Mega Millions Winner: Truck Driver Realizes It's Him


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The second Mega Millions winner has come forward, and well-- it looks like the rest of us just have to keep on truckin.'

Los Angeles TImes tells us of a man who had $324 million dollars lying around and didn't know it. Northern California truck driver Steve Tran heard that the winning ticket was purchased in San Jose, but it didn't hit him until this Friday that, in his words, "I think I went to San Jose."

Steve Tran happened to buy the winning ticket from Jenny's Gift Shop during one of his truck driving deliveries weeks ago, but forgot about it. After checking his ticket, the rest --as well as his employment as a truck driver--is history.

Great news for the family of Steve Tran and the owner of Jenny's Gift Shop-- Steve Tran just might be on the road a lot less now, and the store that sells a winning ticket also gets a cool million. If Tran decides to take the lump sum, he will receive a paltry $173.8 million before taxes.

He has 60 days to decide if he wants to do that, and we can be sure that he won't miss the truck train on this one. It's just a great thing that his Lottery Ticket Epiphany only took weeks-- Mega Millions in California gives you a year to claim your ticket before it expires.

Image via Youtube