Megachurch Thieves Get Cash, Checks, Credit Card Info

    March 11, 2014
    Tina Volpe
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The well known pastor Joel Osteen and his Houston megachurch has been robbed – the thieves getting away with cash, checks, and credit card information from a church safe.

Police spokeswoman Jodi Silva said Tuesday that no arrests have been made in the theft that occurred at Lakewood Church.

The goods in the safe contained the offerings that were given on Saturday, March 8 and Sunday, March 9. Investigators believe the safe was broken into between 2:30 pm Sunday and 8:30 am Monday. Lakewood followers have been advised to monitor their accounts.

The megachurch discovered the theft on Monday, and informed churchgoers of the burglary via email.

Lakewood Church must really do well on the weekends, as authorities are investigating that approximately $600,000 ($200,000 in cash and $400,000 in checks) was stolen from that safe. Osteen’s megachurch is one of the largest congregations in the country.

The church has been known to see more than 40,000 people attend weekly services, and Osteen’s televised sermons reach nearly 100 countries.

Church officials say there’s no data breach and the stolen funds are insured. However, followers’ credit card information was in donation envelopes. They also commented that they are cooperating with police.

In a statement issued Monday, Lakewood Church said, “We are working with the police to fully investigate the incident. The funds were fully insured, and we are working with our insurance company to restore the stolen funds to the church.”

The Houston Police Department is investigating the matter.

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  • linc_lady2

    I am shocked at how many people are so duped and drawn to these so called “Mega-Churches”!!! Sadly it may as well be called Church of The Mega Millions! Apparently someone decided they deserved a piece of the action.

    It seems O’Steen continues to draw thousands in by telling them exactly what they want to hear with his “feel good, motivational” speaking style. His father was a “preacher”….. Little Joel, not so much.

    • Madrid

      So you think thieves deserve the money of God instead of a church spreading the love of God? Joel makes no money from the church, the only money he makes is from his books.

      • Jay Assunto


      • linc_lady2

        You are very naive if you think the only money Joel makes is from his books. Every pastor is paid a salary from the church. Did I say anything about O’Steen’s salary or personal income? No I did NOT!! As the daughter of a pastor of a very large church, believe me I KNOW how it works. How many thousands have YOU handed over??

  • ForCry

    $600K is peanuts compared with the loot Osteen has stolen with his fake church.

    • rr

      It is redundant to say fake church.

  • Steven P Jones

    The crooks could have come from the outside, but there are more crooks on the inside running this church. Most of the Prosperity Message TV Preachers
    have been proven to be crooks and some of them have been sentenced to prison
    time for their fraudulent schemes.

    • Madrid

      Not true.

  • Aquarius

    They are insured for it. Whoever did it knew that and how much they collect. It screams of an inside job!!

    • Mark Jonjak

      Why would they care if it was insured? Me, I find it sad that the con artist didn’t even get a tiny dent in his wealth gained through evil. If I were the thief, I’d be much happier if he was not insured. Now he can only buy 51 yachts this year instead of 52.

  • Mark Jonjak

    Jesus said if you have two coats, give one to the poor.

    I don’t know what they talk about in a $75 Million church, but it clearly has nothing to do with Jesus.

    Does the guy who makes $600k/week have two coats? What does he do with them?

  • Madrid

    Joel is a man of God, that has spread the love of God. That is why people come to his church and watch on TV. His way of preaching is not the only way of preaching, but is of God. I pray that his ministry of God reaches even more people because of this happening. God bless.

    • Jay Assunto

      All snake oil salesmen.

  • Madrid

    Although it is needed, fire and brimstone is not the only type of preaching. Jesus said I came to give life and life abundantly.

    • Jay Assunto

      Professor Quirrell said,”There is no good and evil,there is only power, and those too weak to seek it.” Quote from Harry Potter because that is as relevant as the bible

  • Madrid

    Joel gives many coats and more with his outreach ministry. Don’t judge out of jealousy and hate. God loves Joel just like he loves you.

  • Moe Greene

    If a church robs people of their salvation by not preaching the right Gospel, can they really afford to complain if someone steals something from them?

    • disqus_0Q4r0Q5oyz

      Preach it Moe!!!!

  • Jay Assunto

    Well now maybe that money will go toward someone that needs the money and not to pay for that 10 million home of Olsteens

  • disqus_0Q4r0Q5oyz

    A thief stole from a thief…Boy that’s a first!!!! Prosperity Gospel and False Teaching at it’s lowest. It says in Proverbs, a liar will be lied to and a thief will be robbed….

  • Tuna Booby

    If you could ask God which would he prefer….spending millions on building and maintaining extravagant churches for people to congregate and worship him or taking all of that money and use it to provide food and shelter for the less fortunate? Which do you think he would choose?

    • ForCry

      Buying first class airfare so your wife can scream at the flight attendants that the drink should be stronger!

  • http://2014Taxes.org/ Steve Patterson

    Hopefully they can limit the damage to just the cash and keep the checks and credit cards from being used.

  • Unknown

    Since I didn’t build hell, I don’t have a hell to put Joel Osteen or his church in. That is, I cannot pass judgement on him or “his” church. It seems like many of the people in this thread are passing judgement on him by calling him a thief or his message false because it is a “feel good” message. I say, “save yourselves.” Each of us have shortcomings (lusts, lack of forgiveness, etc…) that it would take a lifetime to resolve. So let us focus on being better people and resolving our own failures. For the audience who are more “religiously inclined” and who casts Osteen into the light of scrutiny, remove the beam from your own eye first. Examine yourselves first. Lastly, if his “feel good” message prevented just one person committing suicide or prevented one kid from shooting up his school, then I say that it is worthwhile.