MediaSense Blog Measurement Tool Debuts

    May 3, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Umbria and PR Newswire have partnered on the launch of MediaSense Blog Measurement, for use by clients seeking insight into the buzz around their brands on the Internet.

MediaSense Blog Measurement Tool Debuts
MediaSense Blog Measurement Tool Debuts
MediaSense Blog Measurement Tool Debuts

The subscription-based MediaSense Blog Measurement service will delve into the sometimes murky and always widespread conversations of the world of blogs and other consumer-generated media. Clients will be able to find out what people have to say about their brands.

The aphorism about knowledge equaling power has become more of a truism in the 21st Century. Problems arise when trying to sift the more useful knowledge about people discussing brands from the many disparate conversations taking place online.

Specialized services have evolved to focus on intelligence gathering from blogs, and Umbria has been among them. Their technology will be at the core of PR Newswire‘s MediaSense Blog Measurement service.

PR Newswire said the Blog Measurement service will be available separate from or bundled with their MediaSense product. More details arrived from them in a statement about the deal:

Reports are delivered monthly and contain an evaluation of media coverage based upon several measures including volume of coverage, coverage by media type, tonality (positive, negative, neutral), the presence of key corporate messages within articles, the overall quality of coverage based upon an article