Measure Map Returning From Google’s Graveyard

    April 30, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Ever since Google acquired blog analytics firm Measure Map, the product vanished with only an email signup form left behind for people newly interested in the service.

Google busied itself with the Urchin purchase, revamping it into what is now Google Analytics. That free service contained some elements of the long-disappeared Measure Map, but Measure Map itself looked doomed.

However, the blog-centric service appears ready to return, after a fashion. Early adopters of Measure Map received an email from the service, advising them how to upgrade and use the new version. Google Operating System posted the contents of the email, as did TechCrunch.

The new process requires signing up for Google Analytics. “It’s clear that the standalone Measure Map is history and all of its features will be added in a new Google Analytics section for blogs with information about comments, links from other blogs, popular posts and, hopefully, real-time stats,” Ionut Alex Chitu wrote.

With Center Networks noting how RSS service Feedburner, another Google acquisition, will soon carry AdSense ads, perhaps Google will take the step of adding Feedburner to its Analytics products. That would be a nice reward to Measure Map users for the two-year wait, being able to view feedreader analytics.