Meebo: Save Chat Logs before Final Curtain Call

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Meebo announced earlier this month that it would be shutting down in July due to its acquisition by Google. The Meebo team is now sending out email notifications to users who might not be in the know about the acquisition as well as reminders about how to retrive chat logs before July 11, 2012, when Meebo will be shuttering up its windows for good.

The full email follows:

Subject: Meebo Messenger is being retired

You may have heard the news recently that Google has acquired Meebo.

The Meebo Bar for site publishers will continue to be available and will see continued improvements and new features in the weeks and months ahead.

However, as part of this transition, Meebo Messenger will be retired on July 11, 2012.

As a past Messenger user, we wanted you to know that until July 11 you can download your archived Messenger chat logs. Log into your account on Meebo Messenger for a download link. Please act soon — after July 11, chat archives will be deleted.

If you don't want to retrieve your chat logs, no action needs to be taken.

This is a one-time courtesy email to let you know about the upcoming changes and the availability of your chat logs for download; there is no need to unsubscribe.

Thank you for being a part of the Meebo community. The team here has loved every minute of the past seven years, and we're honored that you chose to trust Meebo as a place to have conversations with friends, family and colleagues. As we turn our attention to a new chapter, joining forces with the Google+ team, we look back with great appreciation to everyone who used and loved Meebo Messenger along the way.

Sandy, Seth, and the Meebo Team

Anybody Meebo users out there found any possible replacements for Meebo Messenger? Let us know about your alternatives below.