McAfee Rolls Out Free Online Cybercrime Site

    April 28, 2009

McAfee has introduced a free online Cybercrime Response Unit aimed at detecting cybercrime and helping users recover from it.

"With physical crime you know right away if your house has been broken into or your car has been stolen, but with cybercrime, it’s not that obvious. Most people don’t even know they’re a victim, and they rarely know what to do next," said McAfee President and Chief Executive Officer Dave DeWalt.

David DeWalt
David DeWalt

"The Cybercrime Response Unit is an ‘online 911’ that can triage your situation and direct you to recovery. We’ll get you to the right resources immediately. This is part of our continued effort to fight cybercrime."

The Cybercrime Response Unit helps users identify if they have been the victims of cybercrime and recommends steps to take. The service points users to appropriate law enforcement, credit agencies and other resources to address their situation.

The site provides a forensic scanning tool based on McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence. It determines if a user has malware running on their computer or has visited a malicious Web site that may have stolen personal information.

McAfee has Cybercrime Response Unit Agents available to help users by telephone. The site directs users to a toll free phone number for the most serious cases.

"We want to help the victim to understand the types of risky online behaviors that can lead to cybercrime so they can better avoid it in the future, and be empowered to use the Internet safely," said DeWalt. "Ultimately, educated users help us fight against cybercriminals."