Mega Millions Jackpot Won In Texas

    July 4, 2014
    Lindsay McCane
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Last year we saw the Mega Millions jackpot climb to hundreds of millions of dollars. However, this year it seems as though the jackpot can’t grow for all the winners out there.

For the 8th time in 2014, the Mega Millions jackpot has been won. On Friday, June 27, a winning Mega Millions ticket was sold in the small town of Moulton, Texas, a town with a population of less than 1,000 and approximately 120 miles west of Houston, at the Moulton Grocery & Market located at 100 S. Lavaca.

“If you purchased a Mega Millions ticket in Moulton, check your numbers because you might be a millionaire,” said Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery.

The jackpot had reached $33 million. If the person who purchased the winning ticket opts to take the cash option in one lump sum, they will receive a little more than $19 million after taxes. Friday’s winning numbers were 15,29, 31, 46 and 64 with a Mega Ball of 10.

The jackpot reset to $15 million for Tuesday’s drawing, which would leave the winner $8 million to take as a lump sum.

Mega Millions tickets are sold in 43 states plus the District of Columbia and the U. S. Virgin Islands. Tickets cost $1 each, and drawings take place on Tuesday and Friday nights.

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  • rick dogood

    Coincidence. Seems to me every time 99.9% winners of these big lottery jackpots is a ticket bought in some small town in the middle of nowhere. So if you are lottery player in a big city / town the odds are doubly against you. IMO

    • http://ms1.gotdns.com/ ClintonsTart

      or old people.

    • QIQ

      There are no opinions when it comes to math. The media are just much more likely to pick up a story where this is the case.

  • Meza72

    OMG This writer is an IDIOT. Those are not the correct numbers, the numbers in this article are from Mega Millions on 6/27/14. Do Journalist do ANY research anymore? The correct winning numbers for Friday 7/4/14 are 16, 33, 39, 58, 69 Mega Ball 2 posted on the Texas lotto website.

    • Level headed westerner

      Please slow down. Take a DEEP breath and read the story again.

      The reporter stated that “…For the 8th time in 2014, the Mega Millions jackpot has been won. On Friday, June 27, a winning Mega Millions ticket was sold in the small town of Moulton,…” therefore the correct numbers were the ones listed in the article.

      I did not verify the numbers were correct. I didn’t win, so I did not care if the numbers were correct.

  • the amazingaro

    will the world be a better place if I win a few first prize power ball and mega millions lotteries? do I deserve to win a few of them? GOD next time buy some tickets should they be the winning ones, Yuma ,Arizona? will they be the winning ones? GOD YOU know how and on who I will spend the money. so do YOU think me winning is a great idea that YOU are in favor of GOD?