McDonald’s CEO Remembered Fondly

    January 18, 2005

Charlie Bell, former CEO of McDonald’s who passed away as a result of colorectal cancer has left quite a legacy behind.

It is clear that he will be missed by many. Here are some quotes from the news confirming just that:

“He wasn’t afraid to take chances,” said Irwin Kruger, a 36 year McDonald’s franchisee who has known all of the company’s past CEOs. “Scaling back growth was a very bold move. All the predecessors before him had bet heavily that the way for McDonald’s to be more successful was by adding more outlets.”

“He was the sort of bloke who would probably have succeeded whatever he chose, not from any innate ability, but because he was willing to work, and work hard, and was prepared to persevere,” says Sydney newspaper, The Australian. “In the world of work, an accurate epitaph for Charlie Bell is that he was game to have a go – and for any Australian there are few greater compliments.”

“He leaves a remarkable legacy,” Andrew McKenna, McDonald’s chairman, said.

Bruce Horovitz of USA Today looks back with fondness at an email from Bell in a USA Today article.

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