McDonald’s Happy Meals Will Include Books?

    October 12, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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McDonald’s has announced that they will start putting books in their happy meals. This is an interesting change for the fast food conglomerate to make, after just giving away plastic toys for much of their company’s history. McDonald’s is hoping to increase literacy with children with the action, but it is probably too late at this point, and especially with the customers who typically eat at the restaurant. However, this could also be looked at as an attempt to make nice with parents that have criticized them for their unhealthy food, coming way too late to actually make a difference.

Fast food has often been used in order to give kids a quick, cheap meal, but after all the attention that has been put on McDonald’s for the lack of nutrition in their food, many people have chosen to steer clear of the establishment. In an attempt to improve its image among those who despise the company and the way they conduct their business, McDonald’s has been aggressively trying to improve its menu and last month announced that it would start to offer more fruits and vegetables. They are certainly not going win over the public immediately, but could this be enough to get some new business from people?

Corporate Accountability International, a group that brought a 9-year-old girl to McDonalds’ shareholder meeting in order to scold CEO Don Thompson in May, is being very critical of their new literacy campaign. The group has accused McDonalds of “trying to earn undeserved goodwill from the growing number of parents and health advocates who are calling on them to stop marketing to kids.”

The campaign is set to launch on November 1st, during National Family Literacy Week, but it is only scheduled to last for two weeks, unfortunately for the McDonald’s happy meal book campaign. Parents should not expect to see their child opening up the Happy Meals and finding books that they are familiar with or had previously read, wanting to share with their child either. McDonald’s has said that they will partner with advertising firm Leo Burnett, and create their own books, four titles specifically designed for the customers of McDonalds. This will include characters like a voracious goat who struggles to eat right, and a diminutive dinosaur who grows tall with good nutrition.

On November 1st, they will also launch a new interactive digital book, and will release one each month until the end of 2014, as they mention in an article published on their website. The story also goes into detail about each of the original books that will be distributed. McDonald’s happy meal’s including books in an effort to help with literacy, is a long shot, but they are probably willing to do anything in order to get new customers.


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  • Who are We Kidding

    Who are we kidding? Kids don’t read anymore … they send tweets and read those. No child left behind made certain that reading was obsolete.

    Actually, I think this is a good idea. Tackling illiteracy is a good idea. Our country is getting more stupid each and every day. What is sad is that it came from a fast food restaurant.

    Oh yeah, to those people bashing McDonalds for being unhealthy —- get real — no one ever went to McDonalds because they thought it was healthy in the first place. Corporate Accountability Incorporated would do better go after companies like Monsanto for screwing around with our food or Nestle for saying water is not a human right. Everyone always knew McDonalds was unhealthy and were okay with it. That is why you go to McDonalds. It tasted good. The problem is not necessarily the food — it the fact that some people eat 5 helpings of it.

  • HH17

    It would be hard for McDonalds to seem very cool after this. They’re trying way too hard. Their goat may be cute and all, but will a kid ever think it’s cool to read a BOOK about NUTRITION?! They could at least be GOOD books or comic books…