McKayla Maroney To Appear On Episode of “Bones”

    December 6, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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Olympic gold medalist, McKayla Maroney, went into the audition for a character on Bones while having a severe sore throat and not having rehearsed her lines. She never dreamed that she would land the part, but she did and will be appearing on tonight’s episode.

“I had strep throat when I went in. I didn’t know my lines or anything!” Maroney told TVGuide.com. “I kind of just winged it. I honestly had no idea how I did. … So when I got the part, I was so excited.”

Her character is obviously a gymnast, and is the prime suspect in her rival’s murder. “The plot is so crazy,” Maroney said. “It’s funny because a lot of people have been tweeting me, ‘I always knew she was a little dangerous. Of course she’d go in for this. Of course she’s a suspect.'”

Even though her character is a gymnast on the show, this opportunity called for Maroney to show off more of her acting skills rather than the gymnastics that she is know for.

“I probably would’ve done some vaulting, but they didn’t have any set up for the level that I am. They were all for younger gymnasts,” she says. “It’s more acting-based. I had to do gymnastics, like I did a round of handspring layouts, which I do every day in the gym and isn’t hard for me to do. But it was very hard for me to be ready to do gymnastics and then be ready to act. I would do a tumbling pass and then have to talk. But that’s how it’s supposed to be, like I’m in the gym and it’s OK if I’m out of breath. It was an amazing experience. I had so much fun. Everyone was so nice.”

Maroney doesn’t say whether or not her character is guilty, but she does say that she can definitely relate to her. “She wants to be the best, which I can relate to, and [Amanda] was her top competition. When this happens, she’s scared and freaked out,” Maroney said. “The weird thing is, when I was on set, it was really emotional because a little part of you thinks, ‘What if this happened at my gym?’ It’s scary.”

To see Maroney in action, watch tonight’s episode of Bones at 8/7c on Fox.

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  • Wow

    Every time I see this woman — or brat — I am reminded of a great article about what is wrong with American women. It was viewed 3.5 million times on the blog site — What Men Say About American Women.

    Top Ten Reasons Why American Women Suck

    1) Selfish – to the point where they don’t know the difference between love of self and plain downright greed–and drilled into believing that whatever happens is the fault of whatever man is in their life because of the feminist crud drilled into them by the cadre of asexual closet cases called “therapists” who appear on “Ricki”, “Oprah” or other such electronic drivel.

    2) Deluded – into thinking they “deserve” a rich, model-handsome husband who will “take them away from all of this”–whatever the “this” might be–and leading to resentment when they discover that the universe does NOT revolve around them.

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    4) Psychotic – multiple personalities in the same woman – as “Nomad” put it in the “Star Trek” episode: “Woman…a mass of inconsistencies…”, and also when the feminist voices in their heads start with the regrets and victim acculturation.

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    American women are worthless.

  • Steven

    Pretty much nothing in your statement is supported by fact. In fact, I have never met the woman that you describe. You are hanging out with the wrong women.

    In my career, I have found most women that I have worked with or hired not only out work the men, but are better organized, better prepared and have a much better attitude. I is my experience (I worked for a Fortune 500 company) that the men were the ones with the attitudes.

    You probably think that it’s the minorities that are taking all your jobs. I you are properly trained or educated and want to work, there is a job waiting.

    • @Steven

      Please who are you kidding. You are just a suck up. A male feminist who kisses ass in the attempt to get some.

      I have worked in many Fortune 500 companies. But I am not sure why you are even bringing this up. The comment was about the attitudes of American women. Nothing about the workplace. You also assume an awful lot. It has nothing to do with minorities or training or any of that nonsense.

      American women are just extremely self-centered. It is always about them. But keep sucking up to them. That is fine.