Meghan also teamed up with HP to get some of the biggest superstars in social media sites like Vine, Youtube, and Instagram to help make the video. “I love HP for doing this with me. It’s the first time any artist has done this, which is pretty risky,” Trainor said about the collaboration. The internet stars were involved in the video in various capacities, from appearing in cameos to helping out with the choreography and the production.

“We have all these beautiful sets here. We have different colors and I usually wear all black-on-black because I don’t like a lot of colors,” Trainor said. “But I thought this was so cute and fun and my blonde hair looks great with pink behind me, so I think it will be fun.”

Trainor will be releasing her debut album, Title, on January 13. The record will also feature “All about That Bass”, which has spent 18 weeks so far on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Click on YouTube link to see actual video.

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