Meg Ryan & John Mellencamp: What Caused Their Break Up?

    August 25, 2014
    Val Powell
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Actor Meg Ryan has split from her rocker boyfriend, John Mellencamp, after three years of dating. The couple reportedly called it quits earlier this month, said a friend of Mellencamp’s to Closer Weekly. Sources close to the couple claim that it was the long distance between them that contributed to the end of the relationship.

Ryan, 52, is based in New York, while Mellencamp, 62, lives in Indiana. While one source claims that it was the distance that “ultimately was the cause,” another friend close to Mellencamp revealed that another cause for the breakup could be the fact that he didn’t like the attention that came with dating Ryan, a Hollywood actress. “I bet he’ll stay away from dating another famous person for a while,” said the source to Closer Weekly.

Ryan’s ex-boyfriend has been candid before about his distaste for city life and his desire to stay in Indiana. He told Rolling Stone in 2013 that he was too sensitive to live in the city and see things such as trash on the streets. He said he would never leave Indiana. “I’m going to die here,” he said. His determination to stay in Indiana may not have left much room in the relationship for Ryan’s bustling life in New York.

The couple began dating in 2010 after Mellencamp split from his wife of 18 years, Elaine Irwin. Ryan and Mellencamp kept a low profile as a couple during their relationship, but were previously seen together on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard and running errands in SoHo in New York. People Magazine reported that they were last seen together in May.

E! News reported that Ryan and Mellencamp are focused on their respective projects now that their relationship has ended. Ryan is directing a film called Ithaca, a World War II drama that stars her former Sleepless In Seattle co-star Tom Hanks. Meanwhile, Mellencamp is releasing his 22nd album Plain Spoken in November.

  • Moi

    They broke up? Didn’t even know they were a couple.

  • Barbara Richards

    Um. Do you think it had to do with the fact that he was from INDIANA?? Good grief.

  • Jerry

    JCM is a rude jerk, jst ask the people who worked for him. They all quit because of his behaviour. No doubt he is a total nightmare to live with. Very wise of her to never move to Indiana of all places when she has a gorgeous home in NYC with her daughter. And even wiser not to marry him, since he already failed at marriage 3(!!) times. His loss. Not hers.

  • Jerry

    See what botox does?

  • Angie Kalob

    She looks … just ghastly.
    But JCM looks like a younger version of Charles Mansion in prison. Seriously!!

  • NoBrain NoHeadache

    What caused the breakup? He no longer recognized her with all the fillers, botox, and facial procedures. She was always darling, it is okay to grow old without changing your looks.

  • blueskyeblue

    He is so sensitive to seeing poor people on the streets, so I want to see him make a big effort in his hometown where there are scads of homeless people. How about sponsoring a winter shelter, Mr. M?