Google Maps Integrated Into Media Platform

    March 19, 2007

Reality Digital, a media sharing and social community solutions for businesses, has integrated its digital media-hosting platform, Reality Digital Opus and Google Maps. This allows users to find the geographic location of videos uploaded to Opus.

Content owners can now highlight their video’s location, allowing viewers to identify more closely with the content. This works by placing a virtual "pushpin" on the map, or typing in an address or location. Site owners can use the Opus integration of Google Maps to improve communities, add value to their brand and increase monetization of their content.

"Mapping the geographic location of our videos will add another level of context for the politicians, lobbyists and political enthusiasts who visit our site," said David Livingston, president of Capitol Hill Broadcasting Network. "Reality Digital continues to help us differentiate ourselves from the multitude of political communities online today. Our users can geographically tag their videos with the Opus integration of Google Maps to extend their level of interactivity with one another."

Businesses that will find the Opus integration of Google Maps helpful include travel sites, communities of interest and social networking sites.

"We see businesses struggle with piecing together third-party solutions to provide their users with a rich set of features including video sharing, blogging, and social collaboration capabilities," said Cynthia Francis, CEO of Reality Digital. "Not only does Opus package these tools into a simple, powerful and easy-to-use solution, but the additional Opus mapping capability underscores our commitment to developing new and relevant features that exceed the technical needs of today’s rapidly evolving social networking ecosystem."