McCaughey Septuplets Reach Their 16th Birthday

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The first septuplets to survive past infancy have turned 16. It was quite a scene when all the seven siblings were delivered by the same mother in 1997. The four boys and 3 girls were conceived as a result of fertility drugs, but when the couple discovered that Bobbi was carrying seven babies, they chose not to use selective reduction to reduce the number of infants on the conviction that they would put it in God’s hands.

"I will always remember the day we found out there were so many. It wasn't like ‘yoohoo!' There were so many doubts," she said. "To a lot of people this might sound trite, but God determined the outcome. We've built a good foundation that wouldn't have happened had that situation not occurred. So the message is let God use you. It doesn't have to be something that makes national news." Bobbi said

Now the septuplets are thriving and looking to the future despite being born nine weeks prematurely to Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey. The teens say they are more than friends, and they always back each other no matter what. “We all just are able to — to help each other,” Natalie said.  And today, all seven of them — Kenny, Alexis, Natalie, Kelsey, Nathan, Brandon and Joel want to be drivers. Six of them have already received their learner’s permits, meaning there are six siblings fighting over one car.

In an ABC News interview, the siblings revealed that they have varied tastes in music and movies, which can sometimes make their home a very lively place to live in. The siblings, however, each have their own room, and enough personal space to make it easier for them to get along with each other.

Some of the teens are now dating. When questioned by an ABC interviewer, three of the septuplets admitted to being  in steady relationships . The seven septuplets also share an older sister, Mikayla Marie who was born one year earlier.

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