McClain Arrested For Signature On Traffic Ticket

    January 10, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Rolando McClain was arrested on Tuesday for “providing a false name” to police after he signed a traffic ticket with an expletive.

The Raiders linebacker was pulled over for having tinted windows which the officer deemed too dark, and then refused to submit to a window inspection, telling police he has a doctor-confirmed light sensitivity that renders the tint necessary. Eventually, after another officer was called in, McClain allowed them to inspect the window and was written up for the tint. He signed the ticket “F*ck ya’ll”, then tried to convince officers that was his actual signature. Obviously, it didn’t fly, and they arrested him on the spot.

“I’m falsely accused of everything,” McClain told reporters as he was leaving court. “It’s corrupt. It’s terrible.”

The NFL player originally wouldn’t give his name to the officer who pulled him over, telling him, “You know who I am”. He later claimed that he was targeted by police and that they are out to get him.

McClain was a first-round draft pick for the Raiders in 2010 but is reportedly not living up to expectations and has had frequent issues with the coach and other players. No word yet on whether the arrest will have an affect on his playing.

  • clancy

    To quote bugs Bunny (What a maroon)

    • Keith Hoston

      Yes, there are “rogues” in every profession, but for the most part, these are Men and Women just doing their job the best that they can do; If anything, some citizens need to change their attitude of “entitlement” and “feeling aliented, and the world is out to get them” and be a part of society instead of being apart from society!! If this young man has “issues”, he needs to address them and quit blaming everyone else for the misery he has created(and I am Black)!!!! Quit playing the “blame-game” and take care of your business! To get respect, one has to give respect! Been There, done that–Grow Up!!!!!

  • Tom Rowan

    Honestly. If I get pulled over I cooperate. Everything that happens can be disputed in court. The cop asks you your name you tell him your name. The cop asks why the tint is so dark you tell, respectfully, why. If he gives you the ticket bring it to court with the dr order for the tinted glass.
    Police have a really tough job. They are here to serve and protect. We hate them for tickets but we love them when they enter a house where a domestic dispute is occuring. We love them when they take down a homicidal maniac. We have to love them for the little jobs like tickets and tint window disputes. I hate tinted windows. Half of the communication between two drivers at an intersection is by hand gestures. Waving or gesturing ‘you go first’. Tinted windows prevent that. I don’t completely disagree that their might have been some racial profiling. Bring it up in court not on the street. On the street you will fail. In court you have a stronger footing. Innocent until PROVEN guilty. If you get pulled over you have a right to know who is pulling you over. Do it with respect. Say ”Excuse me Officer…. may I know your name so I can talk with you?” While you are talking with him notice his badge number. If you are getting pulled over all the time get the names and badge numbers and file a report of civil abuse.

    • http://yahoo.com P Marks

      Totally agree with Tom R. If you are respectful…that starts with understanding and respecting the job police officers have. We can’t complain about the crappy parts of being a human being…it is a human trait to try and get away with something. We instituted a justice system (that’s not perfect) by which we monitor, prevent, stop and punish those who willfully or unintentionally break a rule. Most rules are in place for a reason…they may not apply to everyone, all the time, at the same time, but many of them are there for safety factors.

      What’s so wrong with treating others the way you would like to be treated? Use our system to take up grievances in a civilized manner…not by disrespecting and clowning a civil servant. And btw: tinted windows are one of the worst inventions for the modern driver for reasons stated by Tom R.

  • alicencrackerland

    Racist azz pickled pig azz cops need to stop wiff all this pulling folks over. I would have gave those losers a freaking hard time too, why the hell do dumb cops still pull you over for driving while black! Being black in a vehicle is not a crime anymore, busta azz cops “we’s free now baby”. I get so tired of this bullshizznicks these white cops take minorities through. its just terrible. Like the man said f*ck yall!

    • FoolsONDHill

      Give me a break. We shouldn’t cry fowl at all times. As an Afican American, I will be the first to say that if the glass is too tinted beyond scope of legal limits, why? And why did he sign his name on the ticket as F*k ya’ll? I will be the first to defend this guy, but I think he should be responsible for showing good example.

      • PistolPT

        Well said FolsONDHill

    • DDub

      Having too dark of tint is a crime. That’s why he was pulled over and ticketed. He wrote f*ck yall on the ticket that’s why he was arrested. If the tint was too dark, there is no way for someone to see if he is purple, green, blue, yellow, plaid, black, white etc. when they pull him over. Being black is not a crime, but not obeying the law and telling an officer f*ck yall is. This guy is an idiot and criminal because of his actions not his skin color.

    • PistolPT

      alicencrackerland. What the heck is wrong with you?!?!

    • Cheryl A.

      Its sounds like your the racist one. I am white and was pulled over for the same thing. Seriously stop playing the race card for everything. Obey the laws like we all have to and do the right thing and there will be no problems.

  • Larry Fyne

    Typical black that thinks they’re entitled to special treatment. Falsely accused? Yeah…sure.



  • FoolsONDHill

    By the way, why did the reporter try to sensationalize the news by using McCain. I know that there are a lot of people with that last name, but who do you think of when you hear the name? In fairness, the reporter began the writeup with the full name, so as not to be accused of what he actually intended to do – which is draw us to the news with the headline McCain. I am not a fan of John McCain, but this is what has gone wrong with reporters in this country.

    • Realistmom

      If you read careful his name is NOT McCAIN it is McCLAIN. If they reader is too stupid to take the time to actually read what they see and not what they want to see there would be no confusion or need to get the names mixed up.

  • Terry H.

    This is nothing to do with race at all. Like so many celebrity He thinks he is about the law. Ask Lindsy Lohan.

    • Tim R

      Sure, accuse the cops of pulling him over for being black. Of course in Oakland much of the force is black so if it was a black cop then he must be an Uncle Tom. Do cops only pull over whites for actual violations? With the tinted windows, I am glad the officer was able to get close enough to see that it was a black man.

      • Cheryl A.

        Exactly Tom, well said

    • Cheryl A.

      I totally agree, it’s not about race. I am white and I have been pulled over for window tinting. He thinks he is above the law. There is a level of window tinting that you can be at and he just like I was, exceeded the level and got called out on it. Pay your ticket and fix the problem.

  • Jeff

    Tell that “reporter” pictured, Amanda Crum (an avid Huter S. Thompson fan). That her sunglasses are too darkly tinted and she needs to submit them for testing because they are suspicious. I’ve been pulled over for window tinting infractions and any cop that does it is “fishing” or they are lying.

  • Jovan

    He wasnt in Oakland he was in his hometown Decatur AL and he is always doing stuff like this he havent changed since high school or college and the bad thing is the city kids look up to him he give them hope of making their dreams come true

  • http://Yahoo Warren

    What a jerk! Won’t let them test the windows, says OBVIOUSLY everyone knows who he is (a washed up recruit below the hype), and the system is corrupt. All the opportunity in the world and he can’t succeed!

  • Steve

    I sure hope he is acquitted. As “f*ck you all” is obviously not his name, and the police anyway know his name since they must have seen his driver’s license, that charge cannot stand. The last I checked, we are allowed to say “f*uck you” to police. It’s called the First Amendment. There is no law that say you have to be polite or that you can’t be a jerk. So, all things considered, this is police harassment. The charges are bogus and they know it.

    • http://yahoo Charles Roark

      Hey nutsy ever hear of giving false information
      to a police officer ? Another certified idiot.

      • johnny ashburn

        Hey Roark you are a dork. All persons are subject to the laws of the land. If you had the tinted windows that were too dark would you expect the police to let you off?

        These high and mighty sports persons are playing for our entertainment…they are not kings and queens. One thing that brought Rome to the ground was a mind set of entertainment and making the persons playing the ” sport,” elitist. Go figure.

      • johnny ashburn

        sorry Roark I meant Steve.

    • PistolPT

      Steve my friend, you are an idiot!

      • Cheryl A.

        I have to agree, Steve is an idiot

    • johnny ashburn

      Hey Roark you are a dork. All persons are subject to the laws of the land. If you had the tinted windows that were too dark would you expect the police to let you off?

      These high and mighty sports persons are playing for our entertainment…they are not kings and queens. One thing that brought Rome to the ground was a mind set of entertainment and making the persons playing the ” sport,” elitist. Go figure.

  • JCWS

    One very stupid person who seriously needs to be brought back to reality. 500 hours of community service where he scrubs off graffiti should enlighten this wise guy.

  • JCWS

    His mama ought to slap the color offa them cheeks.