Mayim Bialik Questions Ariana Grande's Billboard


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Poor Ariana Grande just can't seem to get anything right these days, and while her tracks are rising to the top of the music charts, she is also being criticized by a lot of people.

Mayim Bialik recently brought attention to one of Grande's billboard signs where she is posing in lingerie. Bialik wrote about the sign on her blog saying,

"I don’t want my kids learning about sex from billboards … Which is why a few billboards I have seen lately really bug me. There is one for Ariana Grande, and I will go ahead and admit I have no idea who she is or what she does. Based on the billboard, she sells lingerie. Or stiletto heels. Or plastic surgery because every woman over 22 wishes she has that body, I’m sure. Why is she in her underwear on this billboard though? And if she has a talent (is she a singer?), then why does she have to sell herself in lingerie? I mean, I know that society is patriarchal and women are expected to be sexy and sexually available no matter what we do in society, but I guess now I need to explain that to my sons?"

While many of Bialik's fans agreed with her, many of Grande's fans did not and felt like she was picking on the young singer.

Bialik later clarified things with a Twitter post and said that she wasn't picking on Grande, just using her as an example.

In addition to being the topic of Bialik's blog this week, Ariana Grande has also been criticized for her alleged bad behavior and accused of acting like a diva.

Of course, Grande has been in the business long enough to know that the more successful you become, the more people will try to bring you down. Hopefully she can focus on her career and forget about all the drama surrounding her at the moment.