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    November 8, 2006

Brand, Influence and Reach are all very difficult to measure and for many companies they are crucial in understanding the success of their marketing and advertising efforts over the Internet. Through its unique algorithms BuzzLogic is able to provide the ability to measure these items across various segments such as: Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Blogging, Brand/Product Marketing…

What BuzzLogic’s CMO, Robert Schettino has to say: “We address a clear marketing need: how to understand and engage with social media such as blogs. We believe that understanding who is influential, and how they are wielding that influence, will help marketers better focus their listening, and better direct their influencer-oriented marketing initiatives. They can use this information to better manage their brands, reputations, products and customer relationships.”

How does BuzzLogic do it? BuzzLogic uniquely calculates and surfaces influence in social media by analyzing relationships – who connects to whom, about what and when, and who is listening. Specifically this means that their algorithms look at the relevance of blog posts within a social media conversation; determine the occurrence of these messages over time; analyze the linking attention to and from relevant content; and measure the popularity of the posting site and all its inbound linking sites. They will soon add the ability to define the traffic these blogs sites send back to the marketers’ site. This will probably be implemented through page tagging similarly done with Web Analytics Solutions.

I know that this tools can surely help our B2B clients who are heavily focused in comparing how well they are doing against their competitors (in terms of Brand exposure). I was able to get a demo today and was quite impressed with BuzzLogic’s interface, specefically the speed of reporting and ease of usability. Here are some screenshots from our demo using “Kobe Bryant” as our focus keyword:

The image below (also from the BuzzLogic application) is a thumbnail of the actual post that was highlighted in the image below. This image also includes a snapshot of key data about this particular post – the influence rank within this specific conversation; its popularity, relevance and reach.

The image below is a summary list, produced within the BuzzLogic application, of the most influential posts on a specific topic at a specific moment.



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