2 Megapixels of Phone Fun From Samsung and Sprint

    May 12, 2005

Sprint and Samsung announced a new breakthrough for the camera/phone market today so now when Little Richard shows up at your local bowling alley and complains about the attire, you can get the image in 2 megapixels of detail and hand 4″x6″s to your friends.

This new innovation was the next logical step in the popular camera/phone market. The Sprint PCS Vision Multimedia Phone MM-A800 by Samsung is unique slider phone and a multimedia powerhouse, allowing customers to capture two-megapixel still images and VGA-quality videos, listen to digital music files, and text message at lightening speed with voice commands and dictation.

This little communicator packs a punch. “The MM-A800 by Samsung exemplifies the continuing consumer trend to converge the functionality of consumer electronic devices with wireless handsets,” said John Garcia, senior vice president – Sales and Distribution, Sprint. “The delivery of the first two-megapixel phone to the U.S. market reinforces Sprint’s position to deliver expert technology from Samsung and offer leading data services with Picture Mail, Sprint TV, music and games.”

Good For Business

Customers can use the embedded camera to capture a business-card image with Biz-Card Scan and transfer the contact information directly into the device’s internal contacts, alleviating the need for manual entry. The phone’s camcorder capabilities allow customers to shoot 30-second videos, sharing them with family and friends via email or saving them as screensavers and wallpapers. With the MM-A800 by Samsung’s built-in TransFLASH expandable memory card slot, users have ample memory to store their favorite video clips and digital music files.

The MM-A800 by Samsung revolutionizes text messaging with VoiceMode speech-to-text dictation technology. VoiceMode, by VoiceSignal Technologies, allows users to dictate text messages. To start, the user simply says a voice command to address a text message to the desired recipient in their address book thus eliminating many time-consuming steps by just saying, “Send text to Dad.” Once the message is addressed, the user is able to employ VoiceMode to populate the message with text by just speaking the words into the phone. The user trains the MM-A800 by Samsung through a brief series of spoken prompts that captures voice tone and intonation. The more frequently VoiceMode is used, the more it adapts to the user’s voice. With the MM-A800 by Samsung, you can “Say it, see it, send it.”

The MM-A800 by Samsung is available for a suggested retail price of $499.99 or $349.99 after rebate at third-party retailers.

OK. This phone is pricey but man is it too cool.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.